'GMA 40 for 40': Julianne Hough Weighs in On 'Dancing' Finalists

The "Dancing" judge reveals her frontrunners and shares how she's trying to redefine the definition of success.
7:28 | 11/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA 40 for 40': Julianne Hough Weighs in On 'Dancing' Finalists
Right now from Dancing With The Stars Julianne how hey Juliet good morning. Had some morning Harry error. I'm good and it's early it's early for you to worry during an LA right now. I'm actually in DC add visiting I can't say salamander and I'm Eric I and wreck as he hit it. That's what you're you're getting married just got engaged tells the what did planning go in. Well I don't know. And there hasn't been to you myself are who are just can't enjoy the product. It's a lot lately lay. But that Great Britain join Julie an. Have fun. Had absolutely have fun with it and and I hear that you are actually having people help you select your wedding dress on line is that right. That like you haven't and why instantly and have stuck so. I am. You know hearing from everybody in what they think in that and gas definitely all the advice I guess would be very the sentiments. And you know Julianne hold on 12 because pit bull is rehearsing here so I'm gonna move out of here because it otherwise they're not going to be able to hear me picked. We're gonna walk back out playwright it. That friends I don't. Well I'd you know what's funny is that it's quieter right now outside in Times Square than it actually is. Inside right now in our studio. It'll really and they got Fortson the yeah a lot of fun you'll you know that's like you know what that's like so it's a tell me you've got four contestants looked on Dancing With The Stars tell us who do you think it'll end. We do indeed almighty and it's that you know I can't tell you who's gonna win actually doesn't but it's a probably one of the tightest competitions. And without the drama that happened over the season with people having to pull out of everything. Lay it's really getting it testament to the fans that watched in some of the stars to see who they really really think deserves to win but I mean. I don't saying it it's like Brett Ratner would probably be India are neck. At the same time Carlos has some great and then that means Al. Alex is really really act had an amazing journey to extend its news have. And being very very clinically rectory house right instead. You are doing really well. But access to funds show an and what's great about it is that you're able to watch this all unfold and surprise everyone. I mean it's just as much a journey for you guys I'm sure as it is for the viewers themselves. At they had everything. So talking about success you've got a really big new campaign happening right now. With strayer university it's called re addressed success. And it's all about changing the definition of that word the word success in the Merriam Webster dictionaries to tell me a little bit about that that's incredible. It's pretty. Actually no I think then a lot of people did fine and actually in the Merriam Webster dictionary as defined as. Add success is basically high profile are being statements are having lots of money and you know we're here. Later that stray China's Chinese dissident he had changed in any redress what success means and you know we really want it. How happiness be dragged out good relationships. And attaining. You know your policies and out for yourself Pratt and NASA's fame money and olive statement you know I had actually. And they say it's clear that where that it was quite then that I never really thought that I don't think that's fun and I had their read Kynan changed let. That meant to me personally and snow. I love working with sprayer to change wet this means and what success means out. People can get involved making battery address that success dot strayer that EU to sign petitions and that. That we really really really love to see some things straight thinking and. Adding that is amazing to hear that you thought that you weren't successful. And I think a lot of people would be watching with some thing. It's so that's really fascinating that you're that that you think that this change needs to happen if you could. You know in a few words if you could describe what the definition of success should be what would you say. Well I think Britney and it's definitely about setting Obama stresses I I definitely have goals and anchoring really day. But it's also you know being able to use that's my uncles that they eat cannons and we need now and then marries his big difference. But can now wake up and make X nine dollars today but you know plant how. Late morning I hung out with my dog I have great relationships of my family. And I personally think that I'm successful and that so I am I definitely think that that it's pollen in the late EU you have. Your mindset that end. Higher living your life that. I think we're all very. And that's so insecure or so many different layers of life when you're talking about personal. Unprofessional and just overall it and if so many layers and it's just not that simple. And also produced a very emotionally they'll get they'll let go head. No I was just SA and end when he started thinking that look ladies start. He did chaining your beliefs you practice every day. And talking about. How great thing Tyler also at this Staten. Yeah like working on your relationships it just it just makes. Here the day so much better you know and Annie Duke at the end of the day they'll really successful but about it. Yes. It's miles outside and you actually produce this up very emotionally charged video ditty you talk about this issue. What was your thought behind this video how did you make it all. You know leave here thinking about the video and and really wanted to send represent and it I just being happy or whatever and this is definitely successful but it does come with some artwork if you want in nineteen balls and so. Yup for me it was all about practice and perseverance he added that it achieved my goals. But at the end of the day. I had left my hand out and just enjoyed the process he and I think we alleys look at the end destination in the hands of but count. It's that thing that you know that that is the journey is really where fat so. I eat I I was really excited about it yet every weekend to face. I felt like it was a true testament the hard work at night but in but I also just. Enjoy the profits to. All right so let's remind everyone. Didn't really know how to get to decide campaign's website to tell us again it's re a debt agree addressed us success. Yes that's exactly yes. We gonna last night and this thing and that hopefully it can be of art and re addressing a successes. Fossum and they can find you on Twitter is a that they don't room to be addressed won't bite you on Twitter you'll have it all they care about re addressed that success. Dot strayer dot edu Julian help always a pleasure to have you think is so much you for joining us this morning and say hey could. It's the fortieth birthday of DNA so let's get a big happy birthday from you and happy. Friends and CN hanging in the event of the evening and dad being crowded years good I'll continue to spike you guys in the back to think that it. I also think you so much.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"The \"Dancing\" judge reveals her frontrunners and shares how she's trying to redefine the definition of success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35299911","title":"'GMA 40 for 40': Julianne Hough Weighs in On 'Dancing' Finalists","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40-40-julianne-hough-weighs-dancing-finalists-35299911"}