$10 and Under Makeup Favorites

"GMA" "Dirty Little Secrets of Beauty" series helps you stay beautiful without breaking the bank.
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Transcript for $10 and Under Makeup Favorites
Who wants to break the bank doing so? Not me. Not Lara. Not ginger. Not Sara. So it's time to kick off our "Dirtily little secrets of beauty." We have asked the superstars to share their tips. It's all under $10. Nothing dirty about that. Nothing dirty. We all have our favorite beauty secreted. We wanted to hear what the pros do to look great and save money. Everyone wants to be beautiful. No one wants to drop a ton of money. We asked the in-house "Gma" makeup and hair fwrks urus and some professionals to share their tips and products under $10. We came straight to the master. Do you have beauty tips? Coconut oil. It works as hair conditioner, dry skin for your body. Warm water and salt. Five parts warm water. One part salt. In a pray bottle. Lit give you an automatic volu volumizing tonic. You can get that beachy feel in the hair and gargle it for a sore throat. Now to our "Gma" family. You work with robin every day. Any tricks? Yes, the makeup spatula. These bottles in a two to three week period. I don't like to waste anything. The pump won't get it. But the shach la sure enough will. When you want to wear your hair straight but keep the body in it. Here you just iron the tips and you have the pod up here. But it's straight. Brilliant. Just the tips. That's my tip. Lashes. Lashes open up the eyes. Does ginger wear lashes? Every day. My eye looks big person. Yes, it does. Now we have to do the other eye. I do have a dirty secret. Preparation H. It's the perfect thing for puff any pts turpd eyes. I wouldn't use it every morning. But it's good for emergencies. H emergencies only. Emergencies only and always afresh tube. I hope so. Let's bring in Tory Johnson for more inexpensive tips. Tory, thank you. We have some social thoughts here, people have questions. What can they -- They have amazing suggestions for us. Let's see. Carol Ann says vaseline on feet with sox before bed. Your feet will always be soft. Have used it for years. Do you free? This is ten bucks. It lasts a lifetime. When you put this on your feet and put sox over it, it allows you to wake up with healed feet. Instead of cracked heels, your feet are ready for spring. You're sliding away. We have another tip here. In social square. I love this slot machine. I feel like Vegas. You're not going to win money. I know. Apple cider vinegar for your skin. Add into your skin care regimen as a toner. So many amazing benefits. This is from an aestetician. It treats blemishes. How does it smell? It's not that bad. Especially if you put some on a cotton ball. You're not going to douse yourself in it. When you use a little bit. That's going to leave a mark, Amy. We have another one. Now we have -- roll 'em. Coffee grounds with Olay renewal dish soap does wonders for dead skin. To exfoliate your hands, it's amazing. I would use your own face cleanser and mix it with the coffee ground IFS you're going to put it on your face. Coffee is an amazing exfoliater. And lemon juice if the morning. This is like a beyonce thing. We sort of get to go beyonce. Really? Yikes. Maybe we can cut the camera. Throw to it you, George. Good luck with that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" \"Dirty Little Secrets of Beauty\" series helps you stay beautiful without breaking the bank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23125518","title":"$10 and Under Makeup Favorites","url":"/GMA/video/gma-dirty-secrets-beauty-makeup-favorites-10-23125518"}