Jackie Robinson Movie '42' Honors the Baseball Legend

Film depicts the struggle of the player that broke the color barrier in American's past time.
2:44 | 04/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jackie Robinson Movie '42' Honors the Baseball Legend
♪ See jackie robinson hit that ball ♪ man is a legend. Big, new movie coming out this weekend honoring a man who helped change american sports and america itself. Jackie robinson. Yeah, the movie is called "42." That's the number robinson wore. It's been 66 years he broke the color barrier. Even today there are players who thank robinson when they take the field and muhammad lila spoke with a couple and is here right now. Good morning, guys. This is someone that the entire country really owes a debt of gratitude not only to jackie robinson breaking baseball's color barrier, he shattered it, his life and career now the subject of a movie named after his jersey, 42. He was a legend not just on the diamond but across america and around the world. 42," the movie about jackie robinson's journey to breaking baseball's color barrier opened friday night to rave reviews. I thought it was fantastic. It was a home run. Rell figure of american history. Symbolizes overcoming obstacles. Harrison ford plays in the movie who signed him as the first african-american to play in the big leagues. Fight back. No, I want a player who has the guts not to fight back. Reporter: This week ford spoke to "good morning america" about the role and his admiration for robinson. He endured excruciating personal pain. Reporter: In real life, the crowd cheered when robinson played. Longtime new york yankee mariano rivera is the only player still left to wear robinson's number 42 before it's retired indefinitely following this season. Being the last one to wear 42, I think it's a lot of pressure. Reporter: While he feels that pressure on the mound for robinson's wife rachel, his jersey number has a greater meaning. It's a symbol and it can be a bigger symbol with the film coming out and the film being so rich and wonderful had all of its expressions. We win if the world is convinced of two things, that you are a fine gentleman and a great baseball player. Now, monday is jackie robinson day and marks 66 years since robinson stepped on to the field for the first time with the brooklyn dodgers. Clearly a very historic day, not just for baseball but for this country. Want to see that movie. His wife looks fantastic, by the way. And harrison ford looked great in that film. Han solo. Tomorrow much or on jackie robinson's legacy with mariano rivera.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Film depicts the struggle of the player that broke the color barrier in American's past time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18947268","title":"Jackie Robinson Movie '42' Honors the Baseball Legend","url":"/GMA/video/jackie-robinson-movie-42-honors-baseball-legend-18947268"}