Jessica Alba Defends 'Honest Company'

The superstar actress and businesswoman gets candid about her company and addresses accusations against its products.
4:55 | 09/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Alba Defends 'Honest Company'
We have Jessica alba here. Hollywood a-lister and billion with a "B" dollar businesswoman. Not many can say they're a cover girl on both "Allure" and "Forbes." Welcome, Jessica. Thank you for having me. In fact, your company was just valued at $2 billion. Just last month -- Off the record. We've never got that evaluation. Now it's on the record. How did you become and quoting "Forbes" here one of the richest self-made women in America. It really just came about because I was passionate about wanting safe and effective products in my own home and wanting everyone to have access to safe and effective products at a great price. And that's where the idea of the honest company came from. I had lots of allergies as a kid and I wanted to make sure that my kids grow up in a safer environment. It was a personal passion project for you but you do think people underestimated you when you started out. You know, it was challenging. I definitely had a lot of people look at me sideways and I would present a business plan or the idea. It took three years to find the right business partners and get it off the ground so now it's a little over 3 1/2 years old. So, yeah, I mean there was definitely some resistance initially. But it's taken off. And with so much success there are always bumps in the road and the company has been recently under fire. Accusations that your sunscreen is ineffective and a 5 million dd lawsuit questioning how natural your products are alleging that honest deceptively and misleadingly labeled and marketed its products. You put out statements to both already. But what would you like to say to all of your loyal customers out there. Again, you know, I created the honest company to give people access to safe and effective products and we're committed at the honest company to make sure that we use the safest and most effective ingredients. We're also committed to continuing to educate our customers on how best to use our products. How disruptive have these lawsuits been to you both professionally and personally? You know, I'm just excited about being here. I'm excited about launching honest beauty. I'm excited about what the future holds. This is a dream come true to be able to have an idea and to see it come to life. I'm also so thankful for everyone that's brought honest company into their homes and spread the word. I mean really our growth has come from our customers and them sharing with their friends and family how much they love the honest company and how it's made such a big difference in their lives. You've Teed it up perfectly. You have a big announcement. is live today. I'm going to go there. It really is like seriously a labor of love and I really wanted to launch a company that celebrates diverse beauty as you can see here. You know, as a woman of color, I just felt like we need to be represented in all the different shades that we are a ? I love them bad girls ? There is Shonda rhimes on the cover of "Essence" magazine, one of six special covers celebrating the powerhouse producer and tgit -- Time time we're seeing all six. They hit stands today and want wait for thenew season of "Grey's anatomy," "Scandal," "How to get away with murder" two weeks from right in, you can do it with a brush initially and then you just dab under the eye. And it gives you a much brighter look to the face. Perfect and you also have a secret for looking bright eyed. Yes. What is that gentleman. We have a -- I'm not going to do it on camera because I don't want to poke her. Best to do it on yourself but we have suggest called an eye opener. Flesh colored pencil and you put it right in your water line -- Take the red out. Just like pops the eye so that's another great tip. The rest of the face, dewiness. About dewiness and about that little pop of color. So if you pop those cheeks with the color, then you instantly look less tired. Ah, we like less tired. Jessica alba, thank you so much for being with us. Honest beauty products available online right now. George, we'll throw it to you.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The superstar actress and businesswoman gets candid about her company and addresses accusations against its products.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33654305","title":"Jessica Alba Defends 'Honest Company'","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-alba-defends-honest-company-33654305"}