Jennifer Lawrence Says Miss Dior Ad Photoshopped

Larry Hackett and the "GMA" anchors discuss the latest in entertainment news.
3:52 | 03/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Says Miss Dior Ad Photoshopped
Jennifer Lawrence she of the community the official -- -- if she wasn't before best actress. The goings on backstage with Jack Nicholson and all the rest of -- -- she is yet but now she -- -- -- That could you know the this -- are. Supplements she saw the photo she spoke very frankly take a look at photo op -- What was missing -- happy with I don't understand this Aminu who said listen change this and change the -- I mean it's ridiculous and of course like this is like when you pull on a -- right you touch an eyebrow need to tonight and -- -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now them but the fact that she's threatening people don't wanna admit that they've been Photoshop and she let part of her appeal right -- -- -- -- -- sell you know she says whatever she thinks you know she just thinks that maybe you shouldn't do like -- the British photographers. -- -- incredibly frank and as a result. You know they look -- -- silly -- -- -- -- happened here is that they -- before it puts was actually completely. You know ubiquitous and everywhere the Oscars you know she's -- everybody's house you know -- who looks like they see -- and how she acts. And then. Again it's looks like Latin influence price cousins like -- had to -- let's. -- didn't -- -- yeah. Our lovely picture they -- he's -- right. -- points -- -- -- focused on the let's talk a little bit about Anne Hathaway she's getting so much like it's almost the opposite Oscar's -- -- a backlash for -- and I don't understand why people are being hardcore. Within half way to address change and all that. You know what I'm on his previous comments and life -- like high school this is really like high school and basically didn't leave the criticism if there is any is that she's kind of theater -- one. Did some people's minds a little overly dramatic and that is where she's getting a lot of -- -- so you know part of this is also. In -- two months of acceptance speeches are hard for anybody but if you keep getting up and think thank you thank you thank you mr. incredible like. Enough so high class problem if you had -- -- repetition all about yeah I think you need to apologize. Would probably not like they're gonna get some ruffled feathers on the Valentina -- Do you want privately to Valentino that's OK yeah. I'm sure that she's a nice lady -- -- aren't really really very wonderful she's incredibly talented and come on America or break don't need to drag out of town square structure exact spot anxiously crossing off the days at least here at the program. As. As the royal bundled. Can set to arrive however a geneticist in South Africa with tons -- time on his hand. Could not wait so this is -- While she actually believes the duke and duchess is child might look like as a toddler. Handed -- Seen Larry Hackett -- -- what I hope there's no state funding involved here because you can. -- lose that prince William and Kate are gonna have a cute baby you know I think that's money not very well. I thought. And here we will be having gone on -- -- somehow that's what limited because of noise compared to what they residency without a geneticist is worth this -- We asked of deeds with the stars -- always looking for superlatives in the introductions I think it's fair to say this might be the most entertaining cast we're gonna see some of the back. Behind the scenes stuff is going to be. Funny it is in wonderful nothing else -- favorites right now who did not break out of -- -- the door to Hamilton and well he's -- feet and likable as you probably trains hard it is -- so. I think -- I DL or one yeah out right now and a one and it's only cruel and now I look I think the malevolent -- do wonderfully on the brain and soul plane went way down to -- -- huge personality -- it and we'll tell you I don't know what the -- and they orbit every one of on this funny. And out there and so it's gotta be good team and don't have actually -- athletes -- -- as you mentioned northeast -- and Jacoby Jones. Who amazing ready for this and nobody thinks he's done and I. Bomb the -- and regular way of -- gives great weekend.

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{"id":18630887,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence Says Miss Dior Ad Photoshopped","duration":"3:52","description":"Larry Hackett and the \"GMA\" anchors discuss the latest in entertainment news.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-miss-dior-ad-photoshopped-18630887","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}