Jack Hanna and His Furry Friends Visit 'GMA'!

Watch what happens when Hanna brings clouded leopards, baby warthogs and a binturong to our Times Square studio.
3:11 | 06/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jack Hanna and His Furry Friends Visit 'GMA'!
Why do have a towel on my lap because we're here with jack Hanna. A new kid's book. He's brought along a friend that's nibbling my ear. Minu binturong. We're here with Jesse. You insisted -- One of my favorite parts is when jack Hanna is here and brings all his animals. More jack all the time. He is the only one -- George is pretty smart. Learned a lot from Charlie. What is this. A binturong, a bearcat. He won't hurt you really. Smells like butter coffee -- Thing -- He grows to 10pounds and can take a king cobra. That doesn't make me feel better. I shouldn't have said that. You're right. When they're full grown, George. He's still a baby. He only has a little venom. He doesn't have venom. Don't hurt your shoulders. Does he like to be held. He is kind of gentle. Very gentle. Binturong is a bearcat. They -- they sit up and stuff like that. This hat -- the hat is important but who cares. The binturong is an animal that can take down everything. In the mongoose family. Fun fact. I was outside in the loading dock and the minuter wrong was in the cage with these beautiful clouded leopards and Suzanna was telling me they all grew up together. The rarest cats in the world. Look at those eyes. I'm being ambushed right now. In the species survival plant. Wearing the wrong clothes. That's the wrong problem. I'm awake. Now I'm awake. The cloud leopard, folks. Lives in Malaysia. They're nocturnal. 90% of their life is in trees and incredible creatures, very long fangs for their size and the animals' coat sorry to say in the 1900s -- Are you laughing because you're in pain. An animal that -- worked hard with the gene pool. Bringing these back? Bringing the Numbers up. Oh, my gosh. I need to hold one of those. You can't hold that. Those are warthogs. Everyone thinks a warthog is a pig that runs around. One thissing thing I should have known this when they have six warthogs, six. One might die or leave, they'll not suck on the one -- you understand what I'm saying. They won't switch. And the animal had warts on their face and helps protect them when they fight. They dig holes and a lot of types go in backwards to defend themselves. I raised pigs on my farm. You pick it up and they go eee. They squeal. Why don't you give George one and let's try. Use this. How about it. We're out of time.

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{"id":39657025,"title":"Jack Hanna and His Furry Friends Visit 'GMA'!","duration":"3:11","description":"Watch what happens when Hanna brings clouded leopards, baby warthogs and a binturong to our Times Square studio.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-furry-friends-visit-gma-39657025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}