College Students Compete in Ultimate Dorm Room Race

Two competitive college students to put their “rooms” together to win a $200 Kohls gift card.
6:41 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for College Students Compete in Ultimate Dorm Room Race
What's the latest in dorm room yeah I'm I'd love us and super happy doing extra work. And -- remain have a lot of laughs you have to turn or kill. Let me be the competitive when she's only evil. Well that's a pretty heavy at a school let's let's let's introduce that -- that I -- I -- -- -- Charlotte and -- just saying that tops -- University of Tennessee. Love your volleyball team I would say to -- idea haven't all the applicants close okay Hillary the body in his day yet any how easy in the last time an intern running an intern I -- I was let me correct you and I and my -- don't have the talk about the trip you don't want your -- with a -- yes yes but I almost -- planet and today anchor. -- yeah. -- actually -- It definitely have been and Tanya that tightening TV there's a lesson for that -- -- basically the goal of thought that not everyone to do here we are we're comfortable with that because we are having a little. This -- -- competition. May -- sorry I'm supposed to meet participating districts sleep crying yes tell OK Brian Brian franchise screeners -- I'm very excited about this rematch disease who were very got very aggressive stance on various -- at the but -- -- -- so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a handful of things that a lot of the college kids have to do in their dorm -- -- young people -- -- young in Seattle and so what we're gonna do is the first they've they've been walk through what they're going to be doing so what we'll do is. We're gonna -- Undo this -- -- out -- excited hats off. And all the month so we'll see actually how good they are holding them OK so they'll with -- combined competition combined competition we're gonna have one person go at a time obviously we only have. One dead and -- one. Everything so then we're gonna come over here we're gonna grab the backpack they're gonna put the backpack on you gotta go to class right -- make the coffee. Those aren't that on the cure -- right and then they're gonna set up this chairs each one of them has their own shares okay. And it's called the butterfly chair -- spot to chill and lounge and you know and when we're young people do -- that's what they do apparently the that's up from -- the yeah yeah yeah. And then they're gonna hop in their nice desk chair -- has all these supports on them. And then they're gonna finish. Back at the bed that's what I all right art but I see how -- see how they -- and what are they doing its British got -- -- -- -- there is bias and -- -- lives. This lovely 200 dollar gift card from our sponsor not -- A little taken -- OK yeah. -- -- -- -- Isn't it did little to you get out of the way yeah yeah. -- -- and immigrants -- yeah. SA IR do we start do we can't really get you -- -- college college ready folding sheets and a new Intel got. Okay yourself -- you never made it before I'll have a I didn't want your -- flashing signs and yes I get -- teacher not a conflict. That's what you then you have this can't -- the fitted -- -- -- they hated Israelis. Period. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. It. -- That's just dumber be violent got a hold of one but got little -- hello and we'll do we'll do little mom yeah. We're treating this like the army we didn't take your cheap Japanese college of we -- ever make -- -- college that's. Yeah. You are literally you know -- that -- -- -- -- stripping the second and it's not all passed out. But I don't. -- -- -- Don't read my -- care. My -- part of -- Elliott. Plowed ahead -- the man couldn't really. Don't know how good -- look at thirtieth. Yeah. One on 9/11 obviously the spending and large you are gonna take -- when he did -- make -- -- -- who. I never meet my betting college I just handling the movie bedspread over rising enough -- -- sheets got -- and I've watched them in my opponent may hold the side of Griffin Hossa had a much better yeah but I'm okay -- and -- This saves you cheer for the victory might want to illegally evil here is tough defended the bed to a new level. I let me clear this up how many sheets news you want me -- What is caller -- -- that I might take me. -- not be illegal federal World Cup and oh yeah that's that the okay -- growth. A little I want you talk like you're doing is you don't get -- Collins I do make my that it goes yeah I'm so you see me now -- OCD -- yet -- so -- BI can't leave the room without like. Making sure everything is fifteen clean finally here not feeding into that -- in -- right now I'm busy yeah. Your roommate. On very happy about that and how is totally -- but they also an anatomy because idea is headed down. Particularly in thirteen like don't be dirty cleanup -- your mom make it making make your bed throwing out no she didn't actually. I'll say your acting out like I wanna be different than what I. You're not -- I don't know my life's little bit here. And you don't start with the Fed's meeting -- -- hours aren't supposedly at peace they're just good and I had the yeah. Yeah okay. Talk behind Bobby -- and may god -- sit down and and we I'm gonna sit down an icy wet incitement to Tehran had again. You don't have yeah. Yeah everybody yeah. Yeah. -- -- All but here -- some differences in their performance bad artery into your house made I would not expect down the it -- no one else it would have brought me up on the -- and it happened near folding with a hearing thank you -- play. CD very sad news this. Yeah ahead let's look haven't split the winnings yeah IRA there enough Leyland -- -- -- -- Now they need. So nice and big -- ethical right at -- for sponsoring this whole. Outstanding event and the -- for eyewitness any moment last time -- -- competition like that be honest look back at camp broke up obviously a definite.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"Two competitive college students to put their “rooms” together to win a $200 Kohls gift card.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24739054","title":"College Students Compete in Ultimate Dorm Room Race","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-college-students-compete-ultimate-dorm-room-24739054"}