JetBlue Flight Makes Emergency Landing

The plane's engine apparently caught fire forcing it to abort takeoff in Puerto Rico.
2:02 | 08/10/14

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Transcript for JetBlue Flight Makes Emergency Landing
story breaking overnight a emergency for a jet bleu plane, after one of the engines caught fire. The flight was heading from Puerto Rico to New York's Kennedy airport. Reporter: Dan, good morning. That flight was scheduled to land here at JFK just after 10:30 last night. But it never left Puerto Rico because it was aborted after takeoff when an engine caught fire. New overnight, chaos for passengers aboard jetblue 704 heading to New York. Flight 704 left engine. Ready to abort. Reporter: An engine fire forcing the jet to abort takeoff. 186 passengers and 6 crew members aboard. Evacuating the burning aircraft. Frightening moments for passengers onboard. There was a huge bang -- a boom sound on the left side. So, when I looked out the left side of the plane, I saw the smoke coming out of the engine. There were chiter-chatter that there was something wrong with the plane. Because of engine problems. Any time you have a situation where passengers would not safe on to airplane, that's the time for an evacuation. The engine completely destroyed. Passengers stranded overnight. In a statement, jetblue said it's investigating the cause of the fire and quote, we're working to reaccommodate customers at this time. According to sawn Juan police, at least three injuries were reported. And while investigators say they don't know the exact cause of the fire yet, they're looking into the possibility that it might have been caused by a bird strike. Paula? Thank you, Mara. Now to the latest on the new American military mission in

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"The plane's engine apparently caught fire forcing it to abort takeoff in Puerto Rico.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24918548","title":"JetBlue Flight Makes Emergency Landing","url":"/GMA/video/jetblue-flight-makes-emergency-landing-24918548"}