'GMA' Cookie Search: How to Make Santa's Trash Cookies, Leg Lamp Cookies

Delish.com's Jo Saltz shows "Good Morning America" how to make some of their most popular holiday cookies.
37:17 | 12/05/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Cookie Search: How to Make Santa's Trash Cookies, Leg Lamp Cookies
If that does not make your mouth water based I don't know what what will it good morning America's olympians here that delays would kill assault. The stuff. That you selected to as the thank you and hunt are. Secret and that's. Well where the she and eighth grade American Christmas cookies Ares I and I feel like we found numbers 12 it three race ended August. I don't is still the finished products just yet but if you take a look at the leg lamp over there. That eighties and it. It's. Not. It will be deciding. Either way. The viral video that put a knee in the late and cookies it's like. It. RE. Ninety and you are. It's like literally that your body Utley. Yeah. I doubt that a notebook loved the countless areas in southern Vietnam but our guys. An eight. Re different. Our. I'm ready to go FaceBook if you guys are ready to go as well makes you get involved in a conversation also. Ask Joseph whatever questions you might pass different questions recipes we'd make you are asked to answer that. I'll say. Perfect perfect that's already here four it's what its efforts that ER KO. Call we call Santa's tracks news and you know what I either Bates and rescued. Actually race we speak treatment at all the salt. Pretzels potato chips. These. Topics at their song. It's seen inked its axle and l.s. Super easy and frankly what I love about this recipe that you haven't seen chocolate chip recipe this is a fun way. What he yeah. And and you see just that. I'll hour. Or use your I'll get inspired. And just putting them butter and I'm gonna put in some brown said there are you help her do like to help yeah I really like I. ILB why else in this situation Ukraine does Santa Claus and I will be here elect noted today Ari what we're this isn't pretty cookies so we're just star who believes. That. And it. But softened butter. He figured you get impact from McCain get the food from hiring. Batter with two. My favorite thing. Honestly this isn't super important fire anybody out there are few. You're an avid but he carried no company. It's like really get the better and. At home which I feel it tell me you know and I mean how you have to scrape down to 50000. Times but let's just get the butter and news essays you. It got me down the battle Salmonella. Get on that that make him. Signs. This if this is who looking gross TU where it pretty good shape good it's that does not addressed at all and getting. Hungrier and hungrier and were only two minutes into the flight and. I'm from yeah. How good to tell us now it. One day. Come up with like the charity event factories and elevates it. The. I'm. They couldn't. Life is beautiful. I. Am going to be graceful and actually I'm an idea that the peaking patter. And I mean a cut the salt into here and I'm got a chance. To Wear seat when you CE. Famous people to. He managed you. In my life. Is that it. Aren't not pretty awesome but that was they you know actually the people. Back. A all the hard work so we can. Yeah I like it flowers. It's take a little while to get put. But I'll tell you and again like viewers it's a lot. Our I kinda liked them all go through the end and that and Hitler and so I think it's. But not very ill and couldn't use intensive meetings get kind of gross to keep it to Max. And if you talked to that pita chips. The pretzels and you'll see though thanks to get like really nicely priced inherent honestly. Do this with like broken oriental institute. It Brooking candy bars like there's no real rules you can mix and whatever you basically something salty whatever that that apple surely know what I honestly. Dogs are using scenery crack in his late teens race like this kindly speak to you so if you. I'm totally. Sons. I also you know like you and it differently every single time just. So I can see look look how great outlet be so. Delight fault. He he. And you can't saddest task cookies but they. Personal attacks that you know well yes I just like what you got around sort of I like there's. A Catholic. Us. It's. Easy. He's our. Anything yeah. Q. And play. Well I don't have a nineteen million U. And cookies that's probably my union. I'm so we're just them and I think. Priests and creative. Q. Precedents that top is that it's. Very in the past couple into the top you'll see how it turns out when it lenient and I'm don't believe that job. Need to be like them when it I've been costly conflict are you offering anyone. In Turkey and stayed at the deletion. Us but are always helps. Stop by anytime. He's flip security downstairs getting. I'm just pressing. Calling Timothy maxed. Out of it. I'm policy this funds have. We did the pretzels digits and just a little bit with leaky cease you want. This used his special ingredient news app looks like how gorgeous it. Eight used specialty. Everywhere so many people would be. Saying it becomes that it. I'm cookie peaking and where's yours. Pretend that this is well. US evening. It. Yeah I. It's. How can achieve those CI on the top it seems to actually get a chance. At the top use our press is the top me. It's a party on the top right hand and and it's what Ariel. And I'll try yes. How many. Discount and Eddie mitigates. But little if those are ye olde salty. We're breaking the double enroll eldest right now in boats. Yet. Is it that we have huge problem why company in the now. I'm. I rate. Tax. I loved it. News. Ingredients. Ways to use. It. So and so we're really happy with the eastern and to make the flight. With your kids or whoever there's little jobs in Canada lately but. And then you know but also you know intellectually and try it we're not a public forcing. Recipes are new and it that you have a favorite. Recipe. This secretly to doctor at. Yeah same ballot and that Bret you can call our bathroom rusty or late. Will inspire you and other fun and and it just like this is such that let me this year alone wouldn't let me you don't like and Ontario as I don't think sprinkles or. I don't you think that's definitely watch news so I just I I find and so personal and fun and split up a great thing for this season. They are so I'd like looking at pockets to. Obvious. That you that. Out. Yet. Athlete and there's always work at ease delays. And doing. And X from RM. And it's. They. Inspire. I heard Doug prints but never quits now and I. After it here. I. Mature. Share. Man. Also anything. It. A an incident. Chocolate eat where you are and tried that he actually this video you can be on the lookout or. This brightly that I guess yeah and tomorrow tomorrow for the a look at the recipes are already on the list dot com but. You'll get a chance as he how he riot together. I'm Oxford are but it's tomorrow but this is BC percent it's a very simple almost a short bridge and again. If you have a fever and keep seeing that I don't mean like beauty dead horse but. I love that about recipes like. Being able to me and super earth and all if you favorites are written she definitely you know feel free to use it here so just put some letter Tuesday C units in. And written with some sugar and and preakness together. Excellent Sugar Ray. Apparently doing it we're yeah. It's like. There's just moments ago. I. Yeah. He threw the Lye. It's like we're all body yeah yeah eight. Yeah like. C that's my. They bring it. Not a laughing and you. Oh I would give you. I'm very not only that it could heat up the excellent and that link could be. Well let him. Like. You know that's it the peanut butter bit like efforts. I love anything with look at nice little peanut butter. Any place we keep. At allergy. Now the world. It's like starting to get Gordon. Oh I feel like like this turn here here. We have had plenty. He's after. Yeah. Great nice job aren't you are. Standing with my enemy at the man they have a. I phony a mile kids daily. He's an incoherent looking important frankly that's always. So you see that this really is like a basic sugar cookie base that's reference totally. She she helped. How so and frankly that. We're using it at that. At the drop cookies but you can use our. We're missing out also something to think about. You know if I answer yeah. Undecided at this time each at your viewers as you can see how it's just like a scoop global sort of short Brett rate now. You could. And what's nice about. It's. Super simple. That. Adam. Adamantly. But Bradford damage would be anything but these twits at. It. Arm. Butler say it is. This has a tendency to spread it to your seat African team is gonna take this view and just to teach. That's around them. Southeastern. I'm not. Trying to be here. Adam I. What happens missed it was spread so. Are going to but the freezer will be and now. You just here and at a rate. It would pop up and ends they would like flat out. Freezing accounts. That are. Hear hear. So we fill up this thing yeah we we pressed the it's. Something. In another. Hands on your eyes. So what am I had their elegant that makes them like that dazzled gloves. Any. It and that's all. They're safe. I. Cars and so thick. And freeze. A higher. And seas and nice invitation. Inspects you must act which you re at Pacific classic. He wouldn't tease me as. It. Cleans. So. Super simple actually. Yes and other jobs and help me not eat. Or packages in China and that. Whatever lyrics so we're going to take. Just this is this. Art. I'm. And I am now help. We chart Karen offered by an moved through. Yeah it. Tests. It's a I ain't got excited and I got excited about it parent are. Now it's come. It's not. An art you're doing you're doing we're doing and if there is okay beyond that like a little much and how much did you try to put in. Ilie Karen mouse and you can't give me too much care if you're upstate it is you have to kind of work with so. And that's is about to say it like the squeeze bottle Paramount doesn't really work here because it's so in that it that was that if you'd done that running edges. So we use it dickert chart can now there's. Fran answers like some other great brands in the supermarket where. You can find New York think you can find my basic supermarket. So. We're doing it and I'm feeling like it's. Really. I can't. Count pumpkin pie this thing can. Secret ingredient. Our. Are it's easier yes. One secret this sad. It's. He. But and that's is very minimal no it really honestly. Like I wouldn't get excited it's like and your affairs. And an eight. Chocolates. And we started talking about message and actually I don't worry it's going to be fine trot melted chocolate. And Bergen participating that frankly you could justly. But it nimble. Excellently us that would be completely fine. Would both be wearing average. I think I ever gonna make this look a little bit and yes it is indeed that is arts. Artists and that's constantly hears him a little too much care now think who wouldn't want. How could is that we look at me. I. Passengers shootings. Ro Laurie now. Nearly getting clues this is not efforts last year you know apparently particularly if you're like the food harbor. Use yet and make us look at them let the on how your like we've minds here is currently you can't get close enough to people click on the ball up in Italy looking. Like chocolate and Paramount and LTT use as close as he law. See you get the point this is what they look like an art in Portland. And. Said it. Hasn't made it favorite son. There they are so after this president and even the U sat. In the grenades you have to cut our. Oh man I guess it's time to T it's another cut. I. The list which winds which one but that list acts. Are you asking you know if I'm let and recognize Hamas like take a big buy. New leader. UT US. He did it again. There tends time we get Italy cookies and maybe we can book but it. There incredible they spoke. But also. That's. In here it. About it. And it and I am. And vapors you know only that but there. Not that there's substance. It's an old saying right now. And you. These are and how we can time. Listen I left without apparently couldn't let down right I've been out fire myself. At a welcome Norton ma. Am. Everybody's a Christmas story ralphie Parker and his family. Only once they got for Christmas all outlined its cookie that looks like this late land for Christmas. And making you can help me out with downright. Oh. You a lot of us are very pop culture inspired complaints certainly. That are coming out. I a lot of stuff that's being it. My shots a side effects. Tired. Them out. Better care of it when Christmas but you can't. Yeah. Don't expect that. I would like it'll he. We. Back tomorrow yeah I. So Christmas sites. A cultural. Kutztown. How high. Are so he. How can I. Ask and he yet. Sometimes I'm. And sometimes inside something that the board that's me. That yeah. That's. Talking. Chic. So I. Also need to look at our focus but ops which where I'll. Also. That is so much fun that we just like that. An action day since you're that we. What's the best part about this news. You can start your. Your conservative. If you want to you but I just find it so much easier to just play. It we'd add. Hours to hit that helps it let's be a little bit firmer needs you're out. This is going to be an exercise and you and looking greets well. In a rule this out and hopefully it's not. Embarrass me and national live stream that it but I have my I have my doubts that it's back. I'm just gonna bring together time. What are looking for. It can be grace one thing. You. Just walk away like you know what you got. Yeah well you're turned. We're gonna do it's a mixture to stick C. People out there. And I am. Let's that the Christmas cookies to everybody that's. Now their own opinions about out but that's yet but that's also the great thing about the recipes are giving us is that ever. And kind of pat around but it will act on twist but also it's like you know we we have. Always sent lately we're not professionally trained chefs and Mike. All we ever wanted to do was to create a space where people who don't normally go into the kitchen feel comfortable Ian. And so for us lake. You know we like showing like the on the seeks the like shelling an act that's because I think that makes me all this is not. This is not past eight we were national. Night. You'll be. Here that. Extract. And so Annie. Lee he's. Lately I'm like. Please guys templates. You can print about seeking detrimental aspect Nancy I have laid out the Arabs and economy should consider doing this unity and graceful thing. And I were just cut around the outside I'm making is a little bit thick for a fact because if you rolled them out too thin. Obviously it will Parikh that you can CU. Not as. Yet so we're gonna instrument the excess not don't waste the access rule out the access. You don't believe in at least it's allege but still with maybe stay with me and that he now alas she's a leg but just gonna give her a little bit he'll. After the fact. And then see her since she so sexy clergy since. It's okay so we're. We're actually in the same thing. But this in the riots and make sure that the edges state grants the candidates need. Like that she otherwise justice. Someone who had any luck I don't know what are not looking like a weird they sat he worked hard to get this. She keeps terrific so I'm gonna show you by the magic until as. Well as well. Here pretend that by its check in. I. Yeah I. Love executives. Say see it looked super here. On out here this. Is the heart. Slash not art part. I'm gonna show you. What we'd. Op care. Theater and at the list now it's like a cookie I think you can buy in the bottle. I'm available at craft stores at available most supermarkets now. I bring. Up those sugar cookies but I can't expert icing it's always you'd be here are asking this problem. It's always too funny running off the edge until he's not ready enough so it's like not going anywhere soon. This up is always the perfect consistency but I decided to put in a sleeping bag because they find a little bit easier to you worthless and it and then. Container that you tell me where is the right spot I'm gonna go to this lady. I mean come down here or. There it's so. Basically we're just in its hate her and she talked about her like it's her it's not weird. You just don't land that I sing along the outside it. And you see she's planning over the edge of the but that's okay so I. She well. I am totally we are making it we are. We're gonna go to just give her a little bit of issue. And now wouldn't give her a garter beaches this afternoon that means Anglican group an extra level here you'll see them more. On the PM. And that we're just gonna cross hatching and minute trying to meet it. Make alliances than is possible. And also something to keep in mind here I go one direction just to keep Eden and and I go back the other way am I found that feel that have been easier then. Trying to meet this like a bunch of fish nets like. This. Increase. Things with birds look at that it's. Okay I kind of Wear and not. It also would have loved about the stuff even more is scheme that she didn't learn much. She. Everyone eats it quick prayer. They just don't think about it to get her back on the use that I use this yeah she's got to figure blank sheet and cash and yet. Do community. Everett Annie and the good thing about this actually come shaking. Austin eight. Is that everybody has seen this movie and went TBS does they're like. Hours and hours 24 hours yeah. And have Christmas story. Wet by the time here finished watching the movie for the fourteenth time. Yeah you can just hop into the kitchen. And means more to you thank you so much to. Now I cattle she. Okay he got an yeah I can't give her a little garner need to give a little top like just the look something like now is there is no simple way out. And then ripping across hatch struck it tells you so they did come lions all the time. You're really there is not clear how or if true. Don't think about it when you think that human. I feel you got it. Yup thinks for bearing with me. And what they eat rice paper. So Eaton and start. I don't need anything I'm for people. Here are like me. It's. She is looking she's sexy yup you got. And then I think. It's. You do. Look at you did not parking lot. It's a neat if saying thanks for another industry here Kathy Platt so what's. Next. Now we hats obviously if you think there. Now we have to obviously give her. Lamp topped this base are taking these are the Reese's peanut butter cups and science you could use them on to something bigger ones that there your work. Peanut butter purposes hugest thing global leader in a letter and I miss. Him and we're putting our crime. That out at sea that so it's the lamps. And amp. Now you could if you wanted to but it average for an outlet set I don't feel the need to keep. We have another yellow proxy Atlanta she you know. And I stayed true to the arts here I'm on Athens the makers of the Christmas story and a who are dying it's. Obviously. They understand it needs to. And I like about this is that you can Kennedy's Nazis YouTube. Just below the science tends to. I just think you can use us. An apple trip down to decide let these sent an excuse Heatley that peanut butter does need to sit just eat it. Us. So cute. And these are. They look at made and handed about. And public but the that a little boxes that spread to UA. And yeah we. But these receiver mind also that you. Having cookie swaps everybody's like minded team likes. String that he brightness. And that's. Never seen anything. It's a battle scar that I'm very proud to have it right it's worked. Art here in an exit. Embarrass. Him but he. Hold up. We. Who are. So. Hurt baked some Q and such iconic lake. Little you know it's not Christmas without that she Christmas right feuding me read. Them Christmas trees lights are. But isn't. The kind of thing everybody out there and your ass out if you happen office Christmas. Cookies wants opposites like they. Are. At tables up at night. It never. Made it back. The easel. That's still in Kabul so for folks who joined accidentally or who won a little more utility companies and together. Got. Here yes. You. It comes up all. The Portland who wants more votes just Tom. And on your FaceBook page yes it's to contact us lists that's happy but at another. Brand. So we are secrets like it isn't enough. Are headed. Calories don't count this. Think he's O let's Joseph Sulzer. Delay stuck ha thank you for having us everybody here FaceBook don't forget that. That she amazed great American Christmas cookie search continues until next Thursday that fifteen. So you still have time to head over to you may not come on opposite me your recipes and your videos. Making your Christmas cookies that your Bentley. And this is a great places. Star race is still a lot inspiration and let's not come here tons of cookie idea that's but just like company around inspired. I've been playground. That kind of my life businesses come early release we'll see you guys though they must analyzer C tomorrow. And CNA.

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{"id":43994402,"title":"'GMA' Cookie Search: How to Make Santa's Trash Cookies, Leg Lamp Cookies","duration":"37:17","description":"Delish.com's Jo Saltz shows \"Good Morning America\" how to make some of their most popular holiday cookies.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-cookie-search-make-santas-trash-cookies-leg-43994402","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}