Jane Krakowski Plays the First Lady in New 'Pixels' Movie

The Tony award winner talks about working with Kevin James and getting to meet Martha Stewart.
3:36 | 07/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jane Krakowski Plays the First Lady in New 'Pixels' Movie
All right, so I'm now out of the bubble. Thank you for allowing me to be so I can be with my friend, Jane Krakowski, who plays the first lady in "Pixels," this movie is so execute. In it the world gets attacked by aliens through classic games like the one behind us that we are both addicted to. The president gets to enjoy a moment of fun, though, with his wife in this clip, take a look. Whoa, bigman, setting down. Too much? Well, you know what, you're really not going to like what I do with the rainbow sprinkles. Come on you now. Will! Mr. President. Yes, Jennifer. The next battle is on. It's sundown tomorrow. 5130 latitude. Where is that? Kevin James, always fun. So adorable and funny. What a graceful exit you made from your -- it seemed like a disco ball. Thank you. Thank you. You do a beautifully graceful job in a movie filled with very, very funny people like yourself but I mean you've got Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Chris Columbus. Chris, who has made some of the best movies of our generation. Wonderful to work with him. Adam is one of the nicest guys to work with and for. Kevin James is adorable in every moment that he had was just -- I don't know, 50s infection. He's an infect house comedian. I had the pleasure to know you when you were on "30 rock." One of my favorite shows and that was a great cast. I wonder what it must be like to work with Kevin who is naturally so funny. You know, every time he's on our show, I never know what he might say next. Was it like that for you in scenes. Yes, all of them were. There was a lot of improv on the set. Josh gad is one -- I don't think he ever did the same take twice through all of the scenes we were in together. Really brilliant. All of them. And, you know, Kevin James is the president and I am the first lady. Yes, you are. So you know what kind of America we're living in. A beautiful one, my friend. Let's start there. When you're not being a movie star you're, you know, just on this incredible show, "The unbreakable kimmy Schmidt with your team from "30 rock" led by Tina fey. Did I hear the word Emmy. I'm sorry, what? Say it again. No, we've been so -- we were so lucky that the show has been received so nicely now that it's streaming on netflix and just having the best time. It was like a homecoming because I would say 95% of the crew and all the creative departments were from "30 rock." How wonderful to have that sort of comfortability. Tina is so amazing and everyone wants to stay working with her so everyone came back. The show is hilarious and this movie so great. Finally, were you just in a dinner for the movie and Martha Stewart and you became like new besties. Martha Stewart is so funny in this movie. She's hilarious. Yes, and we had a lovely dinner the other day. I asked her how her match.com stint -- How is Martha Stewart's love life? Apparently still single. We could do a segment on that. That would be fun. It was a great pleasure and honor to meet her. She's hilarious in the film. So are you. Thanks for coming by. So good to see you. Good to see you. Thanks for letting me get out of the bubble and talk to you. I watch you all the time. You seem like you're having so much fun here. We are. Pac-man, we can get back to that now. We want everyone to know "Pixels" opens this Friday.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The Tony award winner talks about working with Kevin James and getting to meet Martha Stewart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32613583","title":"Jane Krakowski Plays the First Lady in New 'Pixels' Movie","url":"/GMA/video/jane-krakowski-plays-lady-pixels-movie-32613583"}