"The Great Food Truck Race" Brings Battle to Times Square

Two teams are given 45 minutes to prepare perfection on a plate live on "GMA."
3:14 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for "The Great Food Truck Race" Brings Battle to Times Square
-- the winner of our gold and -- truck challenge we gave these -- -- -- 45 minutes to come up with some great. It's a neck and neck race I can tell you that we have. Brooklyn's -- photos. Philly's finest and -- yeah. -- networks the great food truck race let's take a look at what they had. First of all. Do you -- but it isn't dean around is we have Linda -- -- And Victoria feel friends yes I write and joining us hear from Billy Eric Johnson -- donor Christchurch G. All right before we taste and get a winner. Let's talk first of -- Ali did you guys all worked in the food business prior to the show but yet decided to hang about the go into business for yourself as husband. That's pretty amazing victory wildest thing you've got to do so far in shooting the. Reading this season I didn't really -- -- yeah. Candidate Ed Henry crazy thing that happens. We were -- just. Doesn't mean it's a bowl full schedule for three childhood buddies like -- -- hasn't been hasn't been good. Been amazing -- party. -- -- seven years they've not been in contact -- -- Zamboni that's your answer personal creation what exactly goes into the perfect Zamboni -- is not just that -- think it's any great sailors were put our cheese -- and -- -- the role. This golf displayed Saddam that you can travel -- in the courtroom -- -- -- -- -- -- executives of meat to the. To -- all right it is time to crown -- there -- -- only one can't help but still it along with -- and ginger and -- Yeah. Mark and I like -- I tried. As did -- take -- -- wait for me at one point. I have to say the hot. -- -- -- don't get me wrong girl power. He's talked to eat. And she. It's like a classic Philly cheese steak and I was home. At. My life and it's like yeah live in the moment I want you know in the moment -- -- I'm speeds. Okay -- is not did tell. We've got guys -- -- not anybody in this regard it had his moments of the but I know we were talking aside it was it's it was close it was now. You're telling him there's so many layers of -- and the Bonnie Jansen and I didn't put them but isn't it Ryan. It's solid and it's -- just who have parted. -- -- -- -- -- He's day Tuesday bad -- I have doubled that volume that. To -- -- teams they're coming up fourth season of the green boots not recent premiere Sunday August 18. On the Food Network recipes for these right now Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! congratulations.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Two teams are given 45 minutes to prepare perfection on a plate live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19968183","title":"\"The Great Food Truck Race\" Brings Battle to Times Square","url":"/GMA/video/great-food-truck-race-brings-battle-times-square-19968183"}