The Funniest Moments From the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

"GMA" anchor Lara Spencer recounts the funniest moments from Hollywood's big night.
3:25 | 01/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Funniest Moments From the 2017 Golden Globe Awards
We're back now with more from the Golden Globes from a major romance of that teleprompter Bayless get back to Larry an LA but the moment that has everyone talking this morning hit Lara. I came. So what are the most buzzed about moment got the globe's something Leah the most keen eyed viewers would pick up plot. Involving three of the biggest heart bronze in Hollywood. Thanks it was the most buzzed about moment this morning see something only the most keen eyed viewers picked up bond. Involving three of the biggest heart throb in Hollywood who. Ryan. It started out as a typical winners walk to the podium but as Ryan Gosling journey up to the stage to accept his Golden Globe for best actress. Comedy to his fellow nominees had an unusual reaction in the far left corner of the screen you can see Ryan Reynolds nominated for dead. Sharing a passionate kiss with Andrew Garfield nominated for hacks are rich. Kiss lasts only a few moments but mountain up or reynolds' wife Blake lively to burst in the last. Those sitting nearby seemed to be applauding louder for the pair then there are forgot slick. The social media went wild. Branding Garza treated I just a Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kiss on the Golden Globes we're like go in life from here. At a nearly aboard your treated can I die happy now. New romances were brewing throughout the Beverly Hilton first and most Jimmy Fallon showed off with buddy Justin Timberlake. But a few moments later Allen almost out of a riot teary moment. Already the glove rob they're down to this the day away. Does this but keeping his composure the comedian throat got the last laugh. I just got on the phone with Mariah Carey into the exit Dick Clark productions sabotaged by monologue and its. We have the topic discussed. A lot of funny moments from the shallow and we'll have more. Backstage stuff coming up and rob and I know you have a favorite normally you want to share. Involving lot of lot of analysts there there there's so many moments that fabric this what did you see what Emma Stone. But Hurd director wanted she wouldn't for the kiss and he wasn't going to I. Chicken (%expletive) I know I did this is really opera. I. MO. Yeah. Yeah. His prior it's. Tough to handle it well but a liberal won't repealing their behind the scenes where all night. Everyone setting was a very hot warm loving. It just really happy died last night from start to finish pending Jamie Bowden started to show that way and people were very hard thought you heard obviously. Merrill street and mine and the stone a lot of people lied. A lot to say and down it was like a family affair it was nice and really nice and what I thought that moment with Steve Correll and Chris Williams so yeah. So many in line that we got more coming up. Don't go anywhere we only relaxing my daughter and are watching that we I'm I couldn't stop I won't the second rework the witness made it extra money right. And at the very end the last award of the night going to moonlight that's only thing that they want but it was a big one day when Barry Jenkins that was his baby this is something he's worked on all these years that was did not watch and a tonight by the way. And I got just very artistic.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"\"GMA\" anchor Lara Spencer recounts the funniest moments from Hollywood's big night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44644117","title":"The Funniest Moments From the 2017 Golden Globe Awards","url":"/GMA/video/funniest-moments-2017-golden-globe-awards-44644117"}