John McAfee Back in US, Free for Now

Software pioneer is wanted for questioning in the killing of a U.S. citizen in Belize.
3:50 | 12/13/12

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Transcript for John McAfee Back in US, Free for Now
avila, abc news, washington. We have the latest, now, on john McAfee. Back in the u.S. After more than a month on the run in central america. The software pioneer is still wanted for questioning o in the murder of an american in belize. But he is free for now. And matt gutman talked to him. Reporter: We found john McAFEE, WITHERED FROM THE Five-week-long odyssey. This morning is the first time in well over a month that he's not waking up in a central american jungle or in a lockup for central american migrants. They put me on an airplane. I am here. Reporter: Overnight, john McAFEE'S MONTH-LONG International run from police in central america ended with a flight to miami. As dozens of media waited, federal authorities spirited the 67-year-old off a plane and into this van. Then, he hopped in a cab, to this miami beach hotel, where he sat down exclusively with abc news. I have clothes and shoes. All of my assets and money is in belizean banks. Reporter: But just hours earlier, guatemalan police forced him aboard a u.S.-Bound flight. Going to america. Miami. Reporter: And in the dead of night, a stranger delivered this stack of cash. Very nice. It has to be counterfeit. Reporter: Mcafee left behind his entire fortune, including his beachfront compound, after the november 10th murder of his neighbor, greg faull, in belize. Police say they wanted to question him. But he disguised himself and fled. Eventually turning up in GUATEMALA DECEMBER 3rd. There, just a day later, he was detained for entering illegally. Suddenly, he fell ill. Leading to this surreal scene with reporters chasing him in his ambulance, and right into the emergency room. He now says, it was all a ruse. What about your illness? What about my illness? Reporter: Was that part of the deception? Of course. It kept me from going back to belize. Reporter: Now, back in the u.S. This morning, he's answering critics who say it was all a publicity stunt. What's the best story in millionaire madman on the run? Why? You paid attention to the story. Reporter: Because you acted like a madman. I did. And it worked. Reporter: Mcafee doesn't know where he will go or how he will support himself. In the immediate future, his goal is to bring his two girlfriends from guatemala to the united states. They are 20 years old and 17 ars old. Amy? Wow. Okay. Matt gutman, thank you very much. For more, let's bring in dan abrams. McAFEE IS BACK IN THE U.S., Legally. Is that the best place for him? THIS IS A WIN for McAfee. You had the authorities in belize who wanted him sent there. They've been looking for him for weeks. He ends up in guatemala. And the guatemalan courts say you have to be sent back to the u.S. As long as there's no outstanding beefs that the u.S. Has with him, this is an absolute win for him. The u.S. Does have an extradition treaty with belize. but McAfee is not a suspect in this case. Does it change anything that the alleged victim is also a u.S. Citizen? It means that the u.S. Will be more interested in ensuring whatever outcome it is they want. But that's unclear. What is the outcome? As you point out, not only has he not been charged. He's not been named a suspect. So, at this point, there's a guy in the u.S., Who belize would like to talk to. That's it. That's not an enormous legal hurdle. Obstacles to getting his two girlfriends a visa into the united states? He's concerned about that. I'm sure he is concerned about it. I can't say that the u.S. Will look favorably on it. They will probably get exactly the same treatment that anyone else in that country would get. But one heck of a story.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Software pioneer is wanted for questioning in the killing of a U.S. citizen in Belize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17960190","title":"John McAfee Back in US, Free for Now","url":"/GMA/video/john-mcafee-antivirus-software-mogul-back-us-free-17960190"}