Arias Jurors: 'Notion of Self Defense Was So Non-Plausible'

Arizona Jurors discuss the murder trial and why an agreement couldn't be reached on sentencing.
5:43 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Arias Jurors: 'Notion of Self Defense Was So Non-Plausible'
First, an abc news exclusive. Jurors in the jodi arias trial speaking out now, why they could not deliver a verdict on the death penalty. And what they really think about the women convicted of committing that brutal murder. By a show of hands, who voted to give jodi arias the death penalty? All three of you. Why? Because the state proved their case. It was premeditated. Reporter: Finally free to speak about the case, three of the jurors in one of the most sensational trials in recent memory, are revealing to abc news exclusively what happened behind closed courtroom doors. It was extremely gut-wrenching. Extremely emotional, very taxing. Reporter: After quickly finding jodi arias guilty of first-degree murder in the death of ex-boyfriend travis alexander, these jurors say that determining a sentence of life or death for the 32-year-old was their most difficult decision. For me, it was the brutality. And then, the way that he was treated after death. And shoved in a shower and left. That's pretty brutal. Reporter: Those four who decided to vote to give her life in prison, what was their reasoning? They felt there was more mitigating factors that outweighed the aggravating factors. Reporter: What punishment fit the crime wasn't the only issue this jury disagreed on. The jury foreman said that abuse was a key factor in determining a sentence. I believe in my heart and soul that she was mentally and verbally abused. Reporter: But others saw things differently. Some of us believed that she was verbally abused. Some believed she was emoti emotionally abused. Some believed she wasn't abused at all. Reporter: None of the jurors we spoke to say they bought arias' claim of self-defense. What she was telling us didn't weigh true to me. I noticed early on, when jodi tells a story and she babbles and adds things on, it's a clear indication to me that she's lying. Thi whole concept of self-defense was just so nonplausible. Reporter: Why couldn't this jury come to a consensus and give jodi arias the death penalty? You need to remember that each person have different varying ways to analyze and to look at things. Reporter: When it was announced in court, two very different emotions from jodi arias. Let out a sigh. The family of travis alexander broke down to tears. How did you react? I cried. We in that jury box, it was faith in the family. I told them I'm sorry. Reporter: And for this jury, that's how it ended. The judge declaring a mistrail. Meanwhile, arias' story lives on. Lifetime releasing a clip of their movie, "jodi arias: Dirty little secret" over the weekend. But the real-life drama resumes in july, when a new jury will be tasked with life or death for arias. This group hopes the next group will finish what they started. All we did was not reach a unanimous verdict. We did our job. Reporter: For "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, phoenix. And the jodi arias trial has been the most closely watched one since casey anthony. And anthony's attorney, jose baez is here. When you hear from the jurors and you did see and feel the impact of her testimony, what do you k they took away from her? And how did that impact their decision? I think the entire case was tried in a way that it was really just the penalty phase disguised as a trial. I don't think the defense had illusions of winning this case. What their goal was from day one was to save her life. I think the jurors took bits and pieces away from that trial that made it basically impossible for them to reach a verdict of death. And the jury's been criticized. The family, you could see their disappointment. Anger on the brother's face for this jury not being able to reach an agreement on the death penalty phase. Was it surprising to you that they were so torn? No. In life we disagree on politics, religion, numerous things. You have 12 different people from 12 different backgrounds. To find them to agree on something as serious as taking someone's life is highly unusual. So, for people to be angry and upset about it, I think it's extremely misleading. There's a new jury allegedly going to be put together. We've got the publicity of the jurors speaking out. This lifetime movie is coming out. How are they going to find an untainted jury? On the supreme court, it is ruled you can't expect people to be completely ignorant of certain cases. But has it affected their ability to be impartial and unfair? That's what they'll look for. They will be able to seat a jury. Do you think a plea agreement is a more likely outcome? I do. I think it's the best for all parties involved. The way this case has been covered, on social media. Life without a possibility of parole? Absolutely. And time, now, for the weather.

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{"id":19263611,"title":"Arias Jurors: 'Notion of Self Defense Was So Non-Plausible'","duration":"5:43","description":"Arizona Jurors discuss the murder trial and why an agreement couldn't be reached on sentencing.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-jurors-notion-defense-plausible-19263611","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}