Florida Escaped Prisoners Caught After Manhunt

Two men who tricked officials to free them are now back behind bars.
3:00 | 10/20/13

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Transcript for Florida Escaped Prisoners Caught After Manhunt
In just a moment we're going to hear from the man who trapped down the two convicted murders who escaped in florida using a sophisticated forged document scam, what he says the convicts told officers right after they were caught. We start with the final moments of that massive manhunt. Here's where it all went down in a florida hotel. This is where the dangerous escapees were caught, the men who tricked officials into letting them go are behind bars. Abc's steve osunsami has the very latest from where they were captured in panama city, floor. Good morning, steve. Reporter: It was like a scene in a movie, police racing to this little motel, finally catching up to those two convicted killers who had been here since wednesday. It boggles the mind how they got this far but this morning they're in a county jail here, ready to get sent back to the big house. 5:20 p.M. Saturday, the coconut grove motel and police had the place surrounded, all of their guns pointing at room 227. A tip led them here. Inside were two convicted murders who made a fool of state law enforcement officials. Two days we've been tracking them here in panama city trying to find out what location they were in. We made announcements that they were surrounded. After about a minute or two, both of the fugitives came out and surrendered to us. Reporter: They had nothing to lose. Police warned they could be armed and dangerous, the hotel just 100 miles from the prison they escaped and 350 miles from the jail in orlando where they were last seen after boldly registering there as released felons as if nothing was wrong. Just a few hours before their arrest saturday, their friends and family were in front of cameras begging them to turn themselves in. Take yourself to someone who you trust who will bring you back in safely. Reporter: In 1998 jenkins killed a father of six in orlando and his partner on the run shot a 23-year-old man to death in orange county. They walked out of jail with the state's blessings when police say they forged these documents that included a forged signature of judge bellvin perry. They cut and paste my signature and affixed it to the order. They had to have outside help. Reporter: Both men had a video first appearance today and are expected to be handed over to correction officials afterwards who hopefully this time won't lose them. Dan? Well said. Steve osunsami, thank you. Now for the inside story of the manhunt and the capture, we spoke moments ago with the chief inspector from the u.S. Marshals service fugitive task force. Chief, we know you got a tip. Can you tell us a little more about who gave you the tip and whether you were confident that this was good information? As soon as we did receive the information we knew it was good information and we had a lot of our people, two arrest teams, actually converge onto panama city, the area there, to conduct an investigation. When you converged on that hotel, were you bracing for potential violence and how did it go down? With this situation both of these escapees were originally charged with homicide as you're aware so we definitely were prepared for the worst possible scenario. We decided the best approach was to lock down the hotel and to use a p.A. System to notice them that they were surrounded. Law enforcement was there and tell them to surrender which they thankfully did without incident. After all of this and given their violent histories were you surprised that this went down without a shot fired? I was not personally surprised but I was thankful that they did decide to make the right decision and to come out peacefully and with their hands up in the air. We know that these convicts registered in orlando but they were ultimately caught in panama city which is pretty far away. What do you know about their movements during these five days? We did have tips that came in, numerous tips from when it first went public. Thanks to agencies like yourself who got the information out there, we received numerous tips from the public that were both in central florida and the panhandle. Ultimately they were located in panama city and thankfully arrested. When you apprehended these two convicts, can you give us a sense of what they were saying to your officers? Something to the sense of they were relieved it was over. They knew once they saw it on the news that their scheme was uncovered and they specifically said the u.S. Marshal's task force was looking for them along with the local agencies. They knew their days were numbered. They were right about one thing. The heat was on, their days were numbered. Chief inspector from the u.S. Marshal service, we really appreciate your time this morning. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. So many questions lingering, how did they pull this off, did they have outside help and are there other people trying to pull off the scheme. We turn now to a deadly

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{"id":20625738,"title":"Florida Escaped Prisoners Caught After Manhunt","duration":"3:00","description":"Two men who tricked officials to free them are now back behind bars.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-escaped-prisoners-caught-manhunt-20625738","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}