Hugh Jackman Finds Wolverine Character 'Eternally Fascinating'

The "X-Men" star returns as Wolverine in a new epic adventure set in Japan.
2:06 | 07/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hugh Jackman Finds Wolverine Character 'Eternally Fascinating'
Five have become six. Hugh jackman here. "The wolverine" opens in theaters this friday. Eat's great to be on the desk. The panel. Good to have you back. Yeah. I like this. Very good. You know, once upon a time, conni conni comic-con was for the hard-core. And you just returned there. It's where actors go to be rock stars. Exactly. There's nothing like it on the planet. And I read that bryan cranston got around by wearing a bryan cranston mask. I should have walked around in full costume because I saw -- i saw 50 people that look more like me than me. How many wolverines were there? So many. And I'm sure if I walked in, they would have gone -- it is ib credible. It's a great thing. I've been going there for many years. I remember talking to you with the first "wolverine," way back when. This is a character, that your eyes sparkle when you talk about. What is it about this movie? This character? This drama? I would be say lying if i said that I chose that role. But I happened to find this character that is eternally fascinating to me. He's cool. He's every actors' dream. It's a lot of action. There's a little romance. More romance than this one. I haven't told my wife about yet. Actually, my kids are starting to admit that it's cool. Oh, good. You finally made it. I said, what did you think of the movie? Awesome. It opens this friday. Very excited for it nationwide.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"The \"X-Men\" star returns as Wolverine in a new epic adventure set in Japan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19757790","title":"Hugh Jackman Finds Wolverine Character 'Eternally Fascinating'","url":"/GMA/video/hugh-jackman-finds-wolverine-character-eternally-fascinating-19757790"}