Summer Rekindles Hazards of Flip-Flop Overuse

Podiatrists warn avid wearers of flats of the potential health risks to people's feet, hips and back.
1:53 | 08/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Summer Rekindles Hazards of Flip-Flop Overuse
We've been posing the question all morning long. Are flip-flops or heels better for your feet? New research is revealing that flip-flops can be more harmful than heels. Abc news senior medical contributor dr. Jennifer ashton has the unbelievable story. Women everywhere love slipping into these rubber soles. I think today, you don't have to wear heels to be sexy. You can feel that way in flip-flops. And you feel a lot more comfortable. Reporter: Christina loves flip-flops, considering them essential to her summer wardrobe. I work as a medical assistant. I don't wear heels as much. Until she started to experience foot pain from wearing them. Her podiatrist showed how wearing flip-flops over a long period of time can cause food problems. Yo uh can get a widening of the foot. You're putting too much pressure on the foot. You see the foot will flatten and get wider and longer. Reporter: Researchers at auburn university, found that in flip-flops, toes grip the front of the shoe, which alters the way we walk. This can cause foot, hip and low back pain. Words of caution aside. Don't worry that your summer pedicure is a total flop. On the flipside, there's flops that can work. Support and cushioning. Now, it is not life-threatening if you wear flip-flops. It is important that you consider the effects on your whole body. I recommend flip-flops with an arch. Like this one right here. This is my daughter's. She knows she has a big foot. These are the two things i wear, heels and flip-flops. You have left us with no option. Orthopedic shoes? Dr. Ashton, thank you very much.

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{"id":19880868,"title":"Summer Rekindles Hazards of Flip-Flop Overuse","duration":"1:53","description":"Podiatrists warn avid wearers of flats of the potential health risks to people's feet, hips and back.","url":"/GMA/video/flip-flop-risks-summer-rekindles-hazards-flip-flop-19880868","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}