Fast Food Workers Walk Out, Demanding Higher Pay

Organizers are hoping for the largest demonstration by fast food workers in history.
2:23 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Fast Food Workers Walk Out, Demanding Higher Pay
minimum wage protest that will hit so many americans right when they're hungry. Workers at fast food restaurants are walking off the job today, demanding higher pay. You're looking at striking McDONALD'S WORKERS HERE IN New york city. Abc's rebecca jarvis is there with more. Good morning, rebecca. Reporter: Hi, elizabeth. Good morning. And organizers are hoping this will turn out to be the largest ever fast food strike of workers in history. They're hoping that scenes like the one behind me in new york will play out today in chicago, in denver, in los angeles. Hoping that workers raising their voice will help raise the minimum wage. This is what protest organizers want you to see if you visit a fast food restaurant today. This morning, with financial backing from the service employs international union, they think fast food workers at 1,000 restaurants in 50 cities across the country, will walk out of work and on to picket lines, like this today. Wall street is recovering. McDONALD'S IS RECOVERING. And yet, everyday workers are not. Reporter: The day-long event comes on the heels of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, for jobs and freedofreedom naaacp president says he hopes workers will be inspired. To go further and lift that minimum wage. Reporter: Protesters at fast food chains, including McDONALD'S, BURGER KING, Wendy's, and kfc, want to see the minimum wage more than double, from $7.25 an hour, to $15 an hour. A cook makes about $1,000 below the national poverty line for a family of three. But the national restaurant association says, not so. Telling abc news, the conversation should be based on facts. And the fact is, only 5% of restaurant employees earn the minimum wage. Those that do, are predominantly working part-time and half are teenagers. McDONALD'S ADDS, IT AIMS TO Offer competitive pay and benefits to our employees. ALSO, McDONALD'S AND BURGER KING Point out that many of their locations are franchises. So, how all of these people get paid is up to individual owners and not the corporations. George? Okay, rebecca. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Organizers are hoping for the largest demonstration by fast food workers in history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20104112","title":"Fast Food Workers Walk Out, Demanding Higher Pay","url":"/GMA/video/fast-food-strike-workers-walkout-demanding-higher-pay-20104112"}