Father Outraged at TSA Pat-Down of 10-Year-Old Daughter

A TSA spokesman says its agent followed procedures during the process that prompted dad's complaint.
2:46 | 01/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Father Outraged at TSA Pat-Down of 10-Year-Old Daughter
Now to the anger over that young girl patted down while going through security at a North Carolina airport. Her outraged father recording the entire incident on his cell phone and ABC's kayna Whitworth is here with that story for us. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you. Her dad calling it invasive and inappropriate and this morning he plans on filing a complaint against the tsa after he says he was left fuming when his 10-year-old daughter was subjected to a pat-down. A pouch of juice inside this purse leading to what one father believes was an excessive pat-down on his daughter. We're going to do a pat-down and start at her head and work my way down to her feet. Reporter: At raleigh-durham they subjected this girl to the two-minute procedure leaving the girl feeling uncomfortable and her father outraged. I felt it was incredibly inappropriate, very invasive and it really violated my daughter. Reporter: Kevin Payne capturing the incident and his daughter's discomfort on his cell phone. Kept doing it over and over. I felt very uncomfortable. I commonwealth like screaming. Reporter: Payne plans on filing a complaint with the help of congressman Scott Peters. A spokesperson for the tsa telling "Good morning America" that screening procedures allow for the pat-down of a child under certain circumstances. The process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures. The tsa also stating that the child's bag contained a cell phone that alarmed requiring additional resolution procedures. For "Good morning America," kayna Whitworth, ABC news, new York. The tsa has modified their screening policies in the last few years to reduce the likelihood of a pat-down for children so kids under 12 can leave on their shoes and a light jack and like you saw on that video they won't be separated from their parents but clearly that's not enough for Payne who also pointed out that his daughter's pat-down lasted nearly two minutes. The tsa is in a tough position. You know, they're there to protect us and something like this happens, the father was able to watch. You have young daughters. I mean, how would you feel if you saw that. You know what, I think I would be okay with it because I'd rather err on the side of caution instead of, you know, people could use a child to get things through the tsa so I think that's where the hard part for the tsa comes in. Where you draw the line? That's the point of the tsa. They don't want to let anything get through and the point of the parent wants to protect his children. He handled it well. In the end you hear him thanking the tsa for doing their job. All this time I thought the hardest part of those Capri suns were getting the straw in. Who knew? But it's been very lively, the discussion on social media. Yes. About this. Good to have you here on the west coast. Thank you so much for having

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"A TSA spokesman says its agent followed procedures during the process that prompted dad's complaint.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36114321","title":"Father Outraged at TSA Pat-Down of 10-Year-Old Daughter","url":"/GMA/video/father-outraged-tsa-pat-10-year-daughter-36114321"}