Jason Ritter dishes on dad John Ritter and new show, 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World'

The actor appears live on "GMA" to discuss his new TV series, which airs Tuesdays on ABC.
5:51 | 10/09/17

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Transcript for Jason Ritter dishes on dad John Ritter and new show, 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World'
And we have a great guest to bring to the table right now this morning. He is starring in his own show right here on ABC. It's first time on "Gma." So give a warm, warm welcome to Jason Ritter. ??? ??? I I give my life ??? Very happy for you. Very, very happy for you. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Oh, my gosh. First-timer. You got it. We got the wheels on there for you. Perfect. Oh, my gosh. Good to have you. Great to be here. Off to a great start. Now, normally we've seen you in dramas, not comedy. Were you ready for something like this? I was -- yeah, I think I was ready for something like this. I was -- I spent a lot of my earlier life being afraid of public comedy. I think it's easier to know when you're failing in comedy because people aren't laughing and things like that That's anxiety provoking. Yeah, so you go into an audition for a drama and everyone is quiet and even if you're tanking it they were thinking. They were moved. They were moved. Nobody is laughing is stiffening. Yeah. Well, it is working and here is the proof. Want to see a little bit? Yes. Here we go. Here we go. Are you sad about anything? No. No? No. Oh. Huh. Okay, well, are you married? Maybe there's some relationship issues. Ooh. There could be a dead relative you haven't gotten over. Credit card debt? Drug addiction? Gambling addiction. I have to go back to work. Even if you're winning it's still an addiction. Hold on. You need my help. Something is wrong with you. That's Kevin who probably -- why probably saves the world. Well because he's not particularly good at anything. So he's an unlikely choice. He doesn't wait -- you know, in this clip he's not sort of feeling it out. He wants to get it done. He's like, yeah I think you need my help no matter what the guy says. I'm pretty sure this is the right direction to go so he's -- yeah, he's pretty inept at most things. Let's hope -- Like me. That's not true in in fact, you grew up in an acting family. Did you always know, John rhythm, by the way was your dad. The beloved John rhythm. Look at the eyes. Was it something that you just knew as a little kid? How did the bug grow in you. It was always when I was a kid it was a lot of fun, you know, I did little plays in my elementary school and stuff like that and I really -- I loved it so much and then, yeah, and then I -- I kind of -- when I became a teenager I got super shy and the idea of anybody looking at me doing anything -- That happens. A nightmare. The awkward years. You actually made your first TV appearance when you were 1. Technically, yes. On "Three's company" on your dad's famous show we all grew up loving and watching. Look at him. Were you on the set a lot as a kiddy. I did go to set a lot as a kid. A lot of it I don't quite remember, although I do still wear that exact outfit. But -- This next thing you won't remember at all. Oh, yeah? I guarantee it but the crowd went nuts when they heard this is John's son so take a look at this. I just want to be as loving as I can. Hopefully have the child, the boy or the girl be the best little person that they can be and also I really hope they're toilet trained immediately. And I did. I was. I actually -- I -- yeah. I was toilet trained right away. There was never any accidents or anything. No diapers in to diapers. You've got your dad's spirit up here. You can see it in his face. You look like your dad too but come out with such charisma and sort of like a good spirit, you can tell. Thanks. He had -- he will really had a great attitude and, you know, he enjoyed making people happy and there's nothing wrong with that. And I hear you're a little old school. You don't -- cds, no iPod. No downloading music. It's funny to like find your limit. Like when you become an old curmudgeon. That's too much technology now and for me it was iPods. I never quite downloaded music. I was like it's not real. What happens in the apocalypse? There will still be CD players in the apocalypse. But, yeah, also a lot of the bands I like carefully choose the order of songs on their album an a song will flow into the next one. If you just hear one of them you don't get the whole -- I'm actually Ike I'm feeling like I want to go unearth my cds. Exactly. I hear you're a Michael Jackson fan. Yeah, yeah, I really tried to be able to dance like him. Didn't quite -- That didn't happen. Yeah. But, yeah, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. My first concert. Still, everything is working out for you, Jason. Thank you very much. Your first of many types here on --

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{"id":50361580,"title":"Jason Ritter dishes on dad John Ritter and new show, 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World' ","duration":"5:51","description":"The actor appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss his new TV series, which airs Tuesdays on ABC. ","url":"/GMA/video/jason-ritter-dishes-dad-john-ritter-show-kevin-50361580","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}