'GMA' anchors star in a Halloween fairy tale movie

With the help of a green screen, the anchors are able to bring to life a dramatic Halloween story.
3:24 | 10/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' anchors star in a Halloween fairy tale movie
our countdown to Halloween. Just one day away as -- George can't wait. Yay. Every year we go big. Popcorn. And we're going to start the fun early with a spooktacular. Here's just a preview of what's coming. Oh, boy. ??? Once upon a time -- Show me the girl. Belle tired of being cooped up in the beast's castle decided to throw a party. We should have a party. The lucky few to receive invitations began their search for the perfect plus one. ??? No! Hey, georgy, I'm the dancing clown. Want to go to the party with me? I should get going now. Come on, georgy. On the aisle of dragon stone Jon snow decided this was his chance to finally ask the queen out. Hey, Dani, do you have plans tonight? I don't. Belle is throwing a party and I am itching to hit the dance floor. ??? And in another castle called bachelor mansion, rob was missing one very important thing. The first rose ceremony. Are you ready to go. Oh, man, I forgot the rose. Hey, beast, do you mind if I take this. No! Thanks. In the far away land of Seattle, anastasia Steele was trng to ditch her controlling ex, Mr. Grey. Have dinner with me. Dinner? With me? Oh, hm, huh-uh. I got plans with belle. Hey, shensy, I got balloon, still can't find a date. Meanwhile, the castle was preparing. ??? Be our guest be our guest put our service to the test ??? Why are you guys singing so much? Back in westeros, Jon snow was still wooing the mother of dragons. The mother of dragons. The khaleesi of the great seed. The unburnt, 9 breaker of chains. Woo. That was quite the intro. I assume you're here to bend the knee. What do you mean? I have bad knees. If I get down I can't get up. I thought we were going to party! But still no luck for spency. Come on, guys, anyone want to come? I got my makeup done? Ooh. Where did you come from? Oh, you must be the overdriver. We are late for this party. We got to go. Let's go. Let's hurry. I got some dancing to do. ??? Tale as long as time ??? At long last belle's ball could begin. We need an upbeat song. ??? Just dance just dance ??? ??? just dance ??? ??? just dance ??? ??? dance, dance, just dance ??? Quite a move there. Thank you. I love that. I just got to see the movie to understand what that was all about. I pulled something.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"With the help of a green screen, the anchors are able to bring to life a dramatic Halloween story. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50803748","title":"'GMA' anchors star in a Halloween fairy tale movie ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-anchors-star-halloween-fairy-tale-movie-50803748"}