'GMA' lunch break with Gramercy Tavern chef

Michael Anthony, the executive chef at Gramercy Tavern, shows ABC News' Jesse Palmer how to make a ginger swizzle drink.
4:24 | 02/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' lunch break with Gramercy Tavern chef
The film group and to me that should Michael Anthony Johnson Palmer here needs change rooms a lot cooler. There's alcohol. So we were a couple recipes inside the kitchen some delicious food and recipes from he's for vegetables or. This district that's actually hear a victory. It's coach interest whistle. It's super refreshing. It's made you know with effusive welcome. Ingredients we're a little bit of trash bins. Are part tenors drop into the clouds here and dictating a little splash. Room. In a minute statistics make this every day course actually work and that's. Let's does that happen let's an ounce can whether it's mom who really alcoholic. On treatment that's why people like you. So much because it has you know just in nice refreshing kind of we queue up. Quality and then you know just can't take like three quarters of an ounce. This fresh squeezed. Lime juice and yet he certainly we have an ice machine has little outlets. It's crushed so little place. And and what that that helps that's Fitzgibbon nice little. Muddling Indians just kind squashing their. Very similar things. Low pressure during an adequate putting them on the use of the data. Definitely an up and youth and a little bit of liquid at the bottom of. I think it's a little flavor going on a minute take ginger beer. This happens to be it. Favorite brand and you know films last that about half way we'll give it a little place. Intrigue continues that cool off this week. Got this tool from art art. Which halt its whipple's. And as things like some. Ancient. Artifacts. And that short the job you get right on him there. Then you. Didn't give it a little twisting action them and every. This is currently the fire for. And that's with accomplishing their early mixing that freedom. Keep the whole area the drinks starts. Move up and down that's like today makes it lends you know really that went to connect. Twice. And a little tough about a little more question. Nuclear. And you know what's familiar you're playing in twenty James Beard awards. We are working kitchen. But we're fine actors theater where the Sparky. Who. Garnish. And that's that injures little. Who Exelixis is a faith two. Yeah. Its importance it's it's refreshing directness there's there's not a huge fighter can I personally. But. That's that's very very it's very light it's great power. That would be outstanding. That's great. Unless I really appreciate your time that you just incredible work everybody obviously you know all the recipes there. This these neighbors with the congress bureaucracy follow prompts you do it it's this kind that it a couple of minutes flat no problem. This is outstanding. The recipes you can define its purpose was the second cookbook. Peachtree yet. All the great work legitimacy ours that's fantastic find out more about that we appreciate you so much for joining us here. Budget analyst Jason thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Michael Anthony, the executive chef at Gramercy Tavern, shows ABC News' Jesse Palmer how to make a ginger swizzle drink.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45518035","title":"'GMA' lunch break with Gramercy Tavern chef","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lunch-break-gramercy-tavern-chef-45518035"}