Garth Brooks Visits 'GMA'

The country music superstar is live in Times Square to discuss his new album.
4:03 | 10/28/16

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Transcript for Garth Brooks Visits 'GMA'
Thank you. As I was saying bless your pea picking heart. You are working hard out there. Not supposed to say high, guys. Hey, guys. Hey y'all. You and Trisha are enjoying yourselves on this tour. Having the best time. Babies are healthy. Thank god they're off and life is so busy so you don't feel the guilt. Touring the world with the love of your life and playing music that has withstood the test of time and people are showing up with a great attitude. Absolutely. We Willy nice. Good love story and you sure have one. I tell you, that -- anyone and that woman makes a great couple. You got a busy, busy November. Yeah, thank god. Yeah, we do. We'll be everywhere and see you down at the cmas coming up here soon. Get past that and but for me, man, it's the holidays. You can tell my favorite pastime is eating so holidays are coming up. Have to get through Halloween first. A picture of Trish here. Her and the girls and their usual dress. Yeah, there they are. Halloween is everything for our family. We love that holiday. So were you involved in that getup and we don't see you. I wasn't involved in that but it was my suggestion because I wanted to see it. My wife wanted to be gene Simmons so bad it's crazy. She's fantastic. A lot of people want to be you. Congratulations, seven diamonds, seven diamonds. Seven -- nobody, not the beatles, not Michael Jackson. You mentioned Michael Jackson. He only had one. Seven. Diamond album is an album that sold more than 10 million copies. You've done it seven times. That's really sweet. We're looking to be in front of the most loyal format, the most loyal audience, the country music audience. I'll put them up against anybody in Trisha gave you a shoutout. ??? Get this feeling that I can't explain ??? ??? every time I see you -- Filters and it drives me crazy. She loves them. Filters are eerie. Those aren't real. Not to be outdone -- Oh, yes. Whoo. I like it. Oh, honey. Honey, make room by the fireplace. This is many doing home with me. That's great. I didn't know this before. You used to play minor league baseball. I was lucky enough we started teammates for kids together. She was on the board and get it started we went and played baseball for the San Diego PADRES and it was cool. I'm from Oklahoma so we didn't have any professional baseball teams anywhere close to us so the first professional baseball game I ever saw was starting left field against the mariners for the PADRES. Scared to death. Great. Scared to death. Are you kidding me? No, scared, scared. Horrible. Fantastic. Nobody wanted to hit you so you could crowd the plate all you wanted but they were so sweet to me and launched the charity that's now 20 years old. You got a team in the series. What's that? You got a team in the series. The Bucs. Pittsburgh is going to do it. Pittsburgh is going to do it this year. Yes. He's nothing if not loyal. I'm a Roberto Clemente kid. I love him. So I love the Bucs ever since then. You know what I love about this man. He walked in, first of all the crowd was all outside. No entourage in a sweat and everything, coming in. Do you know who you are? I can tell you this when you get to this house you're home so you're fine. Thank you. Thank you. You walked with a sweatshirt and awake by the elevator. I thought you were one of the guys who work here. I'm like, that's Garth brooks. Man, no. I love that guy. I love him. We will put you to work.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The country music superstar is live in Times Square to discuss his new album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43121257","title":"Garth Brooks Visits 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/garth-brooks-visits-gma-43121257"}