Florida School Demands Parents Adhere to Dress Code

Dan Abrams discusses the school making waves and other stories in "Jury's Out."
4:56 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for Florida School Demands Parents Adhere to Dress Code
"True tori" premieres on lifetime. "The jury's out." You got us riled up. A Florida school board member has created a stir by demanding the parents, yes, parents, adhere to a dress code when dropping kids off for school. Quote, if we're going to train little boys and little girls to dress appropriately at school, no sagging pants, no hair curlers, no shorts, parents should do the same. I think she has a point. Have you dropped your kids off to school? You're making lunches and running around and trying to get everybody out the door. How can the school demand -- What Amy said. How can the school demand that kids adhere to certain rules? Because they go to the school. I don't. Lara Spencer, please? Because I'm dropping them off. And in the hallways, it's for decorum. No one agrees with me? No. We're busy. If I have off from "Gma" and I'm dropping them off, I'm racing. They're lucky. When I get to go in the school -- You're not shaved. When I go to school in the fall. Sunglasses on. I have the workout clothes on. I never actually go out. But I make you think I will. Let's go to social. Daniel says, I agree. I've never in my life seen such messes dropping off kids to school and then going inside. How embarrassing. And take off those stupid P.J. Bottoms and house slippers. Maybe they should focus on their achievement in the classroom than whether or not a parent has on fuzzy slippers in the car pool lane. Labor unions in France are trying to make sure employees get 12 consecutive hours without work every night. Is it time for something like that here? My take, no way. Does anyone think this is viable? Depends on the line of work. We do because of breaking news. It's two different things. If the company decides they want to do it. Or people don't want to answer them, that's fine, too. But a law? Labor union is pushing for it. Shockingly, our poll, should afterhours e-mails be banned? 71% of you say, absolutely, they should be. Wouldn't that be great? When you go on vacation, the mandatory turnoff. A piece by a former waiter getting a ton of buzz. When you order takeout and you go pick it up, are you expected to tip? Now, I don't know if you look. But do you know what percentage of people do think that you should be tipping on takeout? Probably not a lot. 35%. That's more than I thought. Look, this one -- I do tip now. When I didn't have as much money, I don't think I was tipping. And there's a lot of people feel very strongly about this on both sides. There's a tip jar. I always do it. Right. It also depends on, yeah. I always do it, too. You have to remember that the servers and the people who are preparing this. People say, they're not serving me. Well, someone had to put it together for you. So, there was some service involved. And they are basing their salary, on part, on tips. The full 20%. Depending on how much they do. I think it's a great thing to bring up and remind people. People are so divided on this on social. Actively divided. Mary sayno, that is the restaurant's responsibility. You're paying for food. And there's no service involved. The food already costs enough. Katie smith, yes, you tip. They took your order, boxed and bagged it up. Got you condiments and silverware, that's a service. You give them something. Most places pool tips. People still cook, package and serve. Tip less, but tip. If you knew the restaurant was making up for the tips, no tip. But they're not. I think that's what the lesson is. Keep it in mind. We've been in an industry where we relied on tips. Absolutely. Even if you give a little less, I think it's still worth doing it. All right. No more topics? We had another one. Should you get a tax deduction for a gym membership. We can't talk about it. Tax deduction for a gym membership? I think you should, too. Next week. Save it. It doesn't prove that you're going -- Thank you so much. They're so fun to talk about. This is, too. It's time for "Gma" bride-to-be

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the school making waves and other stories in \"Jury's Out.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23344614","title":"Florida School Demands Parents Adhere to Dress Code","url":"/GMA/video/florida-school-demands-parents-adhere-dress-code-23344614"}