Fort Lauderdale Florida Slowly Resumes Flights After Deadly Shooting

Suspected gunman is booked for murder as investigators delve into what may have driven him to open fire.
3:33 | 01/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fort Lauderdale Florida Slowly Resumes Flights After Deadly Shooting
We have a lot of news this morning and we'll start with the new information pouring in overnight on the suspect in that mass shooting at the airport in ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His name is estefan Santiago. This is the photo taken overnight as he was booked into the Broward county jail on murder charges. He's a 26-year-old Iraq war veteran with a reported history of mental illness and alleged domestic abuse and his family told "The New York Times" he had recently been hallucinating. We're hearing stories from people inside the terminal when Santiago allegedly opened fire. The gunman being led away by police and there's the gun on the ground. We're going to talk to the passenger who took those shots coming up. Those long lines, passengers forced out of the airport and into a nearby cruise terminal waiting to board buses. Team coverage this Saturday morning and begin with Eva pilgrim in ft. Lauderdale for us. Hi, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. The airport here opening just hours ago. Although there are delays and cancellations this morning, investigators focusing on what drove this man to shoot all these people and why he came to Florida. This morning the first look at the alleged ft. Lauderdale shooter, estefan Santiago. Handcuffed on his way into a south Florida jail on murder charges with no bond. Shots fired. Reporter: Santiago allegedly opening fire in the baggage claim. Lower level inside. We have a subject with a gunshot to the head. Reporter: Sources telling ABC news he arrived in ft. Lauderdale as a passenger on a delta flight traveling from Anchorage, Alaska, through Minneapolis to ft. Lauderdale. According to investigators legally checking his unloaded gun and separate ammunition into his one & ly bag. After getting off the plane a Broward county commissioner telling us the former soldier went into a bathroom where allegedly he loaded his weapon and came out shooting. Casings were flying all around us. Reporter: Santiago allegedly firing indiscriminatendiscriminately. Without my laptop and the case and the plastic case the bullet would have gone through my shoulder bags. Cowardly heinous act resulted in the deaths of five people. Reporter: The airport on lockdown. Thousands evacuated from the terminal. Their arms raised as police led them to secure Zones. I'm looking at a man and a woman and a man bleeding profusely. Reporter: One witness telling ABC news the alleged shooter E ending his rampage by laying on the ground and calmly waiting for his arrest. This image reportedly of the gun left behind. A side door opened about 20 feet away with two security guards holding a man handcuffed. Reporter: But for approximately 10,000 passengers the ordeal was not over. It took almost 12 hours to fully screen the thwrongs of potential witnesses finally released in a massive crowd and slowly shuttled to this cruise ship terminal. No direction. Mass herding of people and confusion. Reporter: We are told some people even waking up this morning at that cruise ship terminal. Santiago is expected to make his first appearance in court on Monday. Paula. Eva, thank you for your reporting. We want to bring in an

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Suspected gunman is booked for murder as investigators delve into what may have driven him to open fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44619074","title":"Fort Lauderdale Florida Slowly Resumes Flights After Deadly Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/ft-lauderdale-florida-slowly-resumes-flights-deadly-shooting-44619074"}