'Anchorman' Ron Burgundy a 'Horrible Journalist': Ferrell

Will Ferrell discusses the highly anticipated sequel to his 2004 comedy hit.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for 'Anchorman' Ron Burgundy a 'Horrible Journalist': Ferrell
Very cool. I think we should get to the aforementioned, and much-anticipated ron burgundy, a la will ferrell. Make us laugh. The moment is finally here. "Anchorman 2" in theaters tomorrow. We've been seeing ron burgundy pop up all over. From an anchor desk in north carolina, to the canadian olympic curling trials. And commercials for the dodge de du durango, which is selling like crazy, thanks to ron burgundy. I'm with will ferrell. Thank you for having me. And thank you for doing the promos in character. That was great. How would ron fair on "good morning america"? Like he said in one of the promos, he would have no idea he had to start so early. His morning starts about 11:00. Yeah. He would be late for the very first day. And unapologetic. Unapologetic. And probably smelling of scotch. Yes. And what's the problem? I smell a lot of scotch around -- a lot of the crew members. Yeah. Yeah? How -- no one wants to admit it. You immersed yourself in character. Not only in doing the movie. But promoting the movie for months and months. How has that been for you? This movie presented itself with a unique opportunity. And I love kind of performing as ron burgundy. And so, when we had our first marketing meetings with the studio, I kind of put it out there that I would be up for doing a lot of stuff in character. And it's great. It kind of tells the story of the movie in a different way, without having to just do the standard interview thing. And everything we've done, has been unique in its own way. And people have loved it. Yeah. And we used -- exactly. The news itself, all the news outlets, give us a whole second wave of promotion because they show all the film. I'm glad you mention that. Do you find a subtle irony or not so subtle irony in the fact that the news -- we love the movie. And yet, there are some not-so-subtle jabs. Not a subtle irony at all, that ron burgundy is celebrated by the media itself. And he's a horrible journalist. He would never be hired by anyone in real news. But I think in a way, all the news outlets like to know that they're still being looked at and paid attention to. We all laughed so hard. But there were some moments where there was some cringing. Yeah. When ron discovers that car chases equal ratings. Yes. Yeah. I mean, that was kind of what was fun about doing this movie was to make a real funny, broad pg-13 movie. And at the same time, have a little satirical edge to it. Let me set up the premise. So, you try -- you do reassemble the gang, the team, for a very big opportunity. And I'm going to show a clip right now, where you are now back together. Yes. And you are reminiscing. Take a look. One other time you dared to chug that beer stein full of woollite. He said, don't do it. That's equivalent of drinking poison. Oh, lord. I was in a six-month coma. They said from the neurological damage, there's no way I live past 55. You got three years left, my friend. How was that, being with the guys? Just reminiscing about -- yeah. Horrible stuff. It was great. I mean, we kind of picked up right where we left off nine years ago. And you know, I'm very good friends with steve and paul and david. And so, to kind of get the band back together was great. We had james morrison on yesterday. He's an ugly guy. Hard to look at. Yeah. And you definitely enjoyed poking fun at that. He was telling us about literally 20-minute takes, that you had him at the director. Just let it go. And that's one of the great things about shooting on digital is you can just go for literally 20 minutes. And it's a great tool for improv and comedy an that sort of thing. We have an alternative cut of the movie, that will probably be on the dvd, with 300 brand-new jokes. And probably keeping it together I would imagine -- it's impossible. That's the fun of you know it's working well. Of that joy in performing translates on the screen. Your co-star, and other co-star, baxter, the dog, has been with us all morning. He's coming here with questions from the fans. I'm surprised. He would not talk to me all morning. He is a little jealous. Baxter, thank you so much. He has a card that reads, ron burgundy, please tell us the secret to such great hair. Oh, the secret to such great hair. You have to condition. Conditioning is everything? Yeah. A leave-in conditioner, if you can find one. And get at least 15 hours of sleep a night. Wow. Minimum. That really, you know, teases the hair follicles. You said that ron burgundy is based on mort krim. That was the initial idea for the first movie. Listen to mort talk about his relationship with jessica savage, way back in the day. And I did pot earn off of his voice. I thought it was funny that here he was, he had been retired for years. And he still spoke like a newsman. Ron, there's a little shade of mort. Anybody today that embodies the spirit? Well, I would say there's -- sam champion's left us. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful hair. Beautiful hair. Great teeth. I'm glad he's not here. I would be nervous to meet him. Will ferrell, we thank you so much. Baxter, we thank you. "Anchorman 2: The legend continues." Opens nationwide tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Will Ferrell discusses the highly anticipated sequel to his 2004 comedy hit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21244931","title":"'Anchorman' Ron Burgundy a 'Horrible Journalist': Ferrell","url":"/GMA/video/ferrell-interview-2013-actor-calls-anchorman-ron-burgundy-21244931"}