'Jenny Jones Show' murder convict released from prison

Jonathan Schmitz, 47, convicted of killing a man who expressed romantic interest in him on national television, was released from a Michigan prison, authorities said.
2:56 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for 'Jenny Jones Show' murder convict released from prison
We begin with new developments in the talk show murder gripping the nation more than 20 years ago, remember the man who killed an acquaintance after an incident on "The Jenny Jones show." Now he is out of prison and linsey Davis has more. Reporter: Good morning. People in the live studio audience howled with laughter at the time. A secret gay crush revealed on "The Jenny Jones show" but it was short-lived. Three days later it ended in murder and on Tuesday the man who pulled the trigger walked out of jail a free man. You're John. Reporter: 22 years after murdering a male friend who appeared on a daytime talk show claiming to have a crush on him Jonathan Schmitz is a free man this morning. Which of these would you choose to reveal your secret crush on someone? Reporter: One of the most famous television scandals of all time, the 1995 episode of the show about secret crushes so explosive it never aired. A, would you write that person a letter, B, would you tell the person in private in case he rejects you or, C, would you tell that person that you're gay and you hope he is on national television? Reporter: One of the guest, Scott amedure announced on the show he had romantic feelings for his friend Jonathan Schmitz. Well, guess what, it's Scott that has the crush on you. You lied to me. Did you have any idea he liked you this much? No, no. I did not. Can you tell us what your status is? Are you involved with anybody. No, but I'm definitely a heterosexual. Reporter: Three days later Schmitz shot amedure in cold blood after a night of drinking telling police he was embarrassed by what happened on the show. Now 20 years later Schmitz has been released from jail. A parole board on Tuesday let him out early for good behavior. Did he get what he deserved? I don't know. Should he be in there longer? Does he need more help? I don't know but he's not the only person that I blame for my brother's death. Reporter: Amedure's brother is speaking out saying he believes the show's producers were as much to blame for his brother's death as Schmitz. The man told the producers that he wouldn't want to appear on the show if his admirer were a man. Reporter: In 1999, in a very public trial against the show in which Jones herself took the stand for several days. It's not my intent to embarrass anyone on the show. Reporter: A jury awarded amedure's family $25 million. That ruling was later reversed. If my brother knew that Schmitz felt the way he did before this happened, he wouldn't have gone on the show. I'm sure of it. Reporter: Schmitz was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in jail. So some are now shocked he's free. Chief among them the vic's brother who told reporters that he's not sure that splits learned what he should have while he was in prison and he says he hopes that good behavior wasn't the parole board's only decision. All right. Well, linsey, thanks so much for that. Thanks.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Jonathan Schmitz, 47, convicted of killing a man who expressed romantic interest in him on national television, was released from a Michigan prison, authorities said. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49394244","title":"'Jenny Jones Show' murder convict released from prison","url":"/GMA/video/jenny-jones-show-murder-convict-released-prison-49394244"}