Arias Defense Psychologist Faces Sharp Questions From Jurors

Judge presiding over the Jodi Arias murder trial read more than 100 questions from jurors.
4:06 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Arias Defense Psychologist Faces Sharp Questions From Jurors
We've got thet on the so-called breakup murder trial in phoenix. A forensic psychologist was testifying for jodi arias' defense and he faced some sharp questions from the jury thursday in a dramatic day in court. Abc's ryan owens is in phoenix, arizona, with the latest on that. Good morning, ryan. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. I can't tell you how interesting this was to watch inside of the courtroom. This jury has a way of getting right to the point with their questions. First, they were very tough on jodi arias herself and now they sounded just as skeptical of her psychologist. Do you often make mistakes in areas taking medication? How do you know she didn't kill travis out of jealousy? Reporter: The judge read more than 100 questions that jurors had for the psychologist who diagnosed admitted killer jodi arias with posttraumatic stress disorder. Is it possible that a person ann pl and carry out a murder and still suffer memory loss? Do you always develop such a fond relationship with the individuals you evaluate? Do you feel comfortable with diagnosing a person with a condition if they continually lie to you. Reporter: Dr. Richard samuels he admits he made that based on one of those many lies. At the time of the ptsd test, arias was still telling that dramatic tale she did on this interrogation tape. Actually didn't see it. I heard it. First. Reporter: That two intruders broke into travis alexander's home and killed him in front of her. My diagnosis of ptsd was based upon the fact that she met the criteria as listed in the diagnostic and statistical manual. Reporter: Samuels tried to convince the jury that lie didn't matter because shooting and repeatedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend was still so traumatic to her, it caused ptsd and made her forget committing the crime. Can you be sure jodi is not lying to you about the event on june 4, 2008? Not with 100% certainty, i can't say that. My job would be a lot easier. Reporter: Jodi arias could face the death penalty if this jury does not buy her story of self-defense. Up next, what may be the final witness for the defense, a domestic violence expert who will say arias was a battered woman, even though she never reported that to anyone until after she was charged with murder. Elizabeth? All right, ryan owens, thanks so much. For more now we bring in "gma's" legal analyst dan abrams. And, dan, the disdain and sarcasm. Here are a couple more. Is arias taking medication for her terrible ptsd disorder? Isn't it possible arias didn't write anything negative about the victim because there was nothing negative to write. They're mocking him. It's more than just sort of disdain and disbelief. They're overtly mocking an expert in their questions to him. Sort of filled with sarcasm in the way they're asking him. Let's say thise fact that a juror, the fact that the majority of the jurors don't buy it for a second is not that surprising. This has been an almost impossible defense from day one. The question is, is there one person? Is there one person who's going to hang up the jy is there one person who will possibly -- believe her enough. Argue for a second degree murder conviction here. I think jodi arias' defense team has to know there is almost no chance, I would argue there is no chance that they are going to win an acquittal based on self-defense. This is one of the few states that allows jurors in criminal cases to directly question witnesses. You say actually this could be problematic for that one juror wavering because in essence what you're having is a juror discussing the case before you're supposed to. Usually you don't know w the jurors are think and respect allowed to deliberate -- they're not supposed to tip their hand. Except these questions do that so now you know exactly what at least some of these jurors think and that is not good news for the defense at this point. The danger being somebody waivering might be coaxed into conviction. Could be. But it's one of the few states that allows it.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Judge presiding over the Jodi Arias murder trial read more than 100 questions from jurors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18788664","title":"Arias Defense Psychologist Faces Sharp Questions From Jurors","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-defenses-psychologist-faces-sharp-questions-18788664"}