Harvey Weinstein sues the Weinstein Co.

Weinstein has sued the studio he co-founded for access to his records as he mounts a legal defense for himself in light of sexual misconduct allegations.
3:16 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein sues the Weinstein Co.
This new fallout following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. This morning we are learning Weinstein is now suing his own former company and our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams is here with those details. Harvey Weinstein suing to gain access to e-mails he sent and received but what -- is it a valid argument to say he wants his own e-mails back. I'm sitting here with my jaw dropped after listingen to that piece on Toback. Those details, I can't even focus on the Harvey Weinstein for a moment. Getting back to the legal issue, Harvey Weinstein is suingp his own company saying I want the personnel file on me. I want my old e-mails. Now, people forget when you send e-mails from your company e-mail, even when you're one of the owners of the company, the company owns those e-mails. So he's now saying, how can I defend myself in any of these lawsuits? How can I help defend the company if I can't see potentially exculpatory e-mails that could help and the company's response is, at least from the company's perspective no thank you. We don't want your help in defending these cases. It's not going to be easy. In particular because one of the argument he's making is I want my personnel file so I can sue you. And the company's perspective is, of course, that's not going to happen. Now if there are lawsuits and specific lawsuits, he may be able to request and get in the context of discovery particular e-mails, he may be able to get specifics from his personnel file, but right now, he's just asking for access to everything which I think is very unlikely. Can you explain just so people can understand that Weinstein doesn't own his own e-mails even though he was an owner in the company. That's right. Because again he still has an employment contract even as one of the people who run the company and has a fiduciary obligation to the board and to the investors and to all those other people. And as a result, he can't just take the e-mails with him. Now, if he had been smart and I would recommend this by the way to anyone putting aside sexual harassment if you work at a company any e-mails you send belong to the company. Use your personal e-mail. This isn't intended to give Harvey Weinstein advice. This is for everybody else. In terms of using your personal e-mail because if you leave a company, the company gets to keep all of those e-mails that you sent and received on your company e-mail. And that's what's happened here to Harvey Weinstein and apparently he says, all of the e-mails that he sent, all were from the company e-mail account so there is a ton of information on those e-mails. We're seeing here the Weinstein company facing such huge legal fallout whether it's even going to stay in this. We're seeing it across the board right now as you see companies cut ties with anyone accused of sexual harassment. They're trying to avoid any kind of legal action. Look, their position is, we fired you. You don't now have a result to get access to this information. But no question, you're seeing companies cut ties and I will tell you something, we're going to see more heads roll in the next, I would say, two to three months. There are going to be other big name people in media and entertainment who are going to come down as a result of these kinds of investigations. Wow. Absolutely true. All right. Dan, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Weinstein has sued the studio he co-founded for access to his records as he mounts a legal defense for himself in light of sexual misconduct allegations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50757893","title":"Harvey Weinstein sues the Weinstein Co.","url":"/GMA/video/harvey-weinstein-sues-weinstein-50757893"}