Prosecution Shows Jury Trayvon Martin's Bloody Hoodie

Crime-scene technician detailed items found near the slain teen's body in second day of trial.
3:49 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Prosecution Shows Jury Trayvon Martin's Bloody Hoodie
Now, to day two of the george zimmerman murder trial. A day charged with anger and grief, as jurors saw some shocking images from the crime scene and the hoodie that trayvon martin was wearing when he died. Matt gutman has the story. Reporter: In a moment packed with drama, prosecutors presented to jurors, trayvon martin's hoodie, sealed in plastic. Asking an officer the evidence around his body. Evidence that he went out for a snack when he was shot and killed by george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman, in february 2012. Is that how trayvon martin's body appeared when the medical blanket was removed? Yes. Reporter: At time, the testimony too hard for martin's mother to bear. She walked out when the images of her son's body, too gruesome to show here. The officer who arrived after the shooting, telling jurors he tried but couldn't revive the teen. Did you consider this to be an extraordinary circumstance? Yes, sir, I did. Is that why you put your mouth on trayvon martin's mouth to try to breathe for him? Yes, sir. Reporter: Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty. He said he fired in self-defense during the scuffle, as martin pounded his head into the sidewalk. His neighbor said she hurd the scuffle of what sounded like running. Then, the gunshot. Could you tell if the body was face-up or facedown? I remember it being facedown. Reporter: But in a moment of courtroom theatrics, he suggested that she changed her story in sympathy with martin. Confronting her with her own facebook page. What does that say on your facebook page right there? Read that. Prosecutor the killer of our son, 17-year-old trayvon martin. Reporter: Jurors will most likely hear from other neighbors, who say they heard martin and zimmerman tussling that night but intnt intervene. Will the judge allow the jury to hear the repeated calls by george zimmerman to police about strangers in his neighborhood? And will a key witness, the last person to speak to trayvon martin, testify. She may say how frightened he was in the final moments. Let's get more on this from our chief legal affairs anchor, dan abram. The prosecution witness, roughed up by the defense. And she is crucial. She said two important things. Number one, she said that someone was running. And she described the direction that the running was occurring. Why is that important? Because it would suggest that this running, this chasing was occurring in an area in a george zimmerman says he never was. And if they were running at all, that's also helpful to the prosecution's case. The prosecution's theory was that trayvon martin was effectively hunted down. That's why that cross-examination was so important. The defense attorney saying, "a" you're biased. And "b," you never said this before. Why is this the first time you're mentioning that? Very important point in the courtroom. And there's going to be a focus on zimmerman's past contact with the police department. We heard from wendy dore about the volunteer program. You hear from this woman saying it was a very important prom, that george zimmerman was almost meek but very eager to help. And you heard from the head of the homeowners association, who said they didn't think they needed it. Two different stories about the significance of that homeowners association. Let's go to josh, now. A wild scene at the texas

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Crime-scene technician detailed items found near the slain teen's body in second day of trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19491511","title":"Prosecution Shows Jury Trayvon Martin's Bloody Hoodie","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-trial-trayvon-martin-death-prosecution-shows-19491511"}