Grand Central Terminal Commuters Asked to Impromptu Dance-Off

Walgreens hosts "Dancing With the Stars" event at famed NYC train station.
2:30 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Grand Central Terminal Commuters Asked to Impromptu Dance-Off
Michael as we countdown -- the big Dancing With The Stars finale tonight there is a huge event going on right now -- Grand Central Terminal in New York City. And ABC's Sara Haines is -- are good morning. Good morning our sponsor Walgreens is beginning dancing tips on Good Morning America dot com. All season long now coast to coast they want everyone to get happy -- healthy -- getting up on their feet and dancing. So we're hearing Grand Central right now where we've been stopping commuters. They're not -- right now believe actually been getting them to -- -- their moves on the way to work. I'll be back in the next half hour it. Leaving Unamsil and I might get a ticket with him on -- -- -- and well you -- -- heard a little show called Dancing With The Stars finale happens tonight well this morning we have a very unique dancing event that's going on. Right now what's happening live let's get back to ABC's Erin Hayes who is a New York's Grand Central Terminal -- I really kind of flopped down into the middle of Dancing With The Stars right here in Grand Central station faces a Walgreens spreading the message that. People are happy and healthy when they get up and dance. There's even a fueling -- over here at you wanna grab some snacks keep your energy up. There's a photo -- rethinking the virtual picture -- the mirror ball trophy right now like you to interviews the legendary. And could. Sorry I just money they'll let it can't come on -- -- and -- get it exactly I don't really it and still we know and love and see why it's important. People up again. It is so important that this is the healthiest born healthy exercise. And although -- all things -- ourselves doing these lifts Sundance with the stars doing out freestyles. It is is the most fun way to work out it's a word got in the skies and everybody should be doing it also -- Nancy is great to bring back. The romance into my parents. And that was happening and a warning that it could -- he -- -- -- disguising his goal of gratitude and that's what can -- until they mandates that can happen to anyone. So he's now if I don't see how this tell me -- seeing how -- I don't follow. When it's like an X ray is all -- -- turned back well you are a little bit of the negligent or go to get better I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah you don't. Wow I get there -- surprise there are right the exciting it's even more exciting tonight guys did with the stars to our finale. At 9 eastern 8 central only on eight DC.

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{"id":23792411,"title":"Grand Central Terminal Commuters Asked to Impromptu Dance-Off","duration":"2:30","description":"Walgreens hosts \"Dancing With the Stars\" event at famed NYC train station.","url":"/GMA/video/grand-central-terminal-commuters-asked-impromptu-dance-off-23792411","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}