Jewel: 'Wonderful' Playing June Carter Cash

Singer discusses her iconic role as June Carter Cash in Lifetime's "Ring of Fire."
1:36 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jewel: 'Wonderful' Playing June Carter Cash
My goodness what a day we're back now would you rule her greatest hits album without he's on to war -- -- now she's starring. And the brand new lifetime movie -- a fire carrying a lifetime may 27 -- -- the end you'll start of the legendary country singer June Carter Cash that you see there. Thank -- -- -- just a moment first. -- -- -- -- -- -- She's such an -- kind yeah now how would the free to take on that role. Wonderfully gets open and turned it opened ten years ago and -- -- to play hurt him he better life -- I'm so glad they did a movie about her because usually the woman. It's just the man's wife -- tell you really know about her but she's comedian and a great songwriter she actually wrote ring of fire and was a tremendous role from the again. And you talk to her son. KO -- -- based on a book that he wrote so has a lot of integrity because of that. When you approached it and you knock it out of park and you become her. -- I know that that the Carter family -- humble beginnings and you had humble beginnings as well. And you start working on with a group called. It is called the -- rethink why housing matters to you were homeless for a time have been very honest about that the Mississippi kids change people's perception of public housing. Yes a lot of people don't realize they -- they take for granted what it's like to have a roof over their head in this a lot of Americans and don't know what that's like and 40% of the people and public housing children 3% of seniors this is really a safety net for people and it's like people we know one more quick and so we're just encourage good to rethink who lives there and and the need for its finger to rethink housing dot org that's wonderful you are so blessed -- share those blessings and especially of working in a project like this.

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{"id":19193638,"title":"Jewel: 'Wonderful' Playing June Carter Cash","duration":"1:36","description":"Singer discusses her iconic role as June Carter Cash in Lifetime's \"Ring of Fire.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jewel-interview-june-carter-cash-film-wonderful-playing-19193638","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}