Idris Elba on marriage: 'You never know what might happen'

"The Dark Tower" actor said he's "been there, done that" but added, "you can never say never."
5:24 | 08/01/17

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Transcript for Idris Elba on marriage: 'You never know what might happen'
We have a new special guest here at the table, "The dark tower" star, Idris Elba. What's up? How are you? I want to be the new guy. The new anchor. Yes. Very comfortable when he sat down here. Yeah. You got enough going on. I'm just not a morning guy. I'm too grumpy. That won't work. Good morning, America. That would be a problem. Congratulations on everything. Also he's on the cover of "Esqui "Esquire" and "Essence." Yes. Thank you. Directing. Yes, I did. I did. And starring in this one. Kick boxer and you sing and everything. I don't sing. I rap. You rap. It's okay. We saw a little about that. How do you keep it all together? You know what, I'm thankful I have a great team that look after me and try to pull all my pieces together but life is for living so I love being busy and doing things and I'm so fortunate, you know, making films is a great career but my deejay, I love doing that, filmmaking is a natural progression. I love how life is for living. I want to ask about the "Essence" but you mentioned deejaying. You literally are at -- you deejay big events. I love that. All the time, baby. Oh. Hands in the air. Look at you. Life is more living. Idris Elba, a new show. Definitely. Before the acting? I was deejaying at 14 years old. It was my first, first job. My uncle got me into it. I used to deejay at weldings, you know, anybody need a wedding deejay? You know anybody? What's your favorite, how would you describe in three words your deejaying mantra, your appeal. Life is for living. No, I like getting people up. Someone called me someone that could read someone's emotions and a deejay needs to do that. You play one song to get all these people moving but I love it. Been doing it since I was a kid. We love you in "The dark tower." I saw it yesterday. I know you saw it, as well. Liked it? I loved it. You're not just saying that. No, I promise you. I don't like scary, Matthew mcconaughey, that's a different Matthew mcconaughey than I've ever seen. Mean. Stephen king's book, Matthew was here yesterday. What was it like working on the film. Really good. Matthew and I only did two or three days together but we bonded. In fact, on the press tour we got to know each other a lot better but he's a lovely guy. Stephen king, you know, he knees a hug. I gave him a hug. He's a bit dark. A little bit. The man that writes that kind of story -- So brilliant. It was a good film. I enjoyed making it. Got lots of action in it and I learned how to be a gunslinger in it. That was kind of cool. From the heart. Shoot from the heart. There you go. Let's see. And all your visions, Walter is here. Yeah. In this place. Yeah. Cool. I'll keep it. I'll find you. Very intense. Thank you. Look at those eyes. So you have a teenage daughter. You brought her to the premiere last night. Yeah, she came to the premiere and her sister came. We had a great time. How was her review. She loved the movie. She thought I was funny. She never thinks I'm funny. That was nice. I don't though that would be the word I think -- There's a couple moments but you're just like -- Grumpy. Grumpy character. You were funny when you had scenes in "The office." Now, that -- I loved that. We showed the pictures of you which were very lovely. And in the "Essence" article you said that getting married again is off the table. So I'm asking for women everywhere, any chance you'll change your mind? That was not a proposal. No. A spokesman. That's a spotlight on me like boom. Love is eternal. You never know what might happen. You know what I'm saying. I don't know how to answer that question. You talked about it in the "He pence" article. It's not for you. I've been there. I've done that but you can never say never. Because life is for living. There you go. We get a list of proposed questions and among us look at them and see what we'll ask. George and I said we are not asking that. Lara will ask that one. Straight in there. I'll ask him. No, I didn't. I want to talk about deejaying. No, it's fine. Always a joy to have you here. You are always are welcome even though you say you're not a morning person, you radiate. That's nice. Idris Elba, again.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"\"The Dark Tower\" actor said he's \"been there, done that\" but added, \"you can never say never.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48959890","title":"Idris Elba on marriage: 'You never know what might happen' ","url":"/GMA/video/idris-elba-marriage-happen-48959890"}