Arias Trial: Victim's Ex Testifies He Was Not Abusive

Deanna Reid dated Travis Alexander before the woman now on trial for his slaying.
4:21 | 04/24/13

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Transcript for Arias Trial: Victim's Ex Testifies He Was Not Abusive
the latest on the jodi arias trial. Lightning round of prosecution witnesses yesterday. Including one of the victim's ex-girlfriends and more tears from arias. Here's ryan owens on the trial. Reporter: Tears on both sides of the courtroom, as this grueling four-month trial, suddenly raced into overdrive. Tuesday, the prosecutor called five witnesses in a matter of hours. Did you know an individual by the name of travis alexander? Yes, I did. Reporter: Deanna reid dated alexander for years before he met jodi arias, the woman who would shoot and repeatedly stab him. And years later, claim it was self-defense. Reporter: At any point did he become physical, throwing you down? Put his hand osen you in any way, shape or form? No. Reporter: Alexander family wept as they worked to rehabilitate the reputation of their brother. He was always a gentleman. He never pressured me. Reporter: The defense countered, just because he treated one girlfriend well, doesn't mean he didn't abuse arias. The jury also heard from one of alexander's close friends, who shot this video of him, with a group of co-workers the year before he was killed. He says that blonde head in his lap belongs to jodi arias. She cried when watching the video and saw this picture of him kissing her. The defense claimed arias was his dirty little secret. He would rarely acknowledge in public. Apparently nothing about jodi arias is secret anymore. Those seats behind her are filled up every day. People drive hundreds of miles just for a glimpse. Tuesday, one spectator whose here almost every day sold her seat to another woman for $200. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. For more, let's turn to mark geragos. Thanks for coming back, mark. Selling a seat? I've seen it happen before. People line up around the courthouse. It becomes quite a spectator sport. It's clear what's going on on the prosecution side. Everybody saying jodi arias is a liar. They've established that. She is a liar. What the defense is trying to do, ultimately, try to hang this case. Ask the judge for lesser offenses, which would have been manslaughter, things of that nature, based upon provocation. If they get one juror who believes this should be a lesser offense and hang that jury between first and something else. That's all it takes. This trial has been going on for so long. Do you think most jurors have an open mind? I don't believe that for a second. Even though they're told, they're instructed, they're supposed to keep an open mind. A lot of the jurors will get back in the jury deliberation room. First thing they'll say, let's just convict her. But there will probably be a couple who will want to hold out. Who will want to discuss the evidence and go through it methodically. If you look at some of the questions they were asking, which is a good insight into the jury, in arizona, they let you do that. I think a lot of these people are very in tune with what's going on and fascinated by it. You spent a lot of time in the courtroom. These jurors are asking tough questions. They're paying close attention. More attentive than most juries I've seen. You saw one of the jurors excuse I don't know how much you can read into that. I've been in cases where they excuse one juror. The juror wants to hang around. They don't want to leave. Does the defense at this point want to keep stringing this out as long as they possibly can? I think ultimately, it's a very unconventional strategy. But what the defense did with her, by putting her on the stand for 17 or 18 days is almost unheard of. In 30 years of practice, I've never seen it. But there is something to that. It's tougher to put somebody to death when you've gotten to know them. Even if you don't necessarily like them, it's somebody you know. And it's tougher to do. And raise just doubt in one juror's mind? Beyond a reasonable doubt and you've got something. Thanks, mark. Now, to the latest on amanda knox.

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{"id":19029298,"title":"Arias Trial: Victim's Ex Testifies He Was Not Abusive","duration":"4:21","description":" Deanna Reid dated Travis Alexander before the woman now on trial for his slaying.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-victims-deanna-reid-testifies-abusive-19029298","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}