Golden Globe Nomination Highlights

Entertainment Weekly's Jess Cagle gives highlights from the recently announced nominations.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for Golden Globe Nomination Highlights
Award season off to a running start in hollywood. The nominations for the 71st golden globes came in just moments ago. Here with the highlights and the lowdown, jess cagle, editor of "entertainment weekly." And the new issue has the host, tina fey? Tina fey and amy poehler are guest editors this week. They did work. And they were actually funny. Are you? Don't buy that thing. It's fantastic. It's great. Let's get down to the nomination. Best actress in a dramatic tv series. They're being announced as we speak. But claire danes was not nominated for "homeland." She won last year. That was really shocking. Michelle dockery from "downton abbey" nominated. Julianna margulies. Kerry washington. Robin wright. But some of the standbys were shutout for taylor schilling, who is on "orange is the new black." If your show has the word black in it, you're in. Comedy series, a newcomer. "Brooklyn nine-nine." That was nominated. I expected "arrested development" to make a big showing for netflix. And it did not get nominated. We have "the big bang theory." "Girls" nominated again. "Modern family." I know you're happy about that. I was disappointed that "veep" was not nominated. How is it not nominated? Julia louis-dreyfus was nominated for actress. The series is so good. They learn new words. Sure, jess. Looking at the films now. "American hustle," "saving mr. Banks." We've been talking about them on the show. We're in the comedy/drama zone. There's an incredible gray area now. Exactly. From straight comedies or dramas. All of the potential nominees for best comedy, one of them were a comedy. We'll have them in a second. There's not one single -- among the nominees, "american hustle." That's kind of funny. "August: Osage county." That's not -- terrific movies. It didn't get the nod. It's on my potential list. I put it down as -- look out for it. It's kind of a comedy. We'll see how that one goes. Who decides where it falls? The studios strategize. If they have a movie they feel like -- I feel we could get a nomination in the comedy category, not the drama category, they will push for that. But then, the hollywood foreign press association can sometimes say to them and say, we think this should be in the other category. The great thing about the golden globes, for me, it doesn't do what the oscars tries. To say best movie. It allows for two films. Worthy films. Especially since the academy tends to frown on comedies straight. Exactly. I love that they honor comedies. This year, a lot of the comedies are not all that funny. Best supporting actor in a series, miniseries or tv movie. So far, it's not looking good for "homeland." But aaron paul for "breaking bad." I think you're going to see a lot of love for "breaking bad." Rob lowe. He was great in that. "The good wife" doing well this morning. Josh charles got nominated for that. And I love corey stoll in "house of cards." He's phenomenal. He might not be back. I don't know if we'll be seeing him again. But he was good in that show. Best actor comedy tv series. Oh, in comedy. Jason bateman from "arrested development." Even though the show didn't get nominated, he did. Great straight man. There's nobody better. There's just nobody better. Don cheadle from "house of lies." Michael j. Fox, no surprise there. Also, andy samberg from "brooklyn nine-nine." That's the tv side of it. We're going to delve into the movie side of the golden globe nominations, when we come back. Stick around. CC1 Test message Test Text1 underline Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain Back, now, with the golden globe nominations for film. "American hustle" leads the golden globe nominations with seven each. Jess, let's start out, jess cagle from "entertainment weekly." Best picture drama. 12 years a slave." "American hustle" in the comedy category. Those are the two movies that i think are making strong showings and looking good. 12 years a slave." "Captain phillips." "Gravity," no surprise there. Two other little movies. "Philomena." Judi dench, fantastic movie. And the hollywood foreign press association loves that film. They love judi dench. And also, "rush," the ron howard movie about racing is another one -- it has not gotten a lot of critics -- and about f-1, which is popular outside of the united states. Yes. It's about a foreign race. The foreign press association. All makes sense. Best picture? Comedy, "american hustle," again. Not a comedy. But glad it got nominated. Joaquin phoenix, who else but

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