Clooney's Toughest Critic: Why Amal Didn't Like 'Gravity'

"Tomorrowland" star George Clooney talks to Peter Travers about his new summer blockbuster, his new wife and new life.
12:51 | 05/22/15

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Transcript for Clooney's Toughest Critic: Why Amal Didn't Like 'Gravity'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now called tomorrow. A fantasy film for the whole family starring my newlywed friends George Clooney he. Who plays a grumpy old bastard and inventor who dream of utopia got burned by the world that he may have been. But underneath. You could still see something that's happening there I think it's the little boy that still lives in George. Anyway this is a movie a very rare movie that in Hollywood that is endlessly depending and selling its mark and cynicism. That actually says optimism. Might not be a bad IDS of George. What the hell we thank you. That was our idea that whether you crazy. Agreed to the premiere of the tickets for some I've ever been premiere where most of the people were children. That put the let's watch a little peak outage in smaller than bush people. No UI. You know Brad Bird who I just think doesn't make. Called me up and we got. Well it or will start by saying he. He sent me description they wrote this part for a and I opened up its bid 55 year old has been anchor. Thanks. So much breath and but I love the I. He did it mean we turn on the TV right now and news can just beat you down it's a tough time in our world and particularly because. It's hard put these prospective when you've seen it in 24 hour news cycles. And I'd like the movie that said that that this future that we keep looking that doesn't have to be that you can. Individuals can make changes changes I love the ideas. You're god frank walkers and inventor and he's as a kid we see him as a threat. That is. It's kind of great and me that's the feeling that we boss will you know. You and I grew up in a period where. If we grow up where there was there was. There's this. With all of the horrible news it was going there was horrible news when we are there was in the sixties it was. Anti Vietnam movement civil rights movement and riots in town. If you assassinations all the horrible things you just thought the world point four. But there was this one segment does the space race that was so optimist and he. And so excited that I was completely caught up I was eating this based mistakes and drinking tang and all of it was a big part of my growing up and what I remember very and I remember Cronkite taking it on and it means something that you really believe that. Remember the optimism of it I sort of thought that's what we would all be. Flying around in George jets and cars by now what was there in frank wall cards that you identified. Well I'll personable they what was really love. I get to yell it that that's when you bullets could not say why if I spoke to kid like that bat like your grocery store ball game. Child services would come and probably throw range. You know I get to talk to you shop and that's good fun you can hear it pediatrician on ER sort of work he actors every day. I'd be nice to all the time I but later. Now with you forever you know now that you're unmarried man. You're gonna get asked that question endlessly like I think it is. We'll weird it's huge George Little book favorite is adjusted junket for an answer each of the outlets asked and I it's. But each of them has a different version of how to get through his are in Paris the architects of the there's a kid to please use young guy Jorge Mejia and you radio does that ever make you wanna have another little young George. Ask you. Or they'll be like you working with a lot of children now or this film appeals to children. Us. Does make you want to have Britain's or like subway. Or is the. I think it's always because you've said now you're exactly for me. Some looking at a different. You look at this thing I am but basically when you get married and yet the newly added that in the intra. You haven't been married a year yet what is it going on eight months and tonight and I'll come up short. Let's Florida no hands another resident camp. Yes it's been eight months three months or it doesn't want to think it will be seven hours and Amal is not only beautiful but incredibly Smart she's a law. I now. Holy crap but let me just say this though if I were to commit a war crime in the form you dead I would have well or great represented I think. That's a good label and his I wonder if she were. It's a good question might move over how have you changed are you any a better person. I don't know that's that would be a question not for me but I've may happier person I'll ask early. You gonna get yes I am I'm a much happier person and I we'll say that. We are very happy. We have a very happy life. We enjoy a many of the same things and I very much enjoyed the projects that she takes on because they. Have real consequence. Rio concert they don't and it's not just opening weekends what does she get involved in your work as well. No but she's not opening week she's yours through the show go through. You know. That she had to come to New York growers are shooting this movie enter Foster practical money monster and so we are in New Yorkers who I gotta be in New York for a three months she's okay I can do that. And she's in general do all ticket teaching job at Columbia knives that that's that's as you do with. I anytime in New York that your future job Colombia. So she's rear able to adapt I'm on my way or go to London and and we'll spend a little time. That some time in London now. You can work will be. Moved back to show you what's your films these view what is her favorite George Clooney for. Good thing she like that's for which is lucky because. She does like Michael Clayton because as a lawyer. Yeah well that's true thing but she's not going the gravity route or she's not saying I'm on I believe you know I regret and watch she'd like grass he did. Well you know if you felt that I loaded office day's news. Ice and I feel when you consider. How much money made. The idea that seek. I think maybe. He said once Stewart and I'm on the throws and let's go with them want to. As an actor you've got Big Ten years in. Where you know people don't get Tiger Woods right now you're on the twenty something student. Why are people not tired. I think that day I'd I'm doing them less. And unless I don't act as if you do unless you stumble through a lesson in people may be Duncan quest it's. It. I don't know why I get to continue to work very happy that I get to. I think that. I was a big believer for early on my career that I needed to do other things besides act. Just because I felt like I love this isn't really loved the business it. It's also possible that this whole tabloid stuff that you hate me has kept you. In public's mind and I'd keep reading about your divorce now. Yes really so I think it was working out so well yet but healthy might pretty good numbers now kind that you think about. But you are tabloid staple I don't believe. If that orchards in you know Kim Kardashian would be the biggest movies in the world. The not knock her understand that's. You know just saying that I don't I actually think that all of that stuff noise there I think actually. Doesn't help you all you know. The people who succeed and in this industry I don't find that it ever helped and one single way apple in their career. Being more available does not make you. Doesn't keep you more viable in the film industry. I did TV series where. Forty million people a week watched that show. And most of the films did during his time and some good ones. Sites are really go it is streaking through ago. You know nobody shirt. With a perfect storm. For restore it was a one Robbie out. I had that year I was the year I left ER which was my contract after five years. Both. Oh brother where birds came. Up until that moment or was with the nose and fell. And those two hit at the same time and then everything changed. Because you know the movies I was doing. United the first few were dumb reason. Is but so cruelty that fit that presume pleased they use. That movie made opened up all kinds of doors for me. Is as bad a film that is I am and it. It was the open of all kinds of doors and and it. Also. A weakened me to the ideas that. I'm gonna now be responsible for not just those roles that I but the movies which is a very big difference in the a real adjustment in the kind of way you think of films. And then it was those that mr. king's side and you know over the work. Are we and always in song and you never sing for yes I know I know he noted the nephew Grossman Clinton I know and yet I think you always say to me will may be. The next time now in this movie yes Tom Hanks that there. An exhibit tomorrow. He went to the same worked there and he and the songs in the main and it's quite easy to set and it's called there's a great big beautiful tomorrow. Waiting at the end of every day I will do that can say that you just even speaking. Team so that all on one has to do this is what you can do but tomorrow here's Tom Hanks can help us we can go back in my that life started Tyson's. So it's a great big beautiful tomorrow starting at the end of every day it's a great big beautiful tomorrow. And tomorrow. Is just a dream mile away day. My mother and her gene pool and when she she and the cheese she infiltrated this clue need. Singing thing with this tone deaf. And so now when I sang. It sounds like like. A couple of seals knee. I think Sondheim is going to write a musical for human it's going to I'm I might be able to sing but George if I'm helping you suggested one. You started I'll fill it. There's a great big beautiful tomb rose. That's not fair at idle lakers either as it one night. I I'd do we say waiting at the end of every. I'm George didn't just do it. Waited in every day. Eight that the closest I'm epic and yet. Look at that. Waiting at the end at least they didn't break your pop music and I think you ready I wouldn't mind actually. He.

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{"duration":"12:51","description":"\"Tomorrowland\" star George Clooney talks to Peter Travers about his new summer blockbuster, his new wife and new life. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31231420","title":"Clooney's Toughest Critic: Why Amal Didn't Like 'Gravity'","url":"/GMA/video/george-clooneys-toughest-critic-wife-amal-gravity-31231420"}