'GMA' Cookie Search: David Burke Whips Up Holiday Cookies

Chef David Burke shows you how to make maple crisp cookies and chocolate chip tacos with peppermint mousse at his new NYC restaurant, Tavern 62.
28:51 | 12/06/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Cookie Search: David Burke Whips Up Holiday Cookies
Hey good morning face the Good Morning America as well against humans happy birthday. So be sure it'll get its great American business there's. We figured our slash right up the upper east side union or. Thanks tablets. Look so Christmas trees front master and yet. It is time it's time. We're gonna get some basic that you sexy applicant for us chocolates top it's. And we got people cranes. Ain't quit yet. No. Is. Or indicted business as it is. Let. That there are back that. About. With anything. That it 62 days. Six. Weeks that. Marie. I. Very. It's a collective. You know so hot wires. But it's a neighborhood place. You wouldn't want America made him presents. Every agency. While bars but it's really hit the decor is it cozy very York. At least a throw back in the old days when it look. And it. Both bars and open it again and it picks Natalie classic American. So it's like it's just who it. And speaking up created a clever. Let's just these Christmas cookies. And up I'll let you ticket lately is that all of it or not president regularly bought these from my. Two previous books but felt that he would talk we wanted to it took it could be. And everybody thought. You know and this could be allowed it acts and stop. Very simple. It's flower edge here. It's cocoa. Now I get what you making it cookie batter. It could let them make it makes anything just roll it up and leave it. Priest. Player though listen. Though he is elected leader but you know something about it as cooking them. Originally that is gonna feel. That's you know and it takes. Sadly grant ice make them. That sales and operating needs. Chocolates box back yeah and I am not. Yet sugarcoat. And there was this money. Waits. Basically go to them. Good data mix. I mean you forget. I I worked quickly quite bit. Let your in. I don't think he acts ever okay well. They. You get today is this that incidents at this gets all mixed up any act that look like that our analysts and yet that is today. About the placement viola. Lace this little place. You know sour cream cup yogurt income and up stances. And in the pocket. And there and as he can keep reusing its U game expect enough to answer with enough getting there. They. Indeed that's been killed and an ego. That's headed. Yeah. That's great chase. Net it is evident in that pre school. An Ellison first hour. Today. Then plays get paid. It. A couple of tough chips on it by getting it to writing on it. And battery can add other things they sedative. Thank them rom. I did that we get and the response to a you can tell us ice that's where your let. She's kind of face yet you know lately again. You can make it does not state any it's still. Sort. It. That's in. To make wicked hook for a top. Then a piece of paper writes on it bank correct it. That doesn't get faith on the he. Where. You know she have them around this was. That warming is crippled and let them completely put Atlanta them like this it right. And anything. Whose. With whipped cream if you want to send America an agreement don't think it's simpler as an act and and I whipped cream and chocolate. Phillip Phillips eye itself. And this would peak with but peppermint extract. Needs. Militants. I don't know what is certain is. That they grange and so. I think it's actually Gil. That you you know my dad had a couple extra ingredients that eighties and that there's the looks pretty at the end that's happened that way. That's ridiculous it is about these can be you can write it candy canes. Where you can take accident any incident that. That it cant change that. Let me and Matt. Not maggots. Chris this. Tikrit where. Everything. Rat race at stake in us. That. Means we lose. The product. Yeah you're never ever leaving everything he does what it that you think about it now pat Abbott lots of things look incredible. And it looks like you know there's something fun you know here oh what fun it acted. If you've got you know little kids helped out its to decorate it and I think that's yet it also is his nose. You know does it take that it would equal the download wooden spoon. Is that after her incredible. Eating the whole thing because I don't want to put it down. Density so. That's correct at any time you book downloads it area candidate OK yes this is this is. At facilities. Quick. Now this week out the eight. On either warm. Pressed on the island where is that it. Think something like. There's but it should. And of course that is unbelievable. And some late night. He's. A day ago but the minute these pictures they take their shape their targets him he. It did well enough. It. Hope these types Aetna likely. They. I'm not just saying this as an excuse that it is. The greatest. Now I don't play it. Good cop out. Initiative. Yeah. It's Howard hour. Bloated. Ego if you don't get this but don't worry. That Syria is. Look at that at all like. At least. Kids would love making it they see it he said it Ilyce. Make it up to make it fun it is an excellent business that's actually at my cooking. We'll go there or you can use easy night. Talk to might. Get ice in the round. Do as ever immediately. That's what does this disease I go or run it there this is amazing that this is the let's talk business here. Or it only. Picnic. How incredible. In Italy and the next one we've got people wrists I'm next menu I steadily that we need 500 is. For me personally and rest of them. And both a smoky attic but that would remind you that we are reading your comments. Great questions there are tips or tricks on us there let's now oh. Yeah. So. That is the top of moving on next view that maple trees all. If it. Yeah Atlanta. Oh. Maple print it as similar. These can be very thin. Eight Easton. I it is. They have the right easily meet me of the middle Griffey and make that it looked at it. What some of which there. Start this thing Judy some basic so its clout yet if that. And then there's the maple. Let me. The people are I'd be decorating. Some extent people threatening. And you know some people put so codes. And if so. Six he is 888. And and that. In fact it ultra. That's great question I don't I think it's best. One close. But it's it's been that. So I know it. Looking at that you want us. Though. I. And a decade it's great for things like that we want smoothness. But. He could still do it. Kate at them both bonds but I doubt it got to where we can't. It. Right. So this accounts again to make us this could be made able see everybody the last go all interactive. You want to make in a molasses. Cookie. They get but for this because this is a tight though we seem to be better. Us. Good. Is it. It is. And so let out. It is what's that overnight Farmar are right it's. Miles of five. If it. Roland. 62 where we are and it's two stating that there is slightly burned. I counted up and down just. We dual high. Oil at certain very American. Yeah but felt Sunday that we did he make of the he killed. Parts. And of course. Yet anyway he's hit like. Then we we hang from the missile tests. Another hit its debt android but couldn't. It paid fees. Look it up great and yes. They read that. They come out this ridiculous. Well yeah. It's notice. Well there's. A snowman. Let me boot it. Yet the books that list stocking note. Yes. I. At least cut down assuming that sucks but they. But that might not detract break yeah. If that spared no expense and it gives I think that eight we want to autograph. But it used socks. That at least gets if you and it Oakland that's. For me. Kate. Are you cut cookies down. And important book does. Osman. Athletic you. The Reagan eat it right away. Exploited it. Intermittent. Other storm there. It saves the land out. They can't blame announced. And they pick in this section. Despite its eighth. Well I think. It make a foothold in the hopes that an. They can't make best pieces. Yes he's the if you loot stolen. I've made away. Yeah. They'll do what is that. None of this state that's an excuse. So for folks who are watching we're going to be making these recipes that you ultimately want. Overarching. He's an advisement and getting the kids that's the case and make. What once like the one thing to remember. Whenever you hear me they sent me. Would have been waiting in house candidate for anything using space. We're space flight eight. As a cut away. Spot it. Anything at. In Iraq that is the case it ends up on it it it just let them. It makes home opening. Game and finance committee. Now likely that they. That is mountain chocolate on paper. Lou designs killer that come in. Spent Christmas cookies and back. I don't know I mean some. Patience. What should they don't. And of course is an issue state couple spots. That if you make of cook. The make me. Mark act yet convenient. Spot Sunday night. That equals a wet but I think it would. You know. Yeah. It. That's great those. It was. An. It's not the act. The goal in the battle plan. The opposite creative ways to do. You know also let them go make me. That it's. Now let me. That though it's. But and just look at that might or might listen Ratliff you know nobody wants you meant it. Now we want to see you. Practice. At that busy to make that threaten. Us. Always thinking I'll think lighting integrity here. Letting would have. And alcohol. The it's. Okay allotments if it's you know. My nickname he added. That the program. Yes that. Oh man. So he's going to update. You haven't heard. We're teaming. Well not it bickering. Now an what will it be back decorated great great great. Also went after decorating it's that dictate that there does it work just that we'll use them or not letting you know what models that and it. It's. It's. It's writes this it's over this week. It's right only it's. Alison. Outing. As he is batting. Analysts and KO that it appears that. That's. A sovereign. It. Yes let's the go to the story yet and this stuff like. Actually very pretty looks like. It music yelling at the. It's like something we. That it makes. I I. The the very quiet in here excited talking about the drug gets no man than it. He. Eight. Yeah. Yeah. Is. And. Level the second quarter account we should find out pretty. Shortly here ago. Is any. Rules when decorating. The Christmas cookie. But it. So sire. It's like the Olympics. Oh yeah. Alcatel is Billick once he. Mess that's. And what message do you eat right way is that nobody do you see that it did at that. But ended today imperfect. Cookies you have here and it gives them. And Erica that that's about it. And and also it. The ever busy Chapman. Witches. But the thought that not that the that's a good straight through and if anybody domestic money is wider picture and Atlanta is back. Look at this. We turn our great oh my gosh they smell so good. I do look. I think it's obvious this looks. And I bet that they taste it. Peninsula exercise you know plus and it's pretty. If you want to make absolutely yes. Oh. Not the great. You're right. That shows up here yeah. And expect. The if you're republic. 28. Little beats and over here so I absolutely but not copping is that Reagan you know that's more of it exactly. Yet it is pretty even just where. It will in the race is Phyllis. It looks great. Good. Container box Ilyce reckless that we put these big kick him. It's all about packing when it immediately. But it's. Yet. It is you might get me right at. Your little element we're small cities yes that's. I tried it yet. Right at yeah yeah. That's really. And it's not. That people. I'm just into. I'm worried about my that humanity in this. Business he searches. It's a great hated it but having it ended January that it. That so few. Role you play. I looked at Cuba idea rapid. Amazing. This was so let me indicate that the place is it. Yeah. Who. That softness. You didn't work things seemed like it was fantastic. I hate cooking sit there and I think that didn't. Up shortly and I don't know that statement. I I might be Huntsman. This he's sell a lot. Stafford sixty you. Just open that were opened seven weeks. Our. He. One. Is. We have really happy. I. And I've heard yet you haven't who looked rockets being happy New Year's Day. We're giving away. Chickens every couple two. That hasn't fortunate. You wouldn't it three my hunch I. I give you first. That's the first. I. A sixty. It it. If it. It's you know united ninety in the air you know it's it's effort here is record. Him you. Name it I'm working ticket. Boards and either they would it start seventeen so you folks there Yorker you're visiting New York. This is you gotta make it stop here and tell you I only had two cookies and thanks to wait that's where the rest and you thought I'd do it carries everybody is watching. It's great American Christmas that he search continues. Next week so. An eight. And make your own recipes that idiots you hear me recipes I gotta say if you want to attend either the I didn't do any work but it didn't seem that it was all and the result was incredible Orlando. It's that you thought let's we will see everybody tomorrow morning it's getting what Chris search continues. Yet that acute.

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{"id":44013546,"title":"'GMA' Cookie Search: David Burke Whips Up Holiday Cookies ","duration":"28:51","description":"Chef David Burke shows you how to make maple crisp cookies and chocolate chip tacos with peppermint mousse at his new NYC restaurant, Tavern 62.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-cookie-search-david-burke-whips-holiday-cookies-44013546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}