Guy Fieri's Grilled Pork-on-Pork Kebabs

The famous chef grills up a delicious fall feast and discusses his new show, "Guy's Grocery Games."
2:49 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Guy Fieri's Grilled Pork-on-Pork Kebabs
Our neighbor from down the block. What do you think? I want to take a ride after the show. When you get as many groceries as I get, you have to have a cart like that. Let's get to "guy's grocery games." Tell us about it. If you love "supermarket sweep," where people grab stuff and score money, this is that times 1 million. Three chefs, race through the aisles, grab the groceries. You can't use more than five items to make a dish. You can't spend more than 6 bucks to make dinner for four. All these trials and tribulations go on. The winner after the competition gets a chance to shop for 20,000 bucks. You want to see competition, on the edge of your seat, watch the show. Real-life cooking competitively. We've all shopped in the grocery store. And here's one of my favorites. Closing time. Three minutes to get it all. We barely have three minutes. I know. We're doing kebabs. Grilling time. Everyone loves pork loin. But there's not a lot of flavor to it because there's no fat. We're going to wrap it in some bacon. We bring that over the top. We brian the pork ahead of time. This really is pork on pork. This is pork on pork. I'm glad you get the concept. Over the top. Hit this. Now, we throw it on to the grill. When it goes on the grill, i have a fantastic little basting sauce here, with whole grain mustard. Can I get our fusion anchors in here, please? Get in here. They're going to be premiering. And -- the cooking segment is what it's all about. Yeah. I'm glad that I made enough for 90 people. I have to feed the audience. Let me get you some of the warm ones here. Try this out. Okay. You want a warm one, too. And this also -- now, the healthy component of this is the solid. I don't know if you're a farro fan. It's one of the greatest grains in the world. Citrus to it. And fresh fruit. What do you think of that, huh? Stand over here. I'm kicking it over to you. I have to get a piece -- you got it? You got it? What do you think? Turns out, it's delicious. No shock. If you don't want to cook this at home, guy's america is right down the street. Go there, we'll have it for you. Premieres this sunday. Food network. All these recipes and a whole lot more on our website, goodmorningamerica.Com. Friend of the program, guy fieri.

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{"id":20596677,"title":"Guy Fieri's Grilled Pork-on-Pork Kebabs","duration":"2:49","description":"The famous chef grills up a delicious fall feast and discusses his new show, \"Guy's Grocery Games.\"","url":"/GMA/video/guy-fieris-grilled-pork-pork-kebabs-20596677","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}