Investigation Intensifies in Target Security Breach

Credit card information for 40 million customers was stolen at height of holiday shopping season.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Investigation Intensifies in Target Security Breach
Now, to the latest on target and the escalating backlash after credit and debit card information was stolen in a security breach. The customers reached out overnight. The investigation as to who is behind this is intensifying. Pierre thomas is joining us now. Reporter: The secret service is working with target in an urgent hunt to find those cyber thieves. Overnight, sources tell abc news, the investigation is being focused on processing centers where target takes in the credit and debit transactions of millions of customers. This morning, the secret service and a private forensic team hired by the company, are trying to determine how the robbery took place. Anyone who believes that they may have been victimized in any intrusion or of this case, should make immediate notification to the secret service or their financial institutions. Reporter: Some investigators believe as customers made credit and debit purchases in the stores between november 27th and DECEMBER 15th, HACKERS WERE Vacuum cleaning the information as it came into financial processing centers. The stolen information includes names, credit and debit card numbers, card expiration dates and the security code on the back of cards. They're looking at whether the theft of information from roughly 40 million credit and debit cards was launched from the outside, possibly from overseas. They'll also be investigating whether the scam was an inside job. Cyber crime and identity theft have spread like a computer virus in recent years. With billions stolen from companies and individuals. In 2006, hackers stole personal information from nearly 46 million customers from popular stores like t.J. Maxx and marshal's. There's a few things consumers can do. Consumers should be checking credit reports and billing statements to maintain some control, some knowledge about what's going on in your credit history. Reporter: There's some good news. Customer p.I.N. Numbers were not stolen. But the bottom line is we're all at risk. Your debit and credit purchases are as vulnerable as hackers are creative. I know you had breaking news for us. The long-awaited report on the secret service is now out. Several agents soliciting prostitutes. Reporter: Abc news received a copy last night. The headline, while a large number of agents engaged in embarrassing behavior in colombia, the report found there was no such widespread sexual misconduct throughout the agency. The inspector-general examined 824 cases of employee misconduct between 2004 and 2013. Among those, a handful of investigations found prostitution cases. They also surveyed more than 2,500 secret service employees. 83% of those said they were not aware of widespread sexual misconduct. But it's unclear how skeptics in congress will receive these findings. Many believe colombia was an example of the culture of misconduct, robin. Pierre, thank you. A shocking report on the

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Credit card information for 40 million customers was stolen at height of holiday shopping season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21286623","title":"Investigation Intensifies in Target Security Breach","url":"/GMA/video/investigation-intensifies-target-security-breach-21286623"}