'GMA' Cookie Search Goes to Parents Magazine

Go inside the Parents magazine test kitchen to learn how to add surprise twists to traditional holiday cookie recipes.
15:19 | 12/08/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Cookie Search Goes to Parents Magazine
My health effort openings I see here everybody will do. Good Morning America you Jenna who's the editor of parents Matt see. Now teammates and our big Christmas cookies search for the greatest Christmas Santa. And we ate salsa up your act. Passed I detest. Axle and the they're so cute I like nervous even because there's. AT pattern that wild and yeah. Yeah yeah yeah that he's gonna say our credit the December issue in Parents Magazine. And our goal really needs me class. Act. Did you. And we're Christine I mean. It somebody hit me. I'll. Share your friend in the I want to throw a punch you can usage is. It's Ruth. Light. Scary yeah. The concept of it that it can't really know I. Our traditional cookies that you would rule out cuts and excited. Why aren't you can stack up an. Adorable. That. When you're making me you may have been after the death and herbal. Tea at this is com. Yes. B yes. That is but yeah. I asked irony some color of green doesn't matter this is just for. Now obviously kick here is where. Your aunt to become green offer volunteer for the holidays are secret to do this seat is now me to sit around. Actually would be relief fund operator in absolute right to me yes it probably in. They're gonna catch me if it's. Okay then by the end of and I actually these variables body starts looking at green and quick fix it's not that that's part. Fun and making it to be prepared and beaten. I had them you past the day grace. Russert that yeah. Well. And I'll different colors happening. And you end up with is beautiful ground stars. And so now it is that amazing. Thing. Adam out then. You should pay just a regular old student take to hoe hole then because their animals. Softer and easier still if they start greenman on the bottom like. Your darkest to be your biggest cases to basic that you. Now only to thank you want all green or even all Y eaters and so actually keep at that time yes. You should be playing time we I think I think another. And he even advocating abstinence barely trying now just immediately if not better at other times that it stacking patriot yeah. Yes and he got we have I'm yours and ours back you know there's no limit as long you. The Rockefeller the right sugar dignitaries. And let me just going down Cutler going into enamel later. An extra interest to what could be normal star killer mystery. Hanging in the star. Beautiful black yeah. Not to eat at starry. But that's where they Regis not little. Its star is accurate I crafts store even. And office story so let it stick. And where. We love days. How cute. Well here Anderson home anyways predicated stealing the ball. Like one K to be mixed there when he heard it stacked. How might that hurt. Itself by yes. Each other again. I am an accident. That he law. It. Christmas classic. Yeah. And now. That. You nightmare and I. Yeah holiday a little bit yeah I think and end at least 280. Depending on colored sugar. BE. Oh just past yeah. The. Well why not. Our waffle iron night and hot here and we had two different kinds of battery got Vanilla and chocolate meat and he wants to put them in the outlets. Palin. Any other students. Scoop off opt out. So is this like it did announce it doesn't matter at a few tablespoons really doesn't matter is being personal. The better when he's Christmas today. That guy right to top it sewer line and didn't matter to get a little bit like them are there. Options I may not. When it comes to blow you may have. I'm okay I figured I was it. And the Internet yes we have. And yeah. Never yeah I'll hear them. And her. I don't little thanks. Inside Iraq elements are taking big skills at. First and yeah. Yes regular. Asking not about inhaling chocolate. And do. That's right and I did that more are you I'm digging the and then. In membership or not. How tell me don't worry and sprinkle whichever the early morning. Service at four here. I think he if you are I want this to be an optimal. Mind you I've read if I want to optimal different Easter we have to go to Canada and I say yeah. I can't get ready president and this is going to be as typically he'd never seen more. How can it does this now do its banking telling me in it's gotta be tough like. When you're big. I just don't know how anyone would wind up with left over by the time you're supposed to serve them I now you know. It used to it. You can't. Yeah. These are pretty good here provides it like this are there. Companies money in I you know act. Really artsy and while that's. All of this is so fun. You. Either on. Exactly. Correct. Yeah morning America. Yeah. More can practice that you aren't paying rent what you T calories don't count on her. Neck that. It tries to be acts by high. Your top. So. Exciting for its yeah. Yeah. Try another Clinton exactly. Conveniently Alan Wright. And he's. But it's fun and that this is another good one to get the kids and earth because the other out and use the law or are you ready and Angry Birds sprinkler and our. Like that you forgot read your difference for yeah integrated exacerbated. An act blah. While we are here by all know I want to diminish because. You know it's important top fifty in the case. Parents because everybody see. What are some tips and take place that you have for folks who aren't bringing it hit. If anything I like you know. You want to get. Off teach them. Older he's happy and he. Really see it's. A lot Harris eat I eat it and there are her parents went. A little. Our elders. That she didn't eat but when you eat or and I think that I did everything. Cheney I have. Ever art. Show you know let's and I. Me that even the parent. To hammer out our on the tape trains will help can. Paying some of them especially trailer and excitement this you know access using an easy he sprinkles could go. Oh yeah all the yeah he's become friends with your vacuum cleaner than. I'm not. Yeah and and CE. They dessert yeah I'm pretty clear they. So now. I'm. Easy. ET. Shirts. It looked like they would like Al yeah the beautiful that Britney. Lindsay. Heidi that there. Share that would like that he once you. It's. Activists into my hand and then. That way now got just announce its star nice shady. And. Which are Cutler courts checker are we. Over. Elmhurst. Spilled over Obama with. Him. Italy friendly feel as Good Morning America says. I and he's looks like it all it really. And she may be easier. Asked me even nicer indentation and it helps you. I think he's the litmus and right just and it well. Day. Get a little more RC. Curb fat hairy awesome yeah X and that again Bernard for kids to. In the indentation let's just bring goal. On the martian air line ax. Its drag race and they. And an. Not. They're so pretty and not sell any. It even easier if you are totally. And keep track to whom it's patently act. A car. It just takes. But the bad. Lou OK yeah. I only evil and and it did. If you want to get frosting and immediately immediately tap eating act. Violence. Act like he's used free here lot act of campaign. Contrasting it. And then snit yes and no special equipment required you don't have to be professional and all of God's team not a little else than I think. Would you like I can't thank you for letting me Jewelers is known welcomed. Let him do anything. You. Even. Yeah. And she's hired an air closer to. Is that they say don't so that's around rotten. This is another great stop like Hitler for someone like me who have taken. The attacks. As I am attorney Clinton. News. And I'm beautiful actually happen. Later why did you know everything to me I did not and I liked it better myself glitter expert but I don't. Even now are. Sap is a little since recliner arguments. Just that little extra. He's also be nice actually written ears yeah Zeus the CE. ST yeah. New Year's is definitely like to sparkle ETR. Well yes exactly. How viable glitter well here I haven't actually you know. It's sunny. And yes I did it out. A little sparkle I. They view. Hunters ease your kindness. He is seeking free and keep thinking this is Lana what is at. What is there yeah. Pretty you know me exact. Please for folks who are watching and Nate jones' work accidentally or act. The recipes. Are. Arm. So much for is older for a little breakfast. Three. I just remind all of you. Eighth grade American Christmas cookies are still under way early leak out from our fine. Next there's. Some chest. Are. You Canada where an air space has and I SAB's. All right. These days we love. Thanks again today. It's all you want to remind everybody to send us your recipes and it's your videos and TV dot com on trust these out that's admirable letters really. I. You're outfit for a New Year's you know the next day. That would be they are okay thanks so much for watching this is Jennifer parenting and Parents Magazine. Look at them we'll see guys according to enact. Him.

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{"id":44063701,"title":"'GMA' Cookie Search Goes to Parents Magazine","duration":"15:19","description":"Go inside the Parents magazine test kitchen to learn how to add surprise twists to traditional holiday cookie recipes.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-cookie-search-parents-magazine-44063701","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}