Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez bring hope and relief to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

The celebrity couple are in Puerto Rico raising awareness to the struggles that the island still faces in the aftermath of a brutal hurricane season.
5:16 | 01/08/18

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez bring hope and relief to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico
Jennifer Lopez and Alec Rodriguez taking us on an important journey to Puerto Rico helping the victims of hurricanes Irma and MARIA and ABC's Lynda Lopez, Jennifer's sister is on the ground with them. Lynda, good morning. Good morning, George. Quite the homecoming for Jennifer, Alex and I, really an amazing trip. They both told us they wanted to be here. The first time we've come down since the two devastating hurricanes. Both of them telling us yesterday they wanted to lend their voices to people that they feel have been forgotten. I stand here today in black doing the same from far away and it's the same thing with here in Puerto Rico. We want to be treated equally. Reporter: As some of Hollywood's brightest stars wore black in solidarity on the golden globes, Jennifer Lopez joined in over 3,000 miles away in Puerto Rico. Accompanied by her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. I could have been there but I wanted to be here. I chose to be here. I was look, okay, I'm here. I want you guys to know I'm dressed in black too even though I'm far away in Puerto Rico. Reporter: The island ravaged by hurricanes Irma and MARIA last September. The storm destroying countless homes, leaving many Americans without power and running water. Even to this day. I'm a little bit scared what I'm goingo say. Reporter: We flew to Puerto Rico 109 days after MARIA to see how it's recovering. Everybody is busy. We all have tons of things we're doing and what's important is to follow up and see with our own eyes. This is the first time you have both been back to the island since hurricane MARIA. When we flew in we saw all the blue tarps on the roofs, which is an indication that the roofs haven't been fixed yet. We had high hop that, you know, it was going to be further along than it is. But there's still a lot of work to be done. Tonight here we are as one voice. Reporter: Back in October Jennifer and other celebrities raising $25 million in a telethon on this trip, allocating funds to some of the island's most devastated residents. I remember right when the hurricane happened and you guys were talking about the big efforts you wanted to do. I would wake up and she would be crying looking at social media and I know that you guys were looking for some family members and you sent security down here and thank god that you found them. But, look, I mean, one thing is to raise money, the other thing is to actually fly down here, feel the warmth of the people, see the beauty of this island. We just want to be treated equally. We're Americans. We're here to kind of shine a light and let everybody know, like he said, we're in our first inning. We have a long way to go. Hello. Reporter: On the ground we visited a women's health center responsible for delivering hundreds of babies after MARIA. Equal health care access, a cause close to Jennifer and Alex's hearts. It's personal to me because I come from a single mother and I know how difficult it is to be a single mother with, you know, two siblings and she took care of all three of us. She had two jobs. I see Jennifer who has probably, I don't know, ten jobs and is the best mother I've ever met. Reporter: This home of an elderly man desperately needing a new roof. The home of this man till with a hole in the roof. We have one of blue FEMA tarps covering this. He has no front door. It's leaning right here on the wall of his home and they've been without power in this home since hurricane MARIA. Overcome with emotion after learning some of the relief money will help replace that blue tarp. What does it feel like to feel like you can do that for him? You know, it's funny, you get -- you do what you can and you know -- you hope it's going to help. Reporter: Through it all amidst the devastation, this morning, the island is resilient and many hopeful. So in one word what's your emotional state at the end of the day after meeting all these people and seeing what you've seen? I feel hopeful. I feel hopeful. I feel that they gave me hope. Reporter: And there's that Puerto rican spirit we know so well and, you know, that was the kind of joy we saw all over the island yesterday. There was one woman in particular who really stuck with us. She hasn't had power since hurricane Irma so since before hurricane MARIA. We traveled home with her last night. Her entire community is blank keted in darkness. All you hear there at night is this constant hum of generators and that's a pretty common thing across the island where roughly about half of the people still don't have power and a lot of the water is still undrinkable but one thing they don't lack here is resilience. Boy, that is so hard to hear right now with the shortage of power still. I know you had a chance to drive all over the island. What were the conditions like generally? You know, I would say slowly coming back. One of the things that really struck -- stood out to us as we drove around we drove around one neighborhood where there was one working stoplight but the greenery is coming back which wasn't here right after the hurricane and one resident the way he put it to us was mother nature is recovering even a little faster than the Puerto ricans on the island. Thank goodness for that, Lynda, thank you for that story. More on some of those incredible stories of survival and hope from Puerto Rico tonight on "Nightline" and when we come

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The celebrity couple are in Puerto Rico raising awareness to the struggles that the island still faces in the aftermath of a brutal hurricane season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52201678","title":"Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez bring hope and relief to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-alex-rodriguez-bring-hope-relief-storm-52201678"}