'GMA' Investigates Baby Food Labels

Check the labels because often the name of an item does not reflect the main ingredient.
2:44 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for 'GMA' Investigates Baby Food Labels
Up next, "Gma" up vest Gates baby food. These popular pacts stock grocery store shelves. Is your child getting what you think they are in Paula Faris investigates. ? Good girl. Reporter: Babies love them. Parents do, too. How much do you rely on these pacts? Every day. Reporter: Sleek packaging. That organic stamp. And talk about convenient. This is the aisle where I get happy. Food on the go. It's healthy. "Gma inve Gates" looking at labeling. Wanting to know if what you see on the front is mainly what you get. Nicole Silber is a board certified pediatric kn nutritionist. Turn this around. The first ingredient is water. Carrots, corn pure. Pea pure. Organic ground chicken. Quinoa is the seventh ingredient. The fist ingreed yet makes up most of the prokt. They're listed in order of quantity. Reporter: The fda doesn't require food makers to say how much is used. Other baby food brands have similar labeling issues. "Gma" exclusively learned that the center for science and the public interest is now ordering plum organ ix to stop deceptive marketing. They say their labels meet all rimts. Water is used to make pures the right skins si. Apple is a popular ingreed yet. Organic apple pure. Apple. Ebb on products that don't list apple on the front label. Raspberry, spinach, and Greek yogurt. But the first ingredient is apple. Where is it on the front? They'll guzzle it down more. Reporter: Plum says they add apples because of texture, mild taste, and acidity. Not because they're sweet. For these moms, a new awareness. Were you surprised? A little bit. It's disappointing. Reporter: What's a parent to do? Read the labels closely. For "Good morning America," Paula Faris, ABC news, New York. Always read the label. Good advice. Thank you, Paula.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Check the labels because often the name of an item does not reflect the main ingredient.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30978255","title":"'GMA' Investigates Baby Food Labels","url":"/GMA/video/gma-investigates-baby-food-labels-30978255"}