High School Soccer Player Recruited for Football Team

Soccer player Ashton White earned a place on her high school's football team, and can a GPS-enabled purse help curb compulsive shoppers' habits?
8:33 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for High School Soccer Player Recruited for Football Team
that, we all have a to do list. You saw them working on the models and get it right, do this, do that. There's a new study showing something about to do lists and letting other people know you about your list to help you accomplish this thing. You remember this movie. Sarah Jessica parker's "I don't know how she does it." The list, Emily's birthday party theme, pirates or pop stars. Things to buy, paper towel, toothpaste. Pork chops. Jedd's birthday gift, play date for Emily with that kid that bites. Refill washer fluid. Shouldn't that be on Richard's list. Who am I kidding. Richard doesn't have a list. We all relate to that I know I can. "New York" magazine article says you should post it. You should put it up there. No, you should not. George, you get your list together. I want to see your list and I'll help you accomplish your list. I'm going to remind you. I'm going to encourage you. Into thank you. Just so you know. I do the list every morning but -- not post it for everybody to see. How about a chat with just your friends. Would you do that. I don't think they care that much about it. I didn't want to say that but -- There's an app called complete. It's a community of your friends and get on and accomplish goals and they encourage each other and I'm wearing a fit. Bit. Have that at the office. Ten producers who are on -- I'm wearing one of the producer's fitbit because she's in the challenge and I'm walking for her right now. But they -- when you look at it, she showed me and Sara showed me and I'm going, man, you better start walking like you're behind. I could see how it would work with exercise. I'm going to get my grocery list done. I mean I don't know about competing about that. I'll e-mail and say did you get the eggs. I got my eggs. I don't know. So we're a little divided here. Let's take a look at this photo. It's going viral. And there you see that man, he didn't know little Luke there 20 months old. Yeah. But he put him on his shoulder. Luke was having a bad flight. His mom pregnant flying with him alone going crazy and this man came up, took him walking for 15 minutes up and down. The plane even took put him to sleep so the whole plane was happy about that. It's been shared I guess 93,000 times on Facebook so far. A great story. Adorable. Who flew here? Who took a flight here and you know how sometimes when you see a baby, can't we be a little more forgiving? We've all been there, you know, got to be -- The stress of a mom walking on a plane with a baby crying and you know they're cranky. It's the worst -- you feel like the worst person in the world and you can't do anything. She said her babe is normally very good. Just having a bad day. Ali has done that. Where she takes the baby and it's great for her too. She misses having the baby. Then she gets to give the babe back. Always a good thing. The parents are anxious too. When you have kids you kind of understand how to be a little more patient. But look. That's a sweet picture. You know it's fashion week. All sorts of innovative things. We found something that is something we might want to do when we're going out shopping. A perfect way to save while you're walking the streets you might be tempted. I'll explain. Check out this bag. We'll bring it out right now. It's called the bag 2 which claims to help cure impulse spending. Here it is right here. It's actually really heavy and this is going to be shown Sunday night on fashion week. They're looking into making it for men, as well. Apparently when you get near something you put in that is an impulse zone shopping area for you -- Danger zone. Danger zone, when you get close to it. It starts to buzz then it locks and you can't get your Thursday open. You can't open your purse. So I -- I want to know where your -- like danger zone is. Do you guys know where maybe you'd have to put the lock on. You know, I'm -- the checkout. Are you like that. When I go to the checkout. I look around and I'm like -- things I don't need. Mine is the desktop. It's just the buying online. That's what it is. Lock your computer. If I get anywhere near Woodbury common, the outlet mall there -- Mine is pretty much anywhere. I have a problem. You are a shopper. I am. He really is. I have a problem. How much is that? Well, see, here's the catch. It's $5,000. Well, that's impulsive. You have to spend money to save money. Apparently. Not only that most women want more than one bag so have to buy multiples. $5,000. Yes, but the technology I guess is just that. Also it's a workout. This thing is heavy. Okay, speaking of workout. Speaking of workout are you ready for some football? NFL. Well, you are going to need a young woman named Ashton white from newton, Alabama, she's a kicker on the football team there in her school. She is a kicker. Look at her. Ashton is joining us now. There she is. Say, Ashton, how are you doing this morning, good morning. I'm great. How are you? We're doing wonderful. So tell us wasn't it the football coach you? Play soccer and there's not a soccer team at your school. And the football coach there said, Heys you want to try out? How did that happen? Well, he was just -- he wanted me to start a soccer team and we don't have a soccer team so he just said, you can be our kicker and we came out here and tried it and when he told the boys, they thought it was a joke but I came out one day and I kicked for them and they were really happy about it. Yeah, they were. They said after you made field goal after field goal after field goal they said, yeah, she's our kicker. Tell us what you did in the first game last week. How many point afters did you make? I went 6 for 7. 6 for 7. Wow. All right! Come on. Yeah. Come on, Michael. It's all about -- I'll be honest. We could have used you. So what is your goal on the football team? What is it that you have set for yourself. Don't post it for others to see. What is your goal you have for yourself? I just really want to help the team out. There you go. That's perfect. Nice. Oh. Hey, Ashton, Ashton are you going to show us some of your stuff and kick one for us? Of course. Who is that with you right now? Who is that? That's your brother, right. He's my brother so -- He's on the team. Yes, ma'am. All right, no pressure. Just America is watching, Ashton. All right. Here we go. So close. Oh. All right. One more time. Look at that. Here you go. She just is warming up. Great form she has. Oh, she's not using to having those Mikes on. Whoo. Way to go. I think -- Nice job there. It's the one job at practice, those guys don't stay out there. They don't bang into each other like everybody else does but once the game rolls around, you want to be a kicker for practice but during the game you don't want to be the kicker because all the pressure falls on you and we saw it -- we saw it last night in the game last might. I know. We did. Ashton, you want to say how your teammates and how everybody, your school has rallied around you. Do you feel the support out there, Ashton? I definitely do and I have the coaches and my team to thank for it. Well, you are proving why. Because you know what, you are good at what you do. You have the right spirit and another game tonight? Who are you playing? Yes, ma'am. Op. Op. Well, we wish you all the best, Ashton. Thanks so much and thank your brother too for coming out early this morning. Now get to class. Thank you. All right. Good luck tonight.

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{"duration":"8:33","description":"Soccer player Ashton White earned a place on her high school's football team, and can a GPS-enabled purse help curb compulsive shoppers' habits?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41962763","title":"High School Soccer Player Recruited for Football Team","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-soccer-player-recruited-football-team-41962763"}