5 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Liz Gumbinner shares some of the latest and greatest gifts for the tech-lovers in your life.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 5 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List
Talk about techie techie fun fun because. -- -- on the table we all love to -- and Hannity everything on the table is under a hundred dollars could not being fat cat toys toys have to be like big screen TVs and there's so much cool stuff at great prices right now have this spot in the they'll what -- us. The -- -- -- this is so -- Everybody is number one -- -- reckless and get -- -- my access -- this is a way to help keep track of your fitness goals because it takes the track. The steps -- taken during the day. How well your sleeping at night your calories with her next album. Very similar what what is what's different about it. Well it's. It's 99 dollars that it met that target and the chick is it what's really cool about it is -- people are giving us like his and hers yes. I'll bet that all of can use -- to -- and kind. Yeah like -- a couple of -- I think that's great kids have to get a reaction. -- this -- been our top. Recommended first tablet for kids for the last year's equivalent tech it's called the -- junior 99 dollars for forgy. And that she says. It's a fully functioning android tablet to you confusing yourself and look at the thing -- like pretty much indestructible can that's what you wanna get. Like -- sex a preschool and then with the wireless speaker at a -- and he says when I needed him this morning yeah Bluetooth speaker I've never seen 140 dollars -- but the Cannes is great. -- nothing if -- loud in the small space media like for an offense really good bargain deals -- stocking -- OK and then you guys trying to help let's do city. The little that yeah into the sound or -- a lot of people not they don't want to put their phones right up to their ear because of the radiation fears. This is really wonderful because the axis -- speaker you don't need any kind of flew to interconnectivity just put your phone right on it and it works. To play music or -- -- conference call. Pretty Smart. And it's 39 dollars I have no idea how funny and I -- and I guess just getting out and finally this is the most exciting. This lady you're gonna say that it is called the shadow of rocket of printing copies in its very heart could you either get your arm and right or you -- the -- right -- this pairs of your thumb me down let me ask yet and we just like ticket -- And it comes up -- explain whether it's from -- government can at all it's awesome it's twenty point 99 you can get a bit excited aren't they places like by the judge of. Lindsay have made every teenager and myself very happy and -- -- Critics into. Drugging and they can't get more information on the -- get other great Indians protect -- -- checking -- cool -- tech dot com. And that we do want to remind everyone too -- to get involved in our coat drive by donating your local Burlington -- -- you know. -- they could take yourself he's with this thing. He didn't ring and deadly youth coaches got tickets or even by a friend -- either way -- generosity will go a long long way for someone who didn't need this holiday season.

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{"id":21175617,"title":"5 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List","duration":"3:00","description":"Liz Gumbinner shares some of the latest and greatest gifts for the tech-lovers in your life.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-gift-guide-christmas-gift-ideas-holiday-tech-21175617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}