Joe Biden's Full Interview With Robin Roberts on Cancer Moonshoot Task Force

The vice president talks exclusively to "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts about his the Cancer Moonshot task force and the presidential race.
17:39 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Joe Biden's Full Interview With Robin Roberts on Cancer Moonshoot Task Force
Vice President Biden thank you very much for your times wanted to be reviewed. Are you looking so good so help hang in there heading you know there. I'll just people they come up they shared their stories. With me and I remembers. Talking with you. That day in January right after the president has put you in control of mission control is seen as he put it house a bad thing this year. Well you know it's kind of bittersweet but this is this allows him to 40 my energies into. Doing something that hopefully you'll five years from our first son was diagnosed with what my goal was diagnosed with really. They live and there's so much promise there there's so much. So much Pozen so many brilliant young and not even so young scientists and so many disciplines from bio engineers to geneticists at. What I learned Rodman is who you know when someone. You love has been bad diagnosis should try to learn as much as you can as quickly you can. And what I learned was that even five years ago. He immunology is did not work where did you know Massoud they did not work in a virologist but now there's this inflection point. For all working together and I kind of you my job is to get them to coordinate. More rapidly share more information share more data that are shared very raw and ordered speed up what are these I think we can do in the next. Five years you would ordinarily take ten years in the fight against cancer. And howdy do that I think you refer to rest and silence as you mentioned these different groups for so long. And not work together so how can you pick as he had a system isn't designed from the share let me give an example yesterday. I spoke to a couple thousand not. Computer scientists and researchers are in Washington's call in data pull Lusa. His annual quotas of hours and years ago we for the first set in the present my five years were decided we should take all the data we have in the federal government. And open up. And shared with people and so what we did we took all the records for Medicare for example. And without names obviously privacy. And made available all these researchers we took all his data at the VA there's tens of thousands of records suggest that they. And they found out a lot of things by using supercomputers to determine and read this dad all wants for example they found that. Some people who have heart condition your heart disease admitted to a hospital. Acquire certain percentage re admitted. So often wool by searching the data they determined they're able to determine now. Which people are most likely to be refit it. They've now decided they they they they now use that to read the record of the person being admitted. They keep people longer. Who are in fact the least likely to be healthy when they get out they need more time they're saving billions of dollars. I'm not read mission is so what I'm trying to get them to do is. God forbid when you had did that you're your your diagnosis and took a biopsy and it took him you know indeed the genome of the cancer. Well there's tens of thousands of those hundreds of thousands of those biopsies. If we aggregate and moan one spot. We have super computers now the can calculate a million billion calculations per second. We can break through and figure out patterns. But what's happening is you have all these different groups. Spending hundreds millions and millions of dollars trying to aggregate the data themselves. Instead everybody sharing that debt. So there's just Jiang can I promise. If we can get them to work work together better. So cooperation is one key. Money money money is money and then I know that you pass for a billion dollars and and that would we will get a billion dollars because this is the ha ha. I've been doing this a local time this is a truly bipartisan issue. So the leaders in this effort in the house and senate are Republicans as well as Democrats. And they immediately contacted me when the president put me in this position. And so we're working very well togethers like the old days when I first costs of the senate. Com and there's a number philanthropist and by catcher for example I was so. Recently in the Middle East and from the president's dinner with crisis with some terrorists and I'm sitting down with and they had guy heads of the UAE Mohamed Ben. Men's side and he's before EC before we start can we talk about cancer. He wants to cooperate. The McCain wants to cooperate with us in cancer. Japan. Korea. Israel. So there is is generated such an incredible response. Is who became aggregate. All this expertise to waste and shared better we're gonna move much more rapidly. To. To finally kind of cures and are necessary including prevention. Oh we both were in Rome at the Vatican war. For that conference and it does give you hope been talking about gene therapy and stem cell research and therapy and I spent some time. I'm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota there's a big research center out there and the doctors and researchers theorists they kept talking about. The red take thank especially when it comes to FDA approval that they Jacqueline that they feel like they're really on the cusp of some things but how to they live our youth group. One of the things the president did when he. I'm ask you had a sub. He gave me authority over all the federal agencies. That have anything to do well at all with cancer that goes from the true for from the VA to HHS to. After the cancer research the senators who senator. And so in the FDA and what I promised I would do I've gone around the country and I admit now with. Over 200 and almost 300 oncologist I've met. With the dozen of them the great cancer institute should MD Anderson to the hutch out of Washington senator. And I'm asking them what is that you want me to clear the way from what what are things where we an impediment. Where's the federal government not not being. Culminating what you need. Give you one example. Who used to be that there was a real reluctance of one drug company may come up with a particular drug. To deal with the colon cancer and no there won't have a different drugs the deals of the but in combination they'd worked very very well together. But the drug companies at first wouldn't agree to let you work with the other drug company and there was FDA limitations now we've cleared the way on that kind of thing. And so now there's much more collaboration. So I've committed and I'm promised before we leave. We will mowed down any of their own of the impediments that exist here critically in the federal government. This slow up the process but conversely. We have to have the researchers. And the system that exists out there me more open as well. They have to be ready to share data with one or more rental. You are great researcher I spoke to 6000 researchers. And in a conference. You come up with you spend. You get a grand for a lot of money you spend a year year and had two years working on your project you come up with what you think is. A pay you. A very progressive move they can stand mouth cancer growth or whatever happens to be. We guess what you do it gets published. Because put behind two old firewall for a year. It's not available. Anybody who you can if you want to subscribe at 102030000. Dollar subscriptions. To this news into the issues of particular. Journal then you can get access to it should be available immediately every. You could understand the frustration from the public I don't know of anybody who's not been affected in some sort of when a family member or or personally. And out of the public they see the money that's being raised didn't have that there's such frustration. And it's. Very light let me give an example when. Mark son was diagnosed with. It's basically it was was grill blasphemous stage for bringing capture. At the very end they came up with if you us today a trial of one where they used a thing call and tied PD one. And they injected. Opened the skull and injected a virus in news break it into the tumor. That required them to have on a regular basis several times a day sometimes. Alone he he would go in and and he did imaging done. Now he was up here. And MD Anderson was main hospitals. We couldn't figure out how to get the imaging. MD Anderson hospitals because I had. As vice president United States I was in a military hospital isn't Walter Reed any end. Com my son law is leading surgeon who knew how to put stuff together. We do know flying stuff down. Because there is no this no common language. That all hospital uses to be able to communicate. Information. And so it imagine your someone in. Then all of our New York can end here one of the great hospital soon New York City. How do you get the information back and forth for so many things we can do that can. Make. How can I say it. Increase access. For ordinary people. To some of the breakthroughs that are occurring and available. As well as you while allowing them to decide that they're gonna share the information that they have without your name on it. For science so that they can thrown into the pot here. So have all this data in one place. And allow these guys do when you seize computers to find patterns in new methods and movement anyway there's. But this movement this movie that I I really am optimistic. For the first time you've fallen for for example I first rays this idea the editor in America major journal. So virus promoting on data parasites. Immediately. The community came down and on and it because what I I do the work warmonger and assure the data with you know. But these sheets and future. And their brilliant people. There are I believe I did and you and you have to either hand you have to believe what is going to happen when you're no longer. Vice president thing that's gonna happen beyond the years of this mother how how I don't know maybe a look at Florida that I don't know how as a role going to change that well. I don't know but I plan on staying involved in this rested my life there is a number of major philanthropist whose of approached me asking me if I would stay in what nobody can't do though. As they can't take this in housing and one institution one hospital because then it becomes. It just creates more silos. Com and so. And whoever the next president is so I hope I can work remembers well. Because I imagine they would be willing to move this forward so I don't know exactly how it's gonna work. But IA I plan on. I plan and dedicated you know look the only thing I'm relatively good and is convening people and bringing together and getting some new compromise from. Eight year old we'd like them that's Nevada and and so so hopefully hopefully I can. Play a positive role after this is over as well after the administration so. You bring up the next president we're all anxious to see who can she isn't cooked even think that it could happen. I'm Scott I'm not I don't know what you couldn't there's a new poll out showing in three key states that say the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck. And neck do you think that he's been underestimated. All yeah I think he has been underestimated from the beginning com. But I also think that it's really very rarely do those battleground states and by that we mean. States and determine the outcome election observer wants to go one way or another in the U rumors about a government. Maybe ten. And down but I think what's gonna happen here is that. I don't I think the. I'm not a pundit in but I think they pick constant. Attack. Coming from. Republican side. The sort of victory all of us point out I don't think it's gonna Wear well. Over the next. Several months so why I feel confident that the killer will be the nominee and I feel confident should be the next president. No regrets look IE. I plan on running. This awful thing to say. I think I'd put him in the best president. On but. It was the right thing that's just my camera for me I. Knowing she'd ever to seek the presidency. Unless they're able to devote her whole heart and soul and passion. And did just doing that and I'm. What was my soul I just wasn't ready to be able to do that the but. So. Do my one regret is my most of us here I don't have any it's. This is it away hearing on it is your side and you know I want him and others have lost my. Vickie candies a great friend intended Teddy Kennedy's wife Symbian magnificently. Poignant letter wouldn't go past wears a lot of wonderful people don't cross your. And down. And she's close she's suing every Teddy was down I got your commission that I believe was saying this. He'd go in the bureau drawer and take out a letter his father agreed to a friend who has lost a son. And I'm making the name he soon do you know dear John. What I learned when I lost Joseph his oldest son will worked to. Was that. The only way I can make sense amenities to devote the rest of my life to doing when Joseph would have wanted to do and a no vote would do this. I don't know. It's. Lastly. And I I'd I don't like when people say somebody lost their battle to cancer. Didn't lose. I think the Stuart Scott and they do you win by how you live it and I just wanna say to you that your son's journey was no less valued. Storm any less meaningful. Though the outcome wasn't what many have prayed as a matter fact your home. I think it was the measure of the man he. He died like he lived alone. With great courage. And you know his concern was soon. Debt promise promise UV OK. I'm should be okay. You promise me we'll be okay. Com so it was more it was who has everything and he was with boat was always about taking care of other people told me. That's why he volunteered to go to Iraq Q when the bronze star. Highly decorated and me. And when he came back for example he wouldn't put an end mammals whose commanding general Payton would welcome to show up he dad don't totally running don't hotel room. But. So my guess my point is that. I think you measure woman remains and is sound. Because in part. Did they die we lose much. Courage and dollars and lived. End to end and he did you simply that a as the finest men and renew. Loose. And so he he would be doing this you'd be doing to be devoting his time. And he'd look at you and say you love that they don't because you're a measure of the same thing for you have to go through. What you went through in public and people don't quite understand. They don't understand I don't fully I don't understand that peace understand the other piece and you are one held a courageously. And what to do it. In public the whole world watching. But you give hope to so many people. What he's you know it's no I'm telling you you know it. I hope that I'm. Living breathing example of this too shall pass that's what I was people will contact me their number various stages of their journey that. God I hope you've got to have a photo salient would you know his kiddo thinking. I. You're either Brad or should I know I suited to although I love I love about that are from thirty sir thank you so much for taking gun. That this mission to move its and rate him. We're gonna get this done not me we all over we're gonna get this done cancer. Is going to do we are going to fundamentally change the face of cancer that's gonna become a chronic disease who were in pure hell a lot of it's just not.

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{"duration":"17:39","description":"The vice president talks exclusively to \"Good Morning America\" co-anchor Robin Roberts about his the Cancer Moonshot task force and the presidential race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39038339","title":"Joe Biden's Full Interview With Robin Roberts on Cancer Moonshoot Task Force ","url":"/GMA/video/joe-bidens-full-interview-robin-roberts-cancer-moonshoot-39038339"}