'GMA LIVE!' (7.24.14)

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis and Tory Johnson enjoy cool mocktails for the hot summer.
10:53 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.24.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage and. Hello and welcome -- -- every live here on Good Morning America dot com where there's more GMA all day and we've got Tory Johnson and. I rarely get to do this -- this exciting I'm thrilled they you know for not being here. Did nothing TI nabbed but it's because he's not -- -- and you're here because you always bring the deals and deals. I -- -- -- there telling like hotcakes already. The riches a good thing we had a lot of solid Michael doing our segment this morning and -- it's funny because you that we're talking about. One and sort of the aboriginal women to sort of help people create their own it deals and steals if -- well Barbara Parker and -- shark -- shark the shark tank shark. We'll she has bought arguments deals I have featured. Some of the company's she's invested in in deals and steals and I was I loved last night in your world news theories that. Yeah her popping in there with that her brilliant real -- yet I got great advice and I actually every time I interviewed her she's wearing one of your deals and deals. The last time when I interviewed her she showed up with one of the handbags. She's an amazing woman she's an amazing woman who always. Tells it like it is which is why that you love interviewing her I let's hang you tell that like it is who's really -- -- candid she's great and she's got a great personality but a really great business track record behind her -- I don't I loved. I loved everything you're doing with the whole real estate series on world news right now but I love her pot. Not some sort of shying away from -- -- house she's like embrace. Ugly -- opponents like who said he may have an -- house. Okay we can make a lot of money your next one if they don't believe I'm by any ugly one make -- good you can make a lot of money and -- I know Diane was so impressed like yeah it's with turning around the house is so I. Address witness -- next thing we want to start with this this video with a little pop acts -- marbles new movie guardians of the galaxy made its big premiere this week. But it's -- Chris Pratt is gaining attention for a different type of superpower. Because during an interview on entertainment tonight with rob Marciano -- we all know is going to be joining us here on ABC -- -- -- couldn't resist showing off what have -- the man talents he French braided hair of one of the -- interns take a look. Though -- like that here it's very nice very nice so while you're doing that tells about Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park it's really plays like a sequel you know plays like Jurassic Park -- -- two years after the first one. Ten -- of them break preparing to interview not yet he didn't hear any Josh this is not embarrassing at all. So many seeing which I think I I could not do a French braid and not at all French bred right out in their right me neither -- -- it actually end up looking. Well it turns out while. The rest -- that its docking. You guys are impressed yet could you -- French -- like fat. Okay he didn't he better watch it he's going to be asked to do -- hair and acting in future it down but that's good that I am here on GMA next week to tell us more about the movie and also maybe he can I -- -- here he can French -- while he's here but there -- -- but -- behind enemy you know I -- give -- I pray that morning the Iraq of course obviously -- sell -- let's take a look at -- -- showcasing some skill or some -- do you decide. Here is -- Roberts improvising a mini golf shot. When the course got back staff and rather than avoiding this to me he goes right for at the bomb makes its way down the -- that -- -- he's already mastery going in that stream watch it is given. Can we fast part of the little bits that we don't have to take forever but -- again and -- -- that makes. Those sort of around the the fairway. And soon the Tennessee and way to go our way of Fauria and senior NSC it's gonna go right into a little cave watch this -- -- -- -- and then yeah. -- -- -- Fall in -- I mean he didn't ask -- when I initially tell -- it's of the to eat fancy editing in this tape. I don't know what can you believe I hope it bought lottery tickets that day -- what I think of that happening what are the chances of that happening. It's it's a very good call on your part to buy lottery ticket -- -- -- like that I'd say yeah. A deal. Deal previous deal yes -- also glad victorious here for this next story because it could either be a -- or steal or maybe both really for a limited time a group of five Paris hotels are allowing their gas to pay what they want. -- what they want for their -- France attract more tourists for year than any other country in the world in travelers they haven't complain about the high rates for tiny rooms so there are. Five hotels that are now willing to experiment. But by the owners being at night eve -- they may be be having reservations where they're asking for per. I want to know where these five are like I'm ready to pack my bags and go do this but I'm can click. Would you guys do that would you want to pay what you panic would be doing -- interviewed in New York. Which is it you know Nancy they hotel in New York right now out of Titanic agony -- -- -- to you haven't drank so. Just out of curiosity how much would you pay for your hotel room -- you're saying in New York. Fifty dollars -- Yeah. How many times that. All reports. Simoni -- yet -- I think I'm thinking it. Eddie doesn't -- fifty dollars here in New York for 50300. Dollar hotel room. You want it to you wonder if they nice looking place -- nice you actually haven't had you French. I'm ninth particular friend cat and her little French accent -- you can enjoy -- parents as well acted and well I'm interest in the idea what I like me about this to me it hit some of the concept of deals and Steel City -- I convince companies to sell these products at a deep deep discount in hopes of building a new pan -- generally tension in the relationship with somebody get that product and they love it they're gonna love it so much that it be willing to pay full price I don't and that definitely happens with -- deals are still reasons why it's been so hugely successful I don't know that the same translate. Its hotel hotel right -- -- is -- going back to that -- haven't isn't even magnified he once. Fifty dollars I really gonna go pay 500 dollars of that same -- probably not. I doubted him but I still mentions it yes Anderson meets these five hotel would -- got to go on a website it's a when -- in French to actually book. Sorry about that. That's -- Well -- apparently this summer at the featuring your backyard you can always enjoy the season with a nice cool drinks we've got cocktail designer John McCarthy. From bathtub gin and cedar local he is right here in New York City to show us. I had -- very. Happy with the I -- -- you do it how are you a line great we love you brought some cocktails with has become a bartender by the wind. Need to due to do that. Have to report card -- it you star I started as a bar -- -- you're lifting kegs they're caring nice up and down stairs and then little by little they like to make a buck soda. And they make it let's make a martini and the next thing you know I'm standing here with you guys. These are areas in the campaign -- -- -- the inspiration this and it that you read a weekly column comfort food and -- which requires. A lot of creativity coming up -- lot of new idea all the -- -- you that -- -- come from. Come from out out in the world out in the world than in honestly just. We -- travel alive today eat out alive I talked to people -- people give us ideas work it's a horrible horrible let's -- -- today but Andrew Kantor and travel traveling eating and drinking -- -- Get to meet cocktail okay. Because they look very interesting very fancy tell me about these invites what we have here we have our -- -- called mock tales so these are drinks. Minus the alcohol now -- -- to all of these things -- they're going to be fantastic for right now they're just refreshing. And abstract and you're driving you're allowed to drink that may have -- you can taste it wanted to taste and in the -- tell me what you think they are. -- -- -- -- -- We'll ask the question what goes on -- on how will black pepper. Like I told a new one -- little -- now to make it fancy making fun is this supposed to be lot of non guests thank goodness yeah. I don't. Yeah battle it out a couple of levels the water equipment that the black pepper gas and watermelons so -- so we -- -- make chairs by the way you are reading of the lender. -- -- slow and put it to a fine mesh strainer and you have what -- -- season. It's fabulous in it so interesting because typically don't -- think of -- crazy pick up. Frozen drink -- -- right now a lot that's going down that that is not a real -- we real Zachary is fresh cues. A little sweetener. And a good -- like the want to happen. What makes -- that -- -- this -- is -- age so it gets bodied character in minutes the group's goal is not -- filtered so that it makes it smooth. So it has body and -- character that's flavor. Sorry -- -- -- what you think that -- that's what this -- some it has been -- athletes and inventory per. Month. There's no knowing that that there's great -- and -- -- -- that what great that this is I'm a little lemon and have a little honey do. I do it -- you you can't take stock. I promise that any parent that we shared on the all these things -- lemon honey and been -- yet. And that fact that that -- -- district of ever made there's that there's a classic drink called the Ramos James is out of New Orleans that is egg whites. Clean -- blossom. -- lemon juice and you have to shake it for like fifteen minutes to multiply and give it all together that's probably hundreds more and how did you feel when you think it. I felt great thing. Presented with a gun and and I had to do it all over again and it was another fifteen minutes before it could make. Well thank you so much for making -- in her -- and have a yeah. And you can find everything on line and that's it for our candidate don't forget to log on abcnews.com. Slash live. That's at 945 today because -- -- coming up Freddie always follow -- on -- -- -- you can watch it right on your apple TV you've got more -- live coming up tomorrow at 9 AM eastern. And we can you give us a little hint of what we're gonna see -- real business real busy today -- you have now it. I don't get it anyway why not is like under the gold box ray Elliott what's a little -- tour live. So why he knows the secret right now we got here I'm actually out there is how -- real real life.

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