What Is Known So Far About the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Dallas Police Chief David Brown and ABC News aviation consultant Steve Ganyard report the latest on the deadly shooting.
3:12 | 01/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Is Known So Far About the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
Thank you, Dan. This shooting raises a lot of questions about airport security so let's bring in ABC news aviation consultant Steve ganyard in Washington. Also with us in studio the former Dallas police chief at ABC news contributor chief David brown. Good morning to you, sir. Good morning, Dan. Let me get it out to Steve. As you know this happened in the baggage claim area not in the secure part of the airport. So do you think airports are going to think about expanding the secure Zones and how far do you go with that? It's a debate that's going to have to be undertaken, Dan, we've done a really good job post-9/11 in preventing complex attacks of doing things like breaking up cells and keeping people off airplanes but public spaces are always going to be vulnerable. If you look at the past few months the number of attacks of individuals in public spaces show us just like yesterday did that people are always going to be vulnerable where you're allowed to gather. Chief brown, this question is for you. We know Esteban legally checked his gun back in going a you look at his past. He has a history of mental health issues. His family said he had been hallucinating undergoing psychological treatment. He told the FBI that he had voices in his head from ISIS saying that he should join ISIS. So how does a person like this with that kind of history even have a gun to begin with. That is the tough question that we have to find answers to in order to prevent this. Whether a background check was done on him? Did that information regarding his mental illness get shared into the federal database and did we check that database when he checked that bag with a gun in it is the big question that's unanswered and then from there, how did he possess or purchase a gun in the first place if he had that incident and whether there's any adjudication of that treatment that he received, so many unanswered questions but we have to find the and the to those questions so that we can prevent these type of incidents happening going forward. Our final seconds here, what to you from the alleged shooter's background sticks out? Well, he did have a combat deployment with the army guard. He did have service. He was kicked out essentially out of the guard for poor performance so he was not a model soldier. But he had been away from the military for almost three years. How did he get to Alaska? Why was he there and what happened in that interim since his military service will be important to investigators. Chief brown, one quick question for you who is taking the lead in this investigation right now. Often one party or the other will take the lead whether it's the federal authorities if there's some indication of terrorism or if it's a murder investigation, the homicide detectives of that county of that city. Right now we're hearing that it's a collaboration that they're not sure which direction this might go in since there was some indication that the person was delusional but referenced ISIS. And so there's a collaboration going forward because you do have five people who were killed so there's clearly a homicide investigation being conducted by the sheriff's department there but I think the FBI staying plugged in to see if there is a true ISIS collection even if it's delusional they want to be up to speed quicker. Makes complete sense. Welcome to the ABC news team. You're new to us and appreciate having you as Steve ganyard, thanks to you, as well.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Dallas Police Chief David Brown and ABC News aviation consultant Steve Ganyard report the latest on the deadly shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44618832","title":"What Is Known So Far About the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/ft-lauderdale-airport-shooting-44618832"}