'GMA' Cookie Search: How to Make Cranberry Jam Bars

The co-owners of Ovenly bakery in Brooklyn, N.Y., demonstrate how to make these easy holiday cookie bars with local cranberry jam and sage.
13:44 | 12/09/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Cookie Search: How to Make Cranberry Jam Bars
Yeah. Americans will dance here and I am a green point Brooklyn beauty track out now at. For a very very good reason we're so excited for all of you guys. On FaceBook and on abcnews.com. To un relief which is the most adorable victory that's the only thing. Working that ability. This incredible selection right here it looks delicious and just a couple of seconds. Hate you guys back into the kitchen. It's an easy recipes. That co founders dealer hanging out back here. Perhaps at. Aaron. You guys how does your hits and we we read through recipes I have to say I have never been more excited to putt on the maybe hats and say. I mean here hair yeah. There yeah. Up to me he's too delicious recipes but before you jump in the case it's art baking. Time guys. How Utley came about what you're philosophy so who at the start that's the story of how Utley. Found. A. We met an English but and I am Ilyce. Years ago made it longer. And you're reading books about and we started chatting at the end of it and neither of us had. Really been working everyone else. Had something to do with food in their professional lives and so we start talking about. What about certain business we met we later. And that we we're actually meeting at a coffee shop her and bakery couples with its history. And please answer this the other so what are we were even friends. We decided to sell the business at hands became. About we agree ideas are behind bars snack business in the congress customer at cafes are being six months later we were alone. Quip had to quit our jobs to meet demand so. People are and it's really excited about it we look into it people by providing they could everyday and that's really the plot everything we use we want to provide. Everyone either extremes Alou is doing her daily. Well we're about to get a lot of joy and my daily life be. Isn't making. Booty is asking a lot yeah and raspberries and a barn crammed area little cranberry and Brooke yeah. Exactly still. It doesn't just who the amazing things and here they're also talking we're live I chocolate eggs. Homeland sent their top ingredients it sounds easy it's part of the time favorite. Well this the most detonating rich. Delicious boys think I. I. Which is incredible so it doesn't you do you know may not happen the ingredients you need at holds join us what we're making these delicious recipes they can apply. I KRE. And a great little bit added that insulate read your kitchen make masks Rex. All right let's. Welcome it's not them. K this is where I'll. I'm so that its melodies. Greatly. I'm in the stretches its standards Seattle might tell us yeah anything that might come close to selling as well as this stuff guys but again. It's not like headed back here okay itself this is the cranberry yes. That into local energy and then they see us it's very sweet hasn't been earning labor Siemens and in the east by the who's the lucky. There aren't he had an easement. Which he. Hands. Current and mission. That means pop up. Well Ray Allen that. Easy line is very. Nothing that I play favorites here I didn't bury looking at the front and yeah. Done. I'm still leads one to restart. Let's start with the cranberry. I think they're awesome they're so easy to me everything we've done today for it was like three minute press and he. The jam for media bar regarding made. Stick it out of it. Really I. So where do you think ace Scott flour which is actually aid. It's. Gave me free art we lately so it's about an hour we're definitive but a little bit of salt and baking powder. It's so easy boats. And some deliciously toasted stop attacks. So those are all the -- dry ingredients very. Now the key is. A little bit we have but here. They're not. And olive oil and that how well we just isn't tables and but it gives the bars. That's bringing any flavor from the olive oil and we love that. It we're just gonna mix that would some brown sugar is that it's your even parts. Dark brown sugar and light brown sugar. And we're just gonna mix that Brittany. Onlookers second at Emory sits media and this is her problem. Idiotic questions bragging Dyer and. Let us know in the comments below because. Either during a live thing. Things are right you guys they're checking. Your question. I want to know what's the lay on the ground yeah. I was gonna. The sides of the ball. And then. We're gonna Adenauer dry ingredients. That's something we've learned after baking heard all the experiences that always start out low. Other if you get 880. The Rebecca. A residential rent emirate. And that's it. Pretty pretty mean simpler but don't tell. Seems like something you know there's somebody posted this unit feeling they have to get crazy get all kinds you know. I feed ingredients in him crazy recipes but I mean this looks incredible if I haven't tasty yet answered tastes incredible and notable list you know. You mean the state classic recipes like cookie bar that blinded when spike well. And we really great all our heads to get creative with recipes so. You can take any recipe that at home any holiday recipe that's despite news tonight you can add seasonal fruits really simple to do and really delicious and aggressive. It was about. That we haven't heard that but is that they're really upgrades. Let's recipes you don't meet standards. And for some recipes on it. The bus advanced equipment as a stand mixer or can happen next saddle. They're very hurt and there we. I'm. And I think that any home they hear can ask me have. What incident occurred unevenly. So I'm. About half of the delicate hand I'm using my hand and in many that's that's by the way these things are great achieved. We love them to spread the delicate hand and I didn't get that you didn't bat an eye on it at my damn. You know a lot of people don't like getting their hands dirty but thinking if they clean. You know come on yeah getting there is so don't be afraid to get your hands messy. And his team seems like if you have kids and occasionally you deserve Barry's job her you know. A little help. Memories of the you know my memories of my family holidays we're not really about toys as always about be it. You know what I remember rolling with my mom used to make these people butter cookies at her she kisses kisses. Every. Childhood yeah. And it made us any just rolling out that still growing growing in the sugar and we really love that. That sort of nostalgia that comes with holiday baking because it's the other I think a lot of people's most joyful memory so. Now we try to bring that happen but we're making. That's that's as. It hits are so this is dead. And are gonna do. Is you will give a massive amount of energy today. Because we may have been massive oddities. Or. You guys at home you're gonna end up with about it. I'm gonna happen jam. So I'm just my two. Insist on top. You saw releasing students are great for at ease our feelings we actually use that cross its inmates. It's. It's all the killings in proxies come out evenly in your cookies all the things this. So we're just this press that I'm. Now this again like we sent isn't mixture. Cranberry. The little sugar and stage. She expressed her nieces and in Irving and we especially seeing. I. Column. 888 cranberry is like the official you know like Christmas parade saying yeah. So vibrant colors yeah looks really you he said it on the table like you have to Mexico desert town but don't ask you. Them. RA so we're almost done here. No all are gonna do is. Topped the rest of us what somebody's taking crumbles. And that is the toppings so you don't even have to worry about making it perfect it doesn't have to be even. I think it's a little more than half of need to go to cover the bottom of the anti have a quarter sheet and here and I'm putting to rest on top of this problem. We're defeated at 350. Heard thirty to 4035 to forty minutes until it's really really nice and get the golden brown. And then it's. And it CC I eat a little red. Spot all over the place just because it comes island and in the end of the Camry just looks so beautiful young men from home Wednesday. He's for this barns that. In May he once it's done in out of and you and make sure you let it cool completely before you cut it that way the jet will sat and it will hold together. You also once it's cool game like this ticket in the freezer for five or six minutes and then got it the entire. Cookie bar sat and that you can get hurt it at him. He's my. What's great about this axiom is that you make a double that you can also make them. Not bad company yeah. And sprinkle a little settings that are in there also. Perfect holiday cookies I. Recently made their home and I was seeing next damages mixing it in my younger Manning. When they eat out. So many options I had no. Popped out any and senate and let it cool so Fraser cut and and they look. Just like this make oh my god yes. And easing. Hey by it yes we're in. So well. Even though there's nothing is nothing until they have still gotta love that let's think about regularly you know. Ladies and. President pop them. The moment not that Bill Clinton. These great holiday gift city wrapped up a little something back that. Sticker written on lemon. Did not see what is it this. So good Neitzel friends and it's it's amazing I love it.

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{"id":44090097,"title":"'GMA' Cookie Search: How to Make Cranberry Jam Bars","duration":"13:44","description":"The co-owners of Ovenly bakery in Brooklyn, N.Y., demonstrate how to make these easy holiday cookie bars with local cranberry jam and sage.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-cookie-search-make-cranberry-jam-bars-44090097","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}