Jason Biggs Posts Instagram Video From Delivery Room

The "American Pie" actor has sparked a debate about parents oversharing on social media.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Biggs Posts Instagram Video From Delivery Room
All right, to you to the parents marking every big moment on social media perhaps they should. You get your baby's first smile. The baby's first steps and now perhaps a bit of a backlash for "Orange in the new black" actor Jason Biggs and his wife instagraming in the delivery room. Reporter: "American pie" actor Jason Biggs and his wife welcomed their new baby boy documenting every not so glamorous moment to share on instagram. From the car ride to the hospital. It hurts so bad. To her painful contractions in her hospital gown. Look here, do you not want me here. Reporter: She posts the moment she's about to get an epidural. You do an amazing baby. Reporter: Biggs is heard cracking jokes. Have you guys ever done this before. Where she had an unplanned c-section to their baby boy, sid Biggs. So proud of you. He's beautiful. Reporter: If all that wasn't enough, she posted this picture of herself asleep saying mom is loving her painkillers. Some people say I find them hysterical while others calling the couple crass. When does sharing personal moments become oversharing? One of the main reasons they're sharing on social media these precious mile many stones they want to feel connected with other moms. The irony, it's turning off their followers. It's too much. Jason -- Reporter: Since the baby's birth not a peep from the proud parents who are undoubtedly a little busy with #babybiggs. For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, los Angeles. We should say mazel tov to the Biggs family's new arrival. We ask you to vote in our "Gma" flash poll. Are parents oversharing on social media and once again landslide. 92-8. Many logging on to talk about all of it and when too much is really too much Ericka souter of thestir.com. Erika, where do you come then on sharing or perhaps oversharing online? Something crazy going on. Parents are taking it too far. Just because they can put pictures and post every single minute of their day on faith, Twitter doesn't mean they should and people are getting annoyed. Why do you think they're doing it so much? Attention. We're addicted to attention. This is one of the first times in our lives where we can broadcast everything and anxiously waiting to see if someone liked that or retweeted that and it's an addiction because we want people to be interested in our lives. So it's really a validation. It is. -- Issue for us more than it is about sharing. Also we don't have to look at it. I mean you don't have to -- I mean you can post it but we don't have to see it so I'm not quite sure -- People find themselves posting there saying also looking at what everyone else is posting and comparing themselves and it's a little crazy. Celebrities, are you surprised by that? Regular people may be thinking this is my moment but big celebrities are also getting involved as we've seen. It's shocking. Most celebrities especially at that time of their life are very private. Don't want anyone to know the hospital where they're at, what time their wife went into labor so Jason really surprised by tweeting every single moment. He got intimate pictures of his wife up there. Step away from the -- Because, Ryan, 8-week-old twins at home with your wife. You would not -- something -- My wife, to her credit said let's not post anything for awhile. She said let's step away from the post button. Give our kids a chance to grow up. Smart woman. That's why I always listen to her because I wanted to say, yes! Did you really? I'm sorry. Robin's point, to robin's point, this is what the technology is there for, to share. To share. Sharing medium. People don't understand when they share everything it makes though really special moments less special because people can't -- they're trying to figure out -- Don't share the slice of pizza you bought at the corner but share baby pictures. Less is more. Less is more. You don't want your kids out there for years after -- Setting the boundaries for your own children if they see you doing it then they'll think, well, I guess it's all good. Thank you. Thank you. Once again, that's settled. We cleared all that up.

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{"id":22597147,"title":"Jason Biggs Posts Instagram Video From Delivery Room","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"American Pie\" actor has sparked a debate about parents oversharing on social media.","url":"/GMA/video/jason-biggs-posts-instagram-video-delivery-room-22597147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}