House Fire Survival Tips You Must Know

ABC News' Alex Perez reviews top tips that could save your life during a devastating house fire.
2:36 | 01/26/15

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Transcript for House Fire Survival Tips You Must Know
"Gma" investigate house fires. New homes with modern floor plans may be more vulnerable. What can you do to avoid a disaster? ABC's Alex Perez has the story. Reporter: Raging flames ripping through your home. A terrifying sight we hope we'll never have to experience. Last week a five-alarm fire destroying this apartment complex in New Jersey leaving more than 1,000 people without homes. That fire ruled accidental but experts say fighting fires are more challenging than before. Fires burning faster. You used to have as much as 17 minutes to get out of your home. Now we're looking at 3 minutes or less. Reporter: Experts point to the synthetic material in our homes as one reason. Today our homes are filled with synthetic materials burning faster. Reporter: And open floor plans. As you have line of sight, the fire does, too. Reporter: "Gma" invest Gates as the fire investigators does a series of tests to determine how firefighters can better battle blazes. On this day testing scenarios on two different homes. First the traditional ranch one-story and the smoke moving from room to room and each wall delaying the fire's progress. Now the modern open floor plan. Smoke quickly rising to the second floor. You can see flames shooting from the window in nine minutes. The temperature, 1,400 degrees. Dozens of firefighters from across the country. The task giving them important data and you one important message. The critical component is the oxygen. As soon as you close that door, you cut off the fire source of oxygen. Reporter: One of the biggest mistakes is not shutting the door behind them. If you don't close a door, it's burning your own house down. You need to remember to close your door at night. If your children are sleeping at night having the closed door could save their life. Reporter: And check the tags to paying sure products go under fire testing before you purchase. When buying building material, the more dense, solid and heavy, the more fire-resill subsequent and always have a designated escape plan with two exits in every room and meeting place outside. For "Good morning America" Alex Perez, ABC news, Chicago. Shut that door.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez reviews top tips that could save your life during a devastating house fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28484068","title":"House Fire Survival Tips You Must Know","url":"/GMA/video/house-fire-survival-tips-28484068"}